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Conrail's Chicago line stretched from Selkirk, NY to Chicago, IL and was an extremely important double track main in which the majority of its traffic from the western roads reached the New England states and the East Coast.  Included on this route were important terminal cities like Toledo and Cleveland, OH and Conrail's major classification yard in Elkhart, IN.  This busy route saw anywhere from 50-60 trains a day including a lot of foreign power from western connections with Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe and their predecessors.

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CR 5008 on Bryan local Stryker, OH

The Bryan local with the 5008 for power poses on the bridge over the Tiffin river in Stryker, OH back in March 1996. This is the same engine that I got on a RR241 a month earlier by Van Wert, OH.

CR 5018 leads BRSE-1 at N. Kingsville, OH

Conrail 5018 leads Eastbound BRSE-1 on track #1 near MP 120.2 in North Kingsville, Ohio.

CR 5031 at Ashtabula, OH

CR 5031 Leads a westbound intermodal by MP 125 on Conrail's Chicago Line.

CR 5041 at Depew, NY

Conrail B36-7 5041 is looking rather-weather beaten as she leads an eastbound stack train past the Amtrak station at Depew, NY on a cold winter day.

CR 5046 at Depew, NY

Conrail B36-7 5046 is seen leading a westbound freight into the Buffalo Terminal at Depew, NY's Amtrak station

CR 5050 West TV 79 Dewitt 03/18/1995

TV 79 rolls 74 cars past the Syracuse Amtrak station, at the time out near Dewitt Yard, behind the usual mix of 4 axle GE's and EMD's.

CR 5051 West Utica 081984

An unnamed TV train rolls past Utica station behind a power set consisting of three GE's and a pair of EMD's, a consist that would remain a constant over the years for CR trains on the Chicago Line. I have posted a number of photos from ten years later. It's hard to tell the time period by looking at the power.

CR 5052 near Lyons NY 1993

An access road led me to this purple loosestrife filled depression as an eastbound Van train led by B36-7 5052 rumbles over a low trestle.

CR 5054, 5022 & 5010, are on the point of a W/B TV train at Westfield, NY. 10/84

In this view from the N. Portage Road overpass, a trio of B36-7s, 5054, 5022 & 5010, are on the point of a W/B TV train. At the time, the Westfield station was much in need of rehab. Today, the restoration has taken place and it is now the Station Art Gallery & Studio. 4:52PM on 10-2-84 in Westfield, NY.

CR 5055 B36-7 Toledo 09-87

Eastbound vans pound the C&O/TT diamond at Vickers in Toledo, Ohio, with CR 5055, 3340, and 5028 in charge, standard 80's TV train power on Conrail.

CR 5057 leads ELST-0 at Waterloo, IN

ELST-0 with the 5057 on the point at Waterloo, IN on April 10, 1996

CR 5060 at Ashtabula Ohio 10/23/93

A westbound Conrail TV train is near MP 126.4 on track number two, Ashtabula, Ohio

CR 5066 at Fox Ridge, NY

Conrail B40-8 5066 is seen leading a westbound TV train across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 5067 at Erie, Pa. 8/11/89

Conrail 5067 leads an Eastbound stack train near MP 83 ( passing by its' birth place just out of view to the right ~ GE Transportation Systems) on track number one.

CR 5069 West Syracuse 03181995

A pair of GE's, 5069 and 5059, lead 112 cars of what looks like SETO through Amtrak's Syracuse station. An Amtrak Turboliner is poking its nose around the freight as it approaches the station.

CR 5070 East TV 12 Dewitt 03/18/1995

Another mixed set of GE's and EMD's rolls 35 platforms and 69 TOFC of TV 12 toward the Amtrak station. TV 12, and counterpart TV 11 once were mainstays on the ex PRR via Harrisburg and Conway, but in the early 90's were moved to the ex NYC.

CR 5082 west TV 201 Dewitt 09021994

TV 201 with 104 APL platforms and 2 COFC just because, rolls past the Amtrak station at Dewitt Yard behind a three unit mixed set of a B40-8/GP40-2/B36-7.

CR 5504 on PIEL-2B at Waterloo, IN

Westbound Conrail PIEL-2B at Waterloo, IN back in 1996

CR 5505 at Depew, NY

Conrail SD60M 5505 is seen leading an eastbound stack train past the Amtrak station at Depew, NY. Notice how some of the waiting passengers are sitting in the right-of-way...these people would probably sue Amtrak for not providing enough benches, and Conrail for having the nerve to operate a train on that track had they been struck by something...

CR 5510 Chicago Line 1993

Eastbound autorack train is under the control of a pair of SD60Ms, with 5510 in the lead trailed by 5516 elephant style. This is in the vicinity of Lyons NY, or so the box of slides is labeled.

CR 5513 leads Mail-8M at LaPorte, IN

Eastbound Mail-8M with 5513 in the lead at CP463 LaPorte, IN on June 15, 1996.

CR 5514 on the Chicago Line

Conrail SD60M 5514 is seen leading a train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York

CR 5521 on ML433 at Huron, OH

CR 5521 and a SD50 power train ML433 at Huron, OH on April 20, 1999. Chris Howe photo

CR 5529 at Delta, OH

Westbound Conrail TV train with 5529 on the point at Delta, OH on March 12, 1996.

