Conrail in and Around Philadelphia - Page 8

Philadelphia was more than the location of Conrail's corporate headquarters. It also featured lots of blue action.

Conrail's lines in the Philadelphia area were a combination of ex-Penn Central and ex-Reading lines, and varied from big time railroading along the Northeast Corridor to lightly tracked branches like the Venice Industrial.

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RDG 93543 King of Prussia, PA 2-15-1982

Former RDG 2-bay covered hopper 93543 at the Abrams engine terminal in February, 1982.

RDG 96331 King of Prussia, PA 2-12-1977

RDG MOW gondola 36331 rests by the Abrams yard signal tower in February, 1977.

Sperry Rail Service 132 Abrams, PA 2-19-1977

Sperry Rail Service unit 132 was resting between assignments in the Abrams yard in February, 1977.

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