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Conrail's Chicago line stretched from Selkirk, NY to Chicago, IL and was an extremely important double track main in which the majority of its traffic from the western roads reached the New England states and the East Coast.  Included on this route were important terminal cities like Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Conrail's major classification yard in Elkhart, IN.  This busy route saw anywhere from 50-60 trains a day including a lot of foreign power from western connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe and their predecessors.

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CR 6727 east Cranesville 05271996

An eastbound TV train passes Lock 10 at Cranesville behind an interesting mix of power.

CR 6727 west CP 293 08201996

CR 6727 and 6017 lead a stack train west through CP 293, the connection to the NYSW and the Oswego Branch, the hazy Syracuse skyline in the background.

CR 6735 at Ashtabula, Ohio 11/27/96

Conrail 6735 leads Westbound SEEL-6 on track 2 at MP125 on Conrail's Chicago Line, Ashtabula, OH.

CR 6737 at Ashtabula, Ohio

Conrail 6737 & 6485 power Westbound TV-201 @ the CP127.9 signals on Track 1

CR 6737 leads SEBR-1 at Waterloo, IN

Conrail SEBR-1 with 6737 on the point at Waterloo, IN on May 31, 1996. SEBR was an experiment to see if the train got to Chicago faster by avoiding Elkhart yard. It didn't work out and was resymbolled SEEL again a few months later.

CR 6738 on ELBR-1 at Pinola, IN

CR 6738 and fellow EMD power ELBR-1 around the curve near Pinola, IN on February 11, 1997.

CR 6740 Collinwood, OH 08-5-1976

Eastbound grain has Penn Central Alco C628 # 6302 and Reading Lines C630's 5301 and 5305 for power at Collinwood on a muggy August 1976 day. PC 6302 would become CR 6740, the two RDG's would become 6754 and 6758.

CR 6742 1992

SD50 6742 leads an eastbound freight through the Mohawk Valley in 1992

CR 6745 west TV203K arrive Dewitt 03181995

TV 203K pulls past the Amtrak station as it arrives at Dewitt with 85 stack platforms. It will pick up 21 more here before heading west. CR 6745 and 5579 are doing the honors today.

CR 6745 west TV203K depart Dewitt 03181995

Having now made his pick up, TV 203K once again rolls past the Amtrak station as he heads out toward CP 285 and the Chicago Line with 106 platforms.

CR 6756 on TOMT-0 at Huron, OH

CR 6756 and CR 3298(now patched as PRR 3012) leads train TOMT-0 at Huron, OH on April 20, 1999. Chris Howe photo

CR 6757 at Ashtabula, Ohio 2/1/98

CR #6757 leads Southbound CR BUPI-1 @ W. 32nd st crossing on the Buffalo/Pittsburgh connecting track Trk #4 about to enter onto the Youngstown Line. Eastbound Conrail TOMT-1 passes by in the background on Conrail’s Chicago line on Track number two. Ashtabula, Ohio.

CR 6758 Berea, OH 5-1976

In this early Conrail view taken at BE tower in Berea, former Reading 5305 had yet to be patched out as CR 6758.

CR 6761 Rochester, NY 3/24/1979

A big C-630 is the trailing unit on a 3 builder lashup.

CR 6764 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6764 is seen leading a westbound stack train across Montezuma Swamp at Fox Ridge, NY in the early 1990s.

CR 6768 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6768 is seen leading an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6768 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail SD50 6768 is seen leading an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6773 Cleveland, OH 07-16-1977

A set of 4 units, Alco C630 6773, C628 6749, a U33C, and SD45-2 6666 back down the north to Whiskey Island to tie on to their train. Bridge 1 and drawbridge tower are behind the power, and that's the B&O curving away to the right behind DB. 6773 came to Conrail as Penn Central 6323.

CR 6775 at Ashtabula Township, OH 2/3/97

CONRAIL 6775 leads Westbound BUIN-3 @ MP 123 on track 1

CR 6775 Rochester, NY 4/19/1979

A pair of big Centuries are pulled out of the Rochester engine facility.

CR 6777 west TVLA Syracuse 10181995

TVLA rolls past the Amtrak station on its dash to Chicago and the Santa Fe.

CR 6777 west TVLA TV 261 Dewitt 10181995

TVLA with CR 6777/5641/5628 and 91 cars, rolls past the Amtrak station while TV 261, behind CR 5594/6745, makes a pick up at Dewitt. It will head west with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC.

CR 6783 Cleveland, OH 04-12-1979

A pair of former Penn Central Alco's charge up Westinghouse Hill after crossing bridge 1 in Cleveland. C636 6783 and C630 6770 are westbound this April day in 1979.

