Conrail's Harrisburg Line

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Early CR ex-Reading GP-30 2173 and GP-35 3630 sitting at Abrams Yard in King of Prussia,PA
Conrail GP30 2202 (ex-PC 2202) is seen leading a westbound freight at Rutherford, PA on 8/18/1981
Conrail 2357 GP35 still in its predecessor Penn Central paint job
Conrail OCS, led by the 4020, threads it's way through Harrisburg station on Aug. 20, 1985. Note then Amtrak Metroliner sitting in the station at right.
The 4020 leading the OCS through Harrisburg station.
The OCS backing into the rail welding plant in Lucknow as seen from Linglestown Rd. overhead.
Cropped version of preceding photo for a closer look at the train on Rockville bridge.
Conrail E8A 4021 is seen powering a short westbound OCS move at Swedeland, PA on 8/30/1990
Conrail 4022 is seen leading a Philly-Reading OCS trip at Birdsboro, PA on 3/13/1999
Former EL 833 E-8A smokes it up in CR 4022 blue, as it leaves Harrisburg with passenger steel in tow.
CR GP-9 7110 tows CR GG-1's 4870 and 4808 and autoracks near Harrisburg in August, 1977. With permission.
Conrail B36-7 5042 is seen leading Mail9 west past Perkiomen Junction, PA on 6/30/1990.
Eastbound Conrail passing by the former Diamond Glass Co. in Royersford, PA
Conrail C39-8 6019 is seen leading a PGAL westbound through Phoenixville, PA on 4/23/1991
C40-8W 6078 leads Conway-Edgemoor freight PIED past the Limerick Nuclear Power Plant in Linfield, PA. The 6078 is unusual in that it has "Conrail Quality" on the front but has the standard logo on the side.
CR SD45 6097, still lettered EL 3632 in Bicentennial paint, idles at Harrisburg under the catenary along wih SDP45 6683 (ex-EL 3652) and ex-PC GP9 7109.
As Conrail inched closer and closer to profitability, some of the casualties were older, less-efficient workhorses like these SD45s. Conrail 6115 and 6099 await their fate at Rutherford, PA on 8/14/1982

A ground shaking rumble in Harrisburg revealed 10 CR units pulling freight on a dark July, 1977 day! Rolling quickly through, I was only able to capture the first seven black and blue units in one picture!

The entire consist included leading unit CR SD-45 6163 followed by SD-35 6009, an unidentified third unit, GP-38-2 8090, PC U25B 2636, GP-38-2 8124, SD-40 6288, SDP-45 6696, GP-38 7806, and trailing SDP-45 6697.

Conrail SD40 6249 is leading a SD40-2 and a SD50 on ALCA, seen at Valley Forge, PA on 10/12/1989

SD40-2 6343, GP38-2 8101 and a pair of CSX-family SD50s tagging along lead ZBB-11 at Phoenixville, Pennsylvania on 8/11/91.
The westbound ore out of Philadelphia takes a ride on the Reading on its way to Bethlehem.

ALPI0 traverses the interlocking at Wyomissing Jct. with 6 EMD's as power. CP-Wyomissing Jct. MP61.2 CR Harrisburg Line
Two SD40-2s lead an eastbound coal drag through Douglassville, PA, on the Harrisburg Line. This train is nearing its destination; the PECO power plant in Cromby, PA. Notice that the lead unit is one of the "starred" SD40-2s.
Conrail SD40-2 6457 is leading MOPI-X across the Schuylkill River on SEPTA's Norristown Line on 11/25/1990. Soon the train will join the Harrisburg Line at CP-Norris and proceed west to Conway Yard
Conrail SD40-2 6491 is seen powering ALCA at Valley Forge, PA on 9/18/1990
Two SD40-2s pull Morrisville-Conway manifest MOPI through Sheridan in early 1990. Sheridan was home to one of several temporary block stations on the Harrisburg Line. Orders were given here to trains that needed to run against the current of traffic during MOW work periods. There was a set of hand crossovers here, as evidenced by the switch stand in front of the lead locomotive. Note the fourth car in the train, which appears to be a class H1G "Tupperware Hopper" with a removable cover.
ALSR sails through Robesonia with a C36-7 leading. MP71 CR Harrisburg Line
Conrail SD50 6707 is seen leading a westbound freight through Valley Forge, PA on 2/7/93

Harrisburg Line - Rutherford, Pennsylvania, USA
February 27, 1994
SD50 6745 on PICA-6
A pair of SD50s wheel past the old Reading coal dock at Rutherford. Shortly after Conrail knocked down the steam era dock to make way for the joint CR-NS Triple Crown facility.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6759 heading west out of the Black Rock tunnel on the Harrisburg line
A pair of GP 38's have a local in hand passing Hershey Park. The aroma of chocolate here is overwhelming-as if that's a bad thing!!
CR 9420 hauling freight on the old Pickering Valley Railroad spur Phoenixville, PA Ca. 1970's. The old Reading Co. / Conrail's Columbia Station in the background.
More than 3 years after the formation of Conrail, sister-units CR 9617 and 9618 are seen working their home turf at Abrams Yard. The pair is pausing for a crew change on October 27, 1979.
A Conrail local freight is seen servicing the Hershey Chocolate Plant at Hershey, PA, in May 1996. The caboose appears to be an old N8B. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR DH556/CP 556 sails through Douglassville with an NS GP40X, CSX C30-7, an ex-SCL C30-7, an ex-L&N C30-7, and a CSX SD40-2R as power. MP45 CR Harrisburg Line

Harrisburg Line - Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA
August 07, 1994
Conrail's U23C fleet didn't see much mainline action, spending most of their careers in the yards flung around Big Blue's system. Every once in a while, however, they got out to do some running on the high iron.

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