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Amtrak owned the NEC from the begininng of Conrail, however there was still lots of CR action to be seen along it as Big Blue provided freight service along the line. Trains included road jobs and locals, and while freight traffic declined following the 1987 incident in Chase, MD, there was still plenty to be seen.

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CR 6681 yard Newark 051984

If I recall, I took this shot either from an Amtrak train, or possible an NJT train, possible at Waverly in Newark. It's an ex EL SDP45.

CR 6769 At Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, 5/30/79

Big Alcos were rare in Philly, and even rarer on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. Conrail C-630 #6769 is the second unit on a westbound passing the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 5/30/1979.

CR 7580 Morrisville, PA 12/78

GP10 7580 powers local freight TRB-1 west to Bristol, Pa

CR 7665 on Southbound Freight Claymont, DE 9/83

CR 7665, 2255, 2218, and 2241 lead a southbound freight at "HOLLY" interlocking, just north of Wilmington, DE, on 9/17/83. The interlocking had been reconfigured in the late 70's by Amtrak to make the inside tracks (2 & 3) the high-speed passenger tracks (and give them the straight route), opposite of the way that the PRR had originally built it to run the outside tracks (1 & 4) for passenger.

CR 7858 is leading a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor at Perryman MD, 8/81

GP38 7858 is leading a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

3:50PM on 8/2/81 in Perryman, MD.

CR 8180 is leading a S/B freight through Bayview Yard, 1/15/84

Seen from the Orangeville engine terminal, GP38-2-8180 is leading a S/B freight through Bayview Yard. 1:41PM on 1/15/84 in East Baltimore, MD.

CR 8224, 2927, 2620, 2284 and 2368 on the point of a southbound coal train crossing the Gunpowder River. 1/80

Its New Year's day 1980 as a S/B Conrail coal train is crossing the Gunpowder River on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. GP38-2-8224, U33B-2927, U25B-2620 & GP35s-2284, 2368 are on the point. 1:30PM on 1/1/80 in Chase, MD.

CR 8247 on WHWA01 idles off the NEC, 03/17/93

WHWA01 with CR 8247 is spotting Toys R Us (in the back) and Hechingers (to the right) in the Landover/Ardwick area on 03/17/93. Taken from the then new Rte 410 bridge.

CR 8248, 8238, 8038 & 7829 are leading a S/B freight at MP 69.6 in Perryman MD on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. 12/84.

GP38-2s 8248, 8238, 8038 & GP38-7829 are leading a S/B freight at MP 69.6 on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. 10:46AM on 12-29-84 in Perryman, MD.

CR 8257 GP38-2 on a local out of Bayview on the NEC, 1/94

AMTRAK Northeast Corridor - Middle River, Maryland, USA
The daytime local out of Bayview yard heads north near the Martin State Airport in Middle River with a Geep on each end. Not much freight rolls along these tracks in daylight.

CR 8274 pulls in the clear in Landover MD, 3/93

Conrail local WHWA01 is about to work Dixie Plywood in the Pennsy Drive area of Landover/Ardwick on 03/17/93. Here, the 8274 pulls in the clear and the 9416 will actually spot the cars on the track to the right.

CR 8281 Perryville, MD 5-9-1981

PYSE-9 crossing the Susquehanna River @ Perryville, MD

CR 8409 on an "Engine Changer" at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. July 22, 1979.

Conrail SW-1 #8409 is the rear unit in an "Engine Changer" waiting to head west at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. July 22, 1979.

If the Blue Room liked the crews, these could be real good paying 12 hour jobs shuttling engines around the system.

CR 8539 is bringing some trailers through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia. April 29, 1979

Conrail SW-1 #8539 is bringing some trailers east (bound for the Aramingo Ave.TrailVan Terminal) through the station at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, PA. April 29, 1979.

CR 9408 at the Tacony SEPTA station in Philadelphia 4/85

A thunderstorm just rolled through as Conrail SW-1001 #9408 is about to pull through Tacony station in Philadelphia, PA. April 3, 1985

CR 9416 and 9415 bookend WHWA01 on the NEC in Landover, MD on 06/07/93

WHWA01 with CR 9416 & CR 9415 is seen southbound passing Landover Tower on the NEC in Landover, Md on 06/07/93

CR 9416 on WHWA-01 on its way to switch Merchants Terminal in Cheverly, MD. 4/93

WHWA01 action on 04/06/93. Heading north past the Cheverly WMTA Metro station to switch Merchants Terminal on Cabin Branch Dr and the Giant compound in Landover, Md. Giant received covered hoppers of plastic pellets for making milk cartons and Merchants got reefers. Power was CR 9415/CR 9416/CR 8269.

CR 9416 working the Bleigh Ave. Yard near Holmesburg Junction

Ex-Reading SW 1001 hastily patched into CR 9416 works the north end of the Bleigh Avenue yard on the "0" track of the North East Corridor near Holmesburg Junction.

CR 9590 Islen, NJ 3/80

SW1500's 9590 and 9591 along with SW8 8656 run lite west at Islen, NJ

CR 9973 Springfield, MA 7-4-1977

The crew is getting ready to head south out of the Columbus Ave. yard in Springfield, MA with a quartet of RS3m units and symbol CH-2 on a sultry 4 July 1977 afternoon. Motive power lineage is 9973 ex-PC(NH); 9982 ex-PC(PRR); 9972 ex-PC(PRR); and 9983 ex-PC(NH).

CR Septa 204 Morrisville, PA 4-6-1977

Led by CR-operated Septa 204, a quintet of ex-PRR Budd Silverliner II’s blasts through Morrisville during the Septa TWU 44-day strike.

CR Septa 263 Morrisville, PA 4-7-1977

CR-operated MU 263 trails a quintet of ex-PRR MP85B (series 201-219) and MP85C (series 250-269) Silverliner II’s as they roar through Morrisville on the Northeast Corridor.

Lead unit 219 and the fourth unit were still lettered Pennsylvania, while the second unit showed intact PRR keystones.  The third unit and trailing unit 263 were relettered with the wheels on rails Conrail logo.

CR Septa 309 Morrisville, PA 3-4-1978

In commuter operations by CR for Septa, PC-lettered Silverliner IV 309 leads a quartet of MU's through Morrisville in March, 1978.

EMDX 1975 Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977

EMDX 1975 GM6C hard at work on the Northeast Corridor in Morrisville, PA.

EMDX 1975 Perryville, MD 9-23-1978

Powered by GM10C 1975, TV22 exits the Port Road and enters the "Corridor" for remainder of its run to Baltimore...

EMDX 1976 Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977

EMDX 1976 GM10B heading south on the Northeast Corridor in Morrisville, PA.

Both EMD demonstrators were pulling their weight on the Corridor on March 26, 1977.

Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Station

"Ahhh, The Grandeur Of A Railroad Station"

PC/CR/Septa Frankford Junction Station (inbound to Center City) on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, Philadelphia, Pa. 1978

Local Freight A-1 GP9 7161 Monmouth Jct., NJ

Local freight A-1 Morrisville, Pa-Browns Yard (Old Bridge, NJ) approaches the NorthEast Corridor Monmouth Jct., NJ

WNHA-22 at Windsor, CT. on 4/22/82. (1)

GP15-1 1697 heads north with WNHA-22 across the 7 span stone arch bridge across the Farmington River on Amtrak's Springfield line on April 22, 1982.

WNHA-22 at Windsor, CT. on 4/22/82. (2)

N9 transfer buggy 18331 on WNHA-22 in Windsor, CT. on April 22, 1982

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