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Amtrak owned the NEC from the begininng of Conrail, however there was still lots of CR action to be seen along it as Big Blue provided freight service along the line. Trains included road jobs and locals, and while freight traffic declined following the 1987 incident in Chase, MD, there was still plenty to be seen.

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CR 4414 Lite at Frankford Jct, Philadelphia, August 1978

Conrail E-44 #4414 running lite at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 1978 (scanned from print).

CR 4416 Sharon Hill, PA 5-11-1979

Conrail E44 4416 is seen leading a southbound freight on the Northeast Corridor at Sharon Hill, PA on 5/11/1979

CR 4417 Monmouth Jct., NJ 11/78

WASE-7a rolls by Monmouth Junction behind three E44's. The Junction was the location where the Jamesville Secondary and abandonned branch to Rocky Hill connected with the " Corridor"

CR 4431 Trenton, NJ 2/79

E44's 4431 and 4442 have ENCC-8 up to track speed on track 3 @ Trenton, NJ

CR 4435 Elizabeth, NJ 2/78

MD-6 is north (east) bound approaching Elmora with the 4435 and 4405 for power...

CR 4437 North Elizabeth, NJ 12/78

CRWA-2 has just entered the NorthEast Corridor to begin it's journey to Potomac Yard...

CR 4440 1-1979

E-44 4440 lays over near Baltimore Penn Station.

CR 4441 Lawrenceville, NJ 8-17-1979

CRWA-7 is at track speed on track 3 @ Lawrenceville, NJ

CR 4442 North Elizabeth, NJ 12/78

OIPI-6 has just entered Amtrak's NorthEast Corridor to begin it's run to Pittsburgh. The Big Electrics come off at Harrisburgh and the trip west will continue behind diesels. The 4426 is minus the Conrail logo and most E44's will be retired still wearing PC Black.....

CR 4447 N. Elizabeth, NJ 7-14-1977

Still lettered Penn Central, E44 4447 leads two sister E44's on the Tropicana Orange Juice train

CR 4453 West through Frankford Jct in Philadelphia

A pair of E44s lead a manifest train west through Frankford Junction in Philadelphia.

CR 4455 Elizabeth, NJ 1/79

E44's 4455 and 4462 with SEWA-6 pass one of New Jersey's more famous landmarks.....An ACME Supermarket

CR 4457 Baltimore, MD 8-1-1979

Conrail actually employed helpers in many more places than just the Horseshoe Curve area. Here two E44s assist a loaded coal train under the wires in Baltimore. They're cruising through the small yard and railfan hangout called Orangeville.

CR 4459 Essex, MD 11-26-76

Still early in the Conrail merger, these two ex PRR E44's retain their Penn Central "colors" as they power a freight for Potomac yard through Essex, Maryland on the day after Thanksgiving 1976.

CR 4602 and 4608 E33s Lead at Frankford Jct, Philadelphia, 1978

Conrail E-33s 4602 &4608 lead a westbound freight past the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa. 1978

CR 4609 Lawrenceville, NJ 3-14-1978

A pair of E33's power a CREN-4 west on the Corridor..

CR 4800, Dead in Tow at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, 7/78

"Old Rivets", the only Conrail GG-1 to wear blue paint is dead in tow, heading west at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa.

CR 4806 Colonia, NJ 1-27-1979

A pair of G's power CRWA-7 (Croxton/Secaucus-Washington/Pot Yard) @ Colonia, NJ

CR 4824 Landlith, DE 5-18-1979

Got Pantographs? CR GG1's sitting whitelined at the Wilmington Shops awaiting their fate by the scrappers torch.

CR 4841 Wilmington, DE 5-19-1979

CR GG1's await the scrappers torch.

CR 4858 Morrisville, PA 4-7-1977 (1)

CR GG-1 4858 pulls a string of nine 1929-1930 vintage Reading MU's through Morrisville on their way to 30th Street Station in April, 1977, during the 44-day March 25 to May 8 Septa City Division transit strike.

