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Conrail's Chicago line stretched from Selkirk, NY to Chicago, IL and was an extremely important double track main in which the majority of its traffic from the western roads reached the New England states and the East Coast.  Included on this route were important terminal cities like Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Conrail's major classification yard in Elkhart, IN.  This busy route saw anywhere from 50-60 trains a day including a lot of foreign power from western connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe and their predecessors.

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CR 6001 on COSE-6 at N. Kingsville, OH on 11/16/96

Conrail C39-8 6001 leads Eastbound COSE-6 at North Kingsville, Ohio on track number one.

CR 6010 at Derby, NY

Conrail C39-8 6010 is seen trailing on an eastbound at Derby, NY

CR 6012 at Conneaut, Ohio

Conrail 6012 leads a Westbound Conrail intermodal train at MP 114.5 track number one

CR 6019 on PIBR-8 at Delta, OH

CR 6019 and friend lead PIBR-8 under the ex DT&I at Delta, OH on October 28, 1998. Chris Howe photo

CR 6021 Rochester, NY 6/3/1978

An Eastbound led by a SD-35. The bridge in the background is the B&O Belt Line.

CR 6027 on ELPI-1 Waterloo, IN

Conrail ELPI-1 with the 6027 on the point passes the Amtrak platform at Waterloo, IN on January 31, 1999

CR 6031 east TV 204 Dewitt 03181995

Seen from the Amtrak station across the yard, a GE/EMD combo leads TV 204 into Dewitt to work the Trailvan terminal. He's coming in with 95 stack platforms and 3 COFC. He'll likely leave town a bit shorter.

CR 6041 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An Eastbound arrives at Goodman Street to work the yard.

CR 6050 at North Kingsville, Ohio 12/21/96

Conrail 6050 & 6770 lead Westbound Conrail BUEL-1 @ MP 120.2 on trk 1.

CR 6065 at Ashtabula Ohio 7/25/90

CR C40-8W 6065 leads Westbound CR OIEL-3X near Cp 128 on Trk#1 -- On Conrail's Chicago Line. (Ashtabula, Ohio)

CR 6067 at Ashtabula, Ohio 11/20/97

Conrail C40-8W #6067 leads Westbound Conrail TV-7 on trk #1 near MP 127.9 on Conrail's Chicago Line ~ Ashtabula, Ohio

CR 6067 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

An ex EL SD-45 was sitting deep in the yard. The yardmaster gave me permission to walk in and get photo's.

CR 6067 Rochester, NY 4/12/1977

This ex EL SD-45 was parked deep in the yard. The yardmaster gave me permission to walk in and get some photo's of it. It was unusual to see big power like this parked in Rochester.

CR 6068 leads INSE-2 at Fairview, PA on 9/2/95

CR 6068 C40-8W leads Eastbound Conrail INSE-2 at CP 97 on track number two.

CR 6069 Buffalo, NY 10-02-1992

After running up the Buffalo Line from Enola, ENBU doubles it's train into Frontier yard. Helping out CR 6069 this day are two CSX units: U30C 7250 and GP40 6849. It's October 1992, many years before the split of Conrail, but the CSX units are a harbinger of things to come at Frontier- and the CR unit would become property of NS.

CR 6070 leads TV-80 at Waterloo, IN

Conrail TV80, a Thursday only train, at Waterloo, IN back in 1996

CR 6078 Hudson Lake, IN 11-1-1981

A Conrail freight rolls west behind SD45 No. 6078 at Hudson Lake, IN, in November 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6087 at Waterloo, IN

A eastbound Conrail freight with the 6087 on the point at Waterloo, IN back in 1996

CR 6094 C40-8W leads a Westbound freight

Brand new C40-8W #6094 leads this westbound freight at MP128 on Conrail's Chicago Line ~ track number one.

CR 6096 Amsterdam NY 1994

Lock 10 in Cranesville NY a few miles east of Amsterdam NY is one of the most accessible locks for cross-canal train watching. This is how it looked in 1994 before a devastating flood in 2006 knocked it out of operation for several years. It is back in operation, but missing the stand of cottonwood trees. So much for sitting in the shade waiting for the next train. In 1994 the last section of the West Shore railroad was still operating to service a nearby quarry. Here C40-8W 6096 and an unidentifiable SD60M (55?3) lead an eastbound freight.

CR 6100 east SV 14 Dewitt 09021994

SV 14 rolls into Dewitt to make a set out, coming in with 115 platforms, seen from across the yard at the Amtrak station.

CR 6101 Buffalo, NY 4/16/1978

One of only 5 ex Reading SD-45's is seen backing into the West end of Frontier Yard

CR 6119 east Lock 10 Cranesville 06181995

Some of the locks on the NY State Barge Canal were good places to see the action on the Water Level Route. One of the best is Lock 10 at Cranesville. Here we see an eastbound with a two units leading 118 cars on the opposite shore. Up til the start of Conrail, it was possible to run a train from Albany to Utica on either side of the Mohawk River. By this time, there were only a few short segments of the old West Shore remaining between those two places.

CR 6127 at North Kingsville, Ohio 4/26/97

Conrail 6127 leads Eastbound PISE-5" near MP 122 on Trk#2 -- On Conrail's Chicago Line.

CR 6132 crossing the Seneca River

Conrail C40-8W 6132 is seen leading an eastbound train across the Seneca River near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6134 at Buffalo, NY 3/12/94

An unidentified westbound passes under the unmistakable NYC signal bridge at CP 433 as it heads toward Frontier Yard.

