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CR originally had so many branch lines, they radiated out like spider webs from many cities. These lines were often the ones that were sold off to regionals and short lines or abandoned over time. Some branches that remained were upgraded and given Secondary status.

CR 7601 Mendon, NY 2/14/1979

The Lima local is at Rochester Jct. The 2nd car has a wheel off the track and the guys are busy trying to get things fixed. The old station canopy and the LV MOW barn are visible.

CR 7601 Mendon, NY 2/14/1979

Another view of the Lima local at Rochester Jct. The 2nd car had a wheel off the track. The number boards on 7601 are getting pretty tough to read.

CR 7601 Mendon, NY 4/21/1979

The Lima local heads North across the Honeoye Creek trestle.

CR 7604 Mendon, NY 11/1978

I'm not sure of the date, but it looks like late fall. An RS-11 is in charge of the Lima local as it passes thru Rochester Jct. The train is on the old LV Rochester Branch and will cross over the old LV main to the Lima Branch. There is actually a 3 track yard hidden in all those weeds. 

CR 7604 Mendon, NY 11/1978

The Lima local is just South of Rochester Jct., at the Sibley Road crossing.

CR 8097 Rotterdam Jct., NY 2/86

SERJ-8 starts to cross over from track 2 to track 1 with cars for the Boston & Maine @ Rotterdam Jct., NY

CR 8138 on local at Bucyrus, OH

Conrail local train led by 8138 at Bucyrus, OH on June 25, 1996. This train is on one of the few remaining segments of the old NYC Eastern Branch, which goes north from Bucyrus to Spore to serve a limestone facility.

CR 8144 on WDFW-1 south of New Haven, IN

CR 8144 and fellow GP38-2 power local train WDFW-1 under the I-469 bridge south of New Haven, IN on the Decatur Secondary July 11, 1997. This line, part of the former GR&I(Grand Rapids & Indiana), runs from Adams on the Pennsy Ft. Wayne line down to Decatur, IN to service the large Central Soya plant down there(which is now owned by Bunge Corp).

CR 8261 in East Petersburg, PA. 12/28/92

GP38-2 8261 with local freight on the Lititz branch at Stevens St. (?) in East Petersburg, PA. on Dec. 28, 1992

CR 8721 At Manyunk, Philadelphia, PA, 2/85

CR 8721 working a local at Manayunk on the Venice Industrial Track.

CR 8975 Crosses East Delaware Ave in 1980

The local getting ready to cross Delaware Ave. Note the Mr. Donut on other side of Caboose.

CR 9015 at Marion Junction, N.J. October 14, 1980