CR 4858 Morrisville, PA 4-7-1977 (2)

Reading MU unit 896 is at the tail end of a string of 9 vintage 1929-1930 MU’s pulled by CR GG-1 4858 at Morrisville, PA in April, 1977.  

They are on their way to 30th Street Station during the 44-day March 25 to May 8 Septa City Division transit strike.

CR 4874 Morrisville, PA 4-7-1977

CR-operated NJDOT GG-1 4874 hauling passengers on the Northeast Corridor at Morrisville, PA during the Septa strike in April, 1977.

CR 4886 at Frankford Junction in Philadelphia, 8/78

Conrail GG-1 #4886 leads a westbound through the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, Pa.

CR 4894 Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977

CR 4894 is the last in a quartet of GG1’s pulling away on the Northeast Corridor at Morrisville in March, 1977.

CR 5603 at Folcroft, PA in 1996

Conrail SD60I 5603 is seen leading a rare daylight PIED south on the Northeast Corridor on 3/4/1996

CR 6046 Priceton Jct., NJ 11/78

Local freight A-1 returns to Morrisville on Track 1 at Princeton Jct., NJ

CR 6059 on PIED-1 at Ridley Park, PA

At 2:56 on this Saturday afternoon, Conrail Dash-8s 6059 and 6090, along with GP38-2 8277, haul 123 cars (39x84 for 7,568 tons) southbound under wire towards Edgemoor, DE. The train came east on Conrail's Harrisburg Line to CP-River, hung the right at the wye, went up over the High Line in Philadelphia, and entered Amtrak at Phil interlocking. He will leave Amtrak at Bell interlocking, just north of Edgemoor.

CR 6090 on PIED-4 at Prospect Park, PA

At 12:45PM this pair of GE products lug 134 cars of freight southbound for Edgemoor, DE. Trailing unit is CR 6035.

CR 6098 on WPHA-61 at Prospect Park, PA

At 1:25 on this Thursday afternoon this Harrington, DE-based local heads northbound on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor with 54 empty hoppers for Dyers Quarry. Trailing engine is CR SD40-2 6510. The train weighed in at 1,728 tons.

CR 6105 Elizabeth, NJ 1/79

PIOI-6 crosses over from track one to track two at ELMORA Elizabeth, NJ

CR 6114, 3631, 6384 and 6459 are on the point of a coal train at Bay Tower in Baltimore, 3/84

SD45-6114, GP35-3631 & SD40-2s-6384, 6459 are on the point of a S/B coal train. Its either a Morgantown (UMP) or Chalk Point (ULK) train. I never heard the symbol. Bay Tower is to the left of 6114. 2:30PM on 3/3/84 in East Baltimore, MD. These 80 car, 10,000 ton trains usually needed a helper to get through Baltimore.

CR 6179 on EDPI-5X at Marcus Hook, PA

Power for today's EDPI ran lite from Edgemoor north to the O-track at Marcus Hook, PA along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor to pick up their train.  The cars were setout by a yard job from Stoney Creek off the Linwood Industrial Track.  The consist today will be CR 5606, 6029, 6771 (offline), 6179 (offline), 9x34 for 1,982 tons.

CR 6215 and three more SD45s lead a southbound coal train at Wilkens Ave, just outside Baltimore. 12/80.

A S/B coal train is passing under the Wilkens Avenue overpass on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

SD45s- 6215, 6220 & 6223 are on the point along with an unidentified fourth unit.

Late morning on 12/20/80 in W. Baltimore, MD.

CR 6237 NB at Perryville, MD 9-2-79

SD45 6237 leads a NB freight past the tower and station at Perryville, MD on 9-2-1979. Evidence of trackwork is visable with the CR crew bus in the background.