CR 6139 at Syracuse, NY

Conrail C40-8W 6139 is seen leading an eastbound freight past the old East Syracuse Amtrak station

CR 6142 on the Chicago Line

Conrail C40-8W 6142 is seen leading a coal train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York

CR 6142 west TV Dewitt 11071995

An unidentified westbound TV train pumps air at Dewitt before heading west with 106 platforms and 6 COFC on a gray afternoon. UP 3572 trails.

CR 6148 east TV 14 Dewitt 11131995

TV 14 is seen at Dewitt in a building snow storm. Mid November snow is nothing new to Syracuse, but once it started, it didn't stop; the total snowfall for the 1995/96 winter was 175". It was not a record.

CR 6169 at Delta, OH

A westbound Conrail freight with the 6169 on the point going past the classic NYC signals at Delta, OH on March 12, 1996. These signals were replaced not too long after this picture was taken.

CR 6171 Bryan, OH 01-23-1999

Westbound PIEL-3A with the 6171, a couple of CP SD40's, and some other EMD's on the point pass the old grain elevator at Bryan, OH on January 23, 1999

CR 6171 on UKC at Bryan, OH

CR 6171 and 5578 powers coal train UKC at Bryan, OH on October 21, 1997. This train was a unit train of PPLX coal hoppers heading west to an unknown destination(hopefully not the scrap heap!).

CR 6176 east TV 554 Bayview

TV 554 passes Bayview behind a pair of 40's-in this case, GE C40-8W and B40-8, trailing 46 Sea Land platforms. They'll go to the D&H at Bison, then on to Jersey, changing to an NYSW crew at Binghamton. The CR power will not run through.

CR 6177 Lyons, NY 1993

A trio of GE units led by C40-8W 6177 and 6033 lead an autorack westbound on the S-curve that passes under Highway 31 west of Lyons NY in 1993.

CR 6182, CR 5565 at Berea, OH

An empty hopper train is making its way through Berea, OH in early May of 1997. Leading the consist are CR C40-8W 6182 and CR SD60M 5565. This westbound train is just about to pass Berea tower (CP-194 Chicago Line) and has just come off Cleveland's "Short Line" or "Belt line" (as some call it). It is taking the connecting track over to the Chicago Line. Things look very different now; The start of the Indianapolis Line (in the foreground) is now the double tracked CSX main. The original GRS "Type G" signals in the picture are also gone. The Chicago Line is now NS. The connecting track is still in place and fully signaled, but has been used almost never in the last 10 years (except for occasional derailment reroutes and maintenance equip storage). The former "Big Four" sandstone depot is just to the right of the photo edge, just out of sight.

CR 6216 west Syracuse 08011997

A westbound stack train passes a set of distinctively NYC signals, seen behind the second container, as it passes through CP 293, where the Fulton Secondary diverges, and the NYSW connects from the former DLW Syracuse Branch. The view is from the Willis Av bridge, and gives a panoramic view of the Syracuse skyline, such as it is.

CR 6229 at Depew, NY

Conrail C40-8W 6229 is seen leading a westbound freight into the Buffalo Terminal at Depew, NY

CR 6247 at Ashtabula, Ohio 5/26/89

Conrail SD40 6247 leads an Eastbound Freight at the MP 127.9 Diamonds (with Conrail's Youngstown Line) on Track #2 - On Conrail's Chicago Line. (Ashtabula, Ohio)

CR 6248 east Syracuse 04061997

CR 6248/6040 bring an eastbound 91 car TV train through CP 293 and past Blue Circle Cement as they approach Syracuse.

CR 6249 west Erie 05101996

A pair of widecab GE's meet Sperry car 119 at Erie.

CR 6257 with TVLA at Stryker, OH

Conrail TVLA with 6257 on the point is east of Stryker, OH at the 332 signals on January 23, 1999. This is hot coast to coast intermodal train ran in conjunction with the BNSF(ex Santa Fe) from Los Angeles to the East Coast

CR 6262 at Ashtabula, Ohio 8/21/98

Conrail 6262 leads Westbound Conrail TV-7 is at @ CP127.9 on track number one

CR 6263 at North Kingsville, Ohio 4/19/97

Conrail 6263 leads Eastbound CR TV-204 @ MP 122 on Trk#2 at 10:00 AM -- On Conrail's Chicago Line.

CR 6291 west ML 421 Seneca 05271994

As if to prove a point about the SD 40's durability, Conrail was still using the power in the previous photo, taken at Horseshoe Curve in 1984, in 1994. You'd think the Curve and helper duty was the last gasp of power on the way out, seeing as it was staying close to home, so dealing with any road failure issues would not require a long ride to a shop. Not so, as this unit has migrated from helper duty to priority service, seen here leading 78 cars of ML 421, along with newer sister 6504, at Bayview.

CR 6307 Rochester, NY 3/24/1979

An Eastbound picks up salt cars at Rochester.

CR 6316 on the Chicago Line

Conrail SD40 6316 is seen leading a stack train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York

CR 6329 east PIBU Buffalo 05271994

Buffalo Central Terminal was once a busy, thriving place. By the time Amtrak came on the scene, it was already a shadow of its former self, and after 1979 when they quit using the station, it was a ghostly place. I was poking around the station one day when 156 car PIBU rolled past in charge of CR 6329 and 6338.

CR 6329 leads TV-9S at Rome, NY

Ex-PC(PRR) SD40 6329 and ex-PC U33C 6559 take TV-9S west at Rome, NY on the Chicago line. The date is 29 July 1978.

CR 6339 at Hudson Lake, IN

Westbound Conrail freight with SD40 6339 and SD40-2 6509 at Hudson Lake, IN in October 1982. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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