Conrail's Buffalo Line

Conrail's Buffalo Line went from Harrisburg PA to Buffalo NY over some spectacular mountain scenery and featured some unique operations, like unit pulpwood trains and helpers.

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Way out of place GP15-1 1621 leads SD40-2 6439 on an empty UFY hopper train at Montgomery, PA on 10/5/89. Train originated in York Haven, PA and was heading to Clearfield, PA to be forwarded back to the mines for reloading. I hope the air was good in this train. The 1621 lacked dynamic brakes so the air would have had to have been used for all slow downs and stops.. 1621 would spend many years in Lancaster, PA and along Amtraks lines in the eastern part of the Conrail system..
B23-7 1939 leads GP38-2 8046 on the XSL-15 empty hopper train going back to the mines at Sligo, PA for more coal.. The 1939 became CSX 3157 while 8046 became the property of the NS and renumbered to 5261.
Ex. PRR/PC GP30 2198 leads another Ex PRR unit GP35 2317 on the UIR-506 destined for Indian River, Delaware. Train is backing out of Newberry Yard passing thru CP AD on the Antlers Industrial and will back to clear CP Linden before starting south for Enola Yard. Note the unusually large CR initials on the front of the 2198. This was rather late in the Conrail era to be seeing GP30's still painted in predecessor colors. The 2198 was retired by Conrail and was bought by the New Hope & Ivyland RR where she still works today.
The small Olean facility hosts 3 units.
Conrail U23B 2730 and B23-7 1955 pull ENBU-2T northbound on the Buffalo Line thru Montgomery, PA on 3/2/89. The head end trailer was picked up at KW Yard in Rockville, PA and the frames behind that came out of the Dana Corp. in Reading, PA and were destined for Oshawa, Ontario. With the 82 cars behind them, no doubt they'll be getting a helper at Emporium.
2872 sports a new coat of CR blue at the little Olean engine facility.
A close up of the front of 2872.
Conrail GP40 3216, with the PC logo showing thru on the long hood, leads still PC black GP38-2 on southbound extra local WHNO-99 at Northumberland, PA on 8/27/83. Train is heading to the Shamokin Dam power plant. The 3216 would live a long service life on Conrail being retired on 4/11/91 and then sold to the Ohio Central RR. The 8133 still toils on for owner CSX as its 2749.
Almost new C40-8's 6040-6037 lead northbound empty hopper train UFY-??? through Montgomery, PA with 102 hoppers for Clearfield, PA. Come June 1st, 1999, both of these units would become the property of CSX becoming 7495-7492.
A neat mix of power leads ENBU-1 northbound passing MP 234 on the Buffalo Line. SD40-2 6410 leads U23B 2718 and GP10 7566 on the Buffalo bound mixed freight. Conrail 6410 later became famous as CSX 8888, the unit that was involved in the runaway train drama thru Ohio on 5/15/2001.
A pair of SD-40-2s bracket an older SD-40 on a Buffalo bound coal train that is approaching the tower and diamond with the ex EL.
Fuel test unit (as noted by the star under the road number onside of cab) SD40-2 6432 and SD40 6266 pull 149 empty hoppers off the Antlers Industrial track thru CP River to head north to Clearfield, PA. Not seen in the shot are the two cabin cars at the rear.
CR SD40-2 6519 and SD40 6347 are on the point of an incredible 203 car coal drag UXL-45, at Koppers crossing near Nisbet, PA. Trains like this were common on the south end as it was all river grade and lightly powered trains could make track speed with ease..
Consecutively numbered SD50s 6821-6822 take 102 northbound empty hoppers UFY-??? passing the Fair siding just south of Watsontown, PA on 5/15/92. Units after the split became the property of Norfolk Southern and were renumbered 5469-5470. Both were retired upon termination of their leases and after a lengthy storage at RMDI in Pittston, PA, 5469 joined the NREX lease fleet and was last seen reposing in the deadline at Silvis, Illinois. The 5470 was sold to Progress Rail and sent to Patterson, GA where at last report still sits..
Still looking rather new, year old SD60's 6851-6849 pull ENBU-1T northbound at MP 234 north of Montgomery, PA on the Buffalo Line. The open area to the left of the train is that of the former Reading which paralleled the Ex. PRR to Saegers, PA where the Reading broke away and crossed the Susquehanna River toward Muncy. 6851 would later become CSX 8715 while the 6849 toils for NS today as 6706.
An Eastbound is at the junction in Lock Haven. The tower still has the old PC name plate on it and the old station is in the distance.
Still in PC black paint, Conrail GP38's 7855-7826 pass thru CP River at Nisbet, PA with train XCL-7, empty hoppers headed to Clearfield, PA. Units were living on borrowed time as they were later retired when their leases expired.
CR 8095, 8099, 8097, 8096 are on HPA-11 with 46 cars, on a foggy evening at Emporium, PA, 7/10/1995.
Conrail SW1200 9338 was hard at work shifting the Lonza Chemical factory within the confines of Newberry Yard, Williamsport, PA on 4/17/89. Unit was eventually retired after a long career on 5/30/95.
The switcher in the ex Pennsy yard at Olean. This yard was removed and a new one was built along the old EL in the town of Allegany.
9361 switches in the old yard in Olean. This yard would be removed, and a new one was built along the old EL line.
SW1500 9530 lugs 19 car southbound local WHNO-06 back to Northumberland, PA. Train is passing thru Watsontown, PA, junction of the Watsontown Secondary track that travels 11.5 miles east to the PP&L Strawberry Ridge Power Station. September 15, 1992.

The roundhouse at Northumberland slowly rots away.

Until the late 1960's it was the home for the PRR's Historic Steam Locomotive collection. It's since been demolished and the area has been reclaimed by vegetation.

NS 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6727, 6741, 6722 (ex CR 5593, 5617, 5584) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6727, 6741, 6722 (ex CR 5593, 5617, 5584) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6727, 6741, 6722 (ex CR 5593, 5617, 5584) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6727, 6741, 6722 (ex CR 5593, 5617, 5584) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738 (ex CR 5610) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 Nisbet, PA
NS 6738, 6726, 6718 (ex CR 5610, 5592, 5578) 6-27-10 South Williamsport, PA
PC GP38-2 8043 and CR U25B 2609 power UP48-b east at Milton, PA
PRR position light signal 273N in Dalmatia, PA.

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