CR 6262 leads a S/B freight on the Northeast Corridor in Middle River MD, 12/81

Five years and eight months after the birth of "Big Blue", blackberry ex Penn Central SD40-6262 is leading two CR blueberries, SD40-2 6377 & SD35 6023, on a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, about to cross Martin Blvd in Middle River, MD.

The blackberries/blueberries terms were coined by noted rail photographer J. J. Young, Jr.

1:47PM on 12/19/81.

CR 6335 SD40 at Havre De Grace

Conrail SD40 6335 on Amtrak at Harve De Grace, MD

CR 6344 & 6303 with a loaded coal train on the NEC at Perryman MD, 12/81

Back when freight on the Northeast Corridor was a regular occurrence in daylight, two CR SD40s-6344 & 6303 are S/B with a loaded coal train.

The industrial spur, long gone, led to the Mitchell's Corn facility.

3:25PM on 12/5/81 in Perryman, MD.

CR 6350 leads a Popes Creek bound coal train under Dorsey Rd in Harmans, MD. 8/84

A coal train (symbol unknown) is rolling S/B on track two of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. SD40s-6350, 6301, 6315 & SD40-2-6384 are on the point. Dorsey Road is overhead. 2:00PM on 8/25/84 in Harmans, MD.

CR 6376 SEPY-8 at Principio, MD on Amtrak's North East Corridor

CR SEPY-9 south/westbound on Amtrak at Principio, MD

CR 6382 at Crum Lynne, PA in 1984

Conrail SD40-2 6382 is seen leading SEPY south on the Northeast Corridor at Crum Lynne, PA on 8/25/1984

CR 6393 shoving an eastbound trailer train at the Front Street OHB in Philadelphia, PA. Winter 1978

Conrail SD-40 #6393 shoving an eastbound trailer train (IIRC) at the Front Street OHB in Philadelphia, PA. Winter 1978

CR 6395 Leads 6138 and a TV train at Frankford Junction on the NEC, 3/78

Relatively new SD40-2-6395 is up front with ex PRR/PC SD45-6138. I have no idea how I accessed this location. 2:15PM on 3/11/78 in Philadelphia, PA.

CR 6423 leads a UMP coal train through West Baltimore

SD40-2s-6423, 6380, GP38-2-8154 & SD40-2-6373 are on the point of a S/B UMP (Unit Morgantown Power) coal train. They've just passed under Lafayette Street and are running on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor on track three. At Bowie, the train will make a left onto the Pope's Creek Secondary for the trip to MP. 11:42AM on 3/3/84 in West Baltimore, MD.

CR 6425 in Windsor, CT. in 2/1979.

The 6425 et. al. head south with SENH on Amtrak's Springfield line at the Meadow Rd. crossing in Windsor, CT. in Feb., 1979.

CR 6484 on PIED-6 at Marcus Hook, PA

At 7:25AM on this hazy Saturday morning a pair of EMD products bring 64 cars southbound on the corridor for Edgemoor. Trailing engine is CRL SD40 0802 (ex-CR 6243, nee-PC 6243).

CR 6514 leads PYOI north next to the Delaware River in Wilmington, DE. February 6, 1983

Conrail SD-40-2 #6514 leads a PYOI north on the Northeast Corridor, next to the Delaware River in Wilmington, DE. February 6, 1983

CR 6601 leads a westbound CAAL at Frankford Junction Philadelphia, 2/86

Conrail C30-7 #6601 leads a westbound CAAL (Camden-Allentown) at Frankford Junction. The extra marker on the porch was for when use when the power had to run around trains on the High Line before the Park Connection was built.
Date: 2/27/1986 Location: Philadelphia, PA.

CR 6606 leads a Camden bound train at the Frankford Junction SEPTA Station in Philadelphia, 4/84

Conrail C30-7 #6606 leads an eastbound almost at the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, PA. April 8, 1984

CR 6609 Principio, MD 7/83

ENED-0 has just entered the NorthEast Corridor for the run to Edgemoor, Del

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