CR 5530 west Syracuse 03191999

The end is near as an SD60I and C40-8W roll a westbound stack train into the afternoon sun past CP 293. The track to the right is the connection to the NYSW, once the DLW Syracuse Branch. That line passed under the old NYC here, eventually reaching Oswego. The Willis Av overpass gives a commanding view of the Syracuse skyline behind the train. The NYC passenger line that went downtown-part of that line is now I 690-also diverged here, near the curve the train is rounding, in the distance.

CR 5531 6067 Chicago 10041997

One of each. A pair of road units, an SD 60I and a C40-8W, sit ready at Park Manor Yard in Chicago, as seen from the Chicago Skyway. Sometimes sitting in Chicago traffic isn't all bad!!

CR 5536 SD60M leads westbound Conrail UNS-29B near MP 120.2

Conrail 5536 leads westbound Conrail UNS-29B as it approaches CP120.2 [ Harmon Rd.] in North Kingsville, Ohio on track no. 2 [on Conrail's Chicago line].

CR 5537 SD60M lesds INSE-8 at N. Kingsville, OH

Conrail 5537 leads eastbound INSE-8 near MP122 in North Kingsville, Ohio, on track no. 2 [on Conrail's Chicago line].

CR 5545 east CP 293 05091997

A pair of SD60 lead an eastbound stack train through CP 293, passing the Blue Circle Cement plant. That's Onandaga Lake in the background.

CR 5552 on MGL-36 at Waterloo, IN

Eastbound steel train MGL-36 with the 5552 on the point passes a westbound TV train on track 1 at Waterloo, IN on January 30, 1999

CR 5555 west Weedsport 05071996

A westbound stack running wrong main rolls under the Oakland Road overpass just west of Weedsport behind the quad 5's and a GE. This is a great spot to watch the action, OK for a westbound, but superb in the morning for eastbounds.

CR 5560 leads IHEL-5 at LaPorte, IN

Eastbound IHEL-5 with 5560 on the point leaving the siding at LaPorte, IN, CP463 on June 15, 1996

CR 5568 on TV-556 at Waterloo, IN

Conrail TV556 at Waterloo, IN on May 23, 1996

CR 5572 leads UAZ-63 at Geneva, OH

Conrail 5572 leads westbound Conrail UAZ-63 as it approaches MP137 [Broadway Ave] in Geneva, Ohio on track no. 2 [on Conrail's Chicago line].

CR 5573 on BRPI-8 at Elkhart, IN

CR 5573 and a SD50 leads BRPI-8 past the Amtrak station at Elkhart, IN on May 8, 1999. Chris Howe photo

CR 5583 west TV 13 Dewitt 03181995

The power for TV 13 backs onto its train after making a pick up at Dewitt.

CR 5588 Perinton, NY 12/30/1998

PISE kicks up some snow at CP 359. Four units of four different models lead the train. CR had good motive power variety, which is hard to find with CSX, who currently operates this line.

CR 5596 on SPL-804 at Porter, IN

CR 5596, UP 6341, and a UP SD40 powers SPL-804 at Porter, IN on November 8, 1997. While the SPL symbol was normally used on special moves, like high/wide loads, this train has a solid consist of autoracks.

CR 5600 on TV1 at Oak Harbor, OH

CR SD60I 5600 powers TV1 at Oak Harbor, OH on April 25, 1999. Chris Howe photo

CR 5601 east CP 293 08271996

SD60I leads a former LMS lease unit through CP 293 and past the Blue Circle plant as it approaches Syracuse.

CR 5604 west Memphis NY 06221997

A westbound TV train is lit by the late day sun as it splits the signals at Memphis.

CR 5609 on PIBR-3 at Waterloo, IN

Westbound PIBR-3 at Waterloo, IN on May 23, 1996

CR 5614 on Mail-8 at Porter, IN

CR 5614, 5610, and another EMD powers Mail-8 at Porter, IN on November 8, 1997

CR 5618 west Trailvan 10181995

A westbound TV train rolls past the Syracuse Amtrak station with 62 trailer flats. I didn't have my scanner with me most of the time I was at driving school, so did not get the symbol, but looking at the UPS trailers right behind the power, I'd venture this is either TVLA or TV 79, both of which went to the Santa Fe. C40-8 6083 is the trailing unit.

CR 5624 west ML 403 TV 261 west Dewitt 10181995

ML 403 with 96 auto racks behind 5624 creeps past TV 261, working Dewitt Yard. It will depart shortly afterward with 145 stack platforms and 10 COFC. All this is seen from the platform of the Amtrak station. Pretty good place to wait for a train!!

CR 5631 Corunna, IN 06-11-1996

Conrail SEBR-1 with 5631 and CNW 6913 on the point at Corunna, IN on June 11, 1996

CR 5645 leads TV-11 through Fairview, PA

Westbound TV-11 passes by milepost 97 on the Chicago Line at Fairview, PA.

CR 5935 Rochester, NY 1/22/1978

5935 moves thru the East end of Goodman Street Yard while a snow jet crew melts snow at a switch.

CR 5948 Lackawanna, NY 3/5/1978

An ex EL GP-7 idles at the old Seneca Yard.

CR 6000 at Fox Ridge, NY

The class unit of Conrail's C39-8 fleet, 6000, leads an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY

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