Conrail in Baltimore

While Baltimore always seemed to be more closely aligned with the B&O, WM, Chessie and CSX, the port city actually saw almost as much traffic on Big Blue as it did on CSX and the Chessie System.

With a number of yards, a large port facility, and lots of industrial switching, there was always Conrail Action to be found in the Charm City.

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A lashup of 5 Conrail four axle units, lead by a GP15-1 hauls a unit coal train toward the export piers in Baltimore.

Here's a close-up of GP30-2175 switching at the McCormick Spice Mill in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park. At the corner of Gilroy & Clubhouse Roads as I recall. 4:15PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley, MD.

GP30 2175 is switching a paper warehouse in the Hunt Valley Industrial Park on a spur that comes off of the former PRR Northern Central Line.

Photo was taken on 4:45PM on 2/23/82 in Hunt Valley MD.


Orangeville served as the engine terminal for Baltimore's Bayview Yards. Here a number of CR locomotives are being serviced while a lashup of ex-Reading units, Conrail GP10s and ex-PC geeps rolls by on the Northeast Corridor.

This photo is full of character, from the brand new Amtrak Ortner ballast cars to the old PC painted MP54s.

Three E44s, led by 4402, are on a S/B Potomac Yard bound freight as they pass through Amtrak's Baltimore-Washington International Airport station on the Northeast Corridor. 1:48PM on 1/25/81 in BWI Station, MD.
CR E-44 4411 rests at Baltimore's Penn Station in June, 1978.

E-44 4440 lays over near Baltimore Penn Station.


Conrail actually employed helpers in many more places than just the Horseshoe Curve area. Here two E44s assist a loaded coal train under the wires in Baltimore. They're cruising through the small yard and railfan hangout called Orangeville.


The E33s looked like a squatter E44. Here a pair layover in Baltimore's Orangeville engine terminal in October of 77.


A B36-7 leads runthrough train R409 to Potomac Yard on CSX rails, just west of Baltimore.


North Avenue, CSX Baltimore Terminal - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
November 10, 1993
C40-8W 6081 on CSX train Z413
After a brisk walk to a perch along the North Avenue bridge (looking over my shoulder the whole time), I was rewarded with a Conrail run-through over the once-electrified B&O Belt Line. I'd try this shot today, only with a platoon of Marines! Ah, Charm City.
Photo by Don Kalkman III


A S/B coal train is passing under the Wilkens Avenue overpass on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor.

SD45s- 6215, 6220 & 6223 are on the point along with an unidentified fourth unit.

Late morning on 12/20/80 in W. Baltimore, MD.


Five years and eight months after the birth of "Big Blue", blackberry ex Penn Central SD40-6262 is leading two CR blueberries, SD40-2 6377 & SD35 6023, on a S/B freight on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, about to cross Martin Blvd in Middle River, MD.

The blackberries/blueberries terms were coined by noted rail photographer J. J. Young, Jr.

1:47PM on 12/19/81.

The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, is getting under way on Chessie System rails at CS's BA Tower in Bay View Yard. But, it won't be going east on the Philly Sub. It will pull down to North Point and then back over the connection to the Northeast Corridor to continue its journey north. CR SD40-2s-6420 & 6519, with GP40-3200, are on the point. 2:45PM on 5/16/82 in East Baltimore, MD.

Looking like the Juice Train, SENS (Z409 on CSX's rails) heads through the S-curve of Elkridge PA on CSX's Capitol Subdivision. This train carried many empty tropicana cars heading back south for more OJ.


Conrail C30-7a 6571 leads a run-through train to Potomac Yard, symboled Z413 on CSX, through Elkridge MD, on just west of Baltimore.


A trio of GEs heads south through Elkridge MD on its way to Potomac Yard in Alexandria VA. This train travels on CSX's rails south of Philadelphia to avoid the Northeast Corridor. The Tropicana cars on the head end are being taken south to be loaded and made back into the northbound Juice train.


A C30-7a leads a westbound (geographically southbound) SEPY (Selkirk - Potomac Yard) under Washington Boulevard, just west of Baltimore on CSX. The tail end is passing under the CPLs of HX Interlocking in Halethorpe. This train may look like the southbound juice train, but that's because it usually carried a number of empty cars back south for more OJ.


Originating in Selkirk (SE), SEPY often had GEs on it, along with empty tropicana cars. Here it is passing through the unused station in Elkridge MD on CSX as their train B417.


C30-7A 6591 on PYSE/CSX Z410-24
Conrail's PYSE runs on CSX trackage rights to avoid Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, running eastward on the B&O approaching Mohrs Lane. That lead unit now toils on in Estonia.


Here C32-8 6619 and three EMDs lead the southbound (westbound) SEPY on CSX's 1833 vintage Thomas Viaduct. This train is lacking the signature empty Tropicana Cars that usually feature heavily in photos of it.


AMTRAK Northeast Corridor - Middle River, Maryland, USA
The daytime local out of Bayview yard heads north near the Martin State Airport in Middle River with a Geep on each end. Not much freight rolls along these tracks in daylight.


The final run passes some non-descript East Baltimore warehouses on its way back toward Bayview. 


The brakeman rides the back steps of the Geep as it backs up to the loading bay.


A good broadside view of GP38-2 #8263. The old American Can Company in the background is now a chic shopping plaza for the newly gentrified Canton neighborhood that surrounds it.


Having captured its quarry, the last train on Boston Street heads east, back to the yard at Bayview.


The train leans into a rusty curve, working it's way back toward Bayview yard.


This building has now become a shopping center, but in this photo it was still the American Can company, consuming can stock and shipping out cans for all sorts of uses. Here 8263 is picking up the boxcar from the loading dock.

CR 8280 passes the yard tower as it works the south end of the yard at Bay View.

For a while Baltimore was full of RS3Ms. Here 9976 passes the Orangeville engine facility with a westbound local.


The last Boston Street run heads east toward Bayview, past the old Amoco tank farm. The giant fuel storage tanks are also gone now.


A high-rise condo is under construction in the background, foretelling the end of industry along Baltimore's waterfront. The 19th century warehouse directly behind the engine was also converted to luxury living space.

SW9 9082 rests @ Bay View Yard Baltimore, MD

The train leaves the street running portion of Boston street.

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