CR 6784 at Saybrook, OH

Conrail 6784 is westbound with an empty coal train departing Ashtabula's "AY" West Yard near MP 130 on Conrail's Chicago line.

CR 6787 eastbound at Waterloo, IN

An eastbound Conrail freight with the 6787 on the point passes Amtrak 49, which is stopped at the station, at Waterloo, IN on May 23, 1999

CR 6788 west Depew 06201996

A westbound pulls past the Depew Amtrak station with 51 TOFC behind 6788/6717.

CR 6800 on the Chicago Line

Conrail SD50 6800 is seen leading a freight on the Chicago Line in upstate New York.

CR 6802 on the Chicago Line

Conrail SD50 6802 is seen leading a mixed freight on the Chicago Line in upstate New York

CR 6803 at Ashtabula, OH on

Conrail 6803 leads a westbound empty coal train up the Buffalo/Pittsburgh connecting track at MP 125 ( on the Conrail Chicago Line).

CR 6809 leads XNS-184 at Porter, IN

Conrail XNS-184 with the 6809 and 6635 at Porter, IN on May 9, 1999. This is unusual since this train normally had NS power.

CR 6817 Rochester, NY 5/10/1979

A coal train has just passed Goodman Street yard at sunrise.

CR 6820 Buffalo 1993

Conrail SD50 and BN SD40-2 7038 lead a string of Conrail boxcars westward from Buffalo on the Chicago line in 1993. Probably taken from the Tift St. Bridge.

CR 6820 on the Chicago Line

Conrail SD50 6820 is seen leading a stack train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York.

CR 6834 leads TV-7X at Stryker, OH

Westbound TV7X with the 6834 and 2573 on the point are just east of Stryker, OH on January 23, 1999.  This is the very last SD50 purchased by Conrail.

CR 6840 Weedsport, NY 5/90

Former EMD Demo 6840 leads ML-430 through the curve at MP-313 on the Chicago Line

CR 6848 on ELPI-0A Waterloo, IN

Eastbound Conrail ELPI-0A with the 6848 and UP & SP EMD's for power pass thru Waterloo, IN on January 30, 1999

CR 6849 Syracuse, NY 2/12/1978

My research shows that this was an unusual combo. The RSD-15 was reengined with an EMD, and the slug was from an RSD-5. This set of 2 was given number 6849.

CR 6849 Syracuse, NY 2/12/1978

6849 consisted of an EMD reengined RSD-15 and a converted RSD-5 slug. This is the converted RSD-5 slug.

CR 6854 east SV 6 Dewitt 09021994

SV 6 with 77 stack platforms rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt behind a mix of EMD's.

CR 6861 at Syracuse, NY

Conrail SD60 6861 is seen leading a westbound freight past the old Syracuse Amtrak station.

CR 6867 Fairport, NY 5/30/1998

TV-9 has 2 different types of SD-60s for power.

CR 6947 Rochester, NY 4/29/1978

The Buffalo - Rochester Turn was commonly used to get the Frontier Yard SD-38's some road time. Here an SD-38 leads an SW-1500 & GP-35 into Goodman Street Yard. It was pretty normal for this train to have 1 or 2 of the SD-38's on it.

CR 6970 east North East 06161996

A single SD40 rebuild takes two cars east out of the gathering gloom, heading for Buffalo with a car of pipe and a car of panel track.

CR 6971 at Dunes, IN

Conrail SD40-2Rs Nos. 6971 and 6972 have the WDGI local train in tow near MP 490 on the Chciago Line near Dunes, IN, in September 1998. These two engines were permanently assigned to this local job, which was based out of Gibson yard and ran to New Carlisle, IN to service Inland Steel. The CSS&SB(Chicago, South Shore, & South Bend) is in the foreground. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6971 at Gary, IN

A westbound Conrail WDGI steel train behind SD40-2R Nos. 6971 and 6972 approaching Clark Road in Gary, in September 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6972 on WDGI-1 at LaPorte, IN

CR 6972 and 6971 leads steel train WDGI-1 at LaPorte, IN on January 7, 1997. These two engines were the assigned power to this train, which ran steel coils to a local steel mill near Burns Harbor, IN.

CR 6993 at Minoa, NY

Conrail SD40-2R 6993 is trailing on a westbound auto parts train as it leaves the west end of DeWitt Yard at Minoa, NY

CR 757 leads ELPI-2B at Waterloo, IN

Conrail ELPI-2B with 757 on the point at Waterloo, IN on June 3, 1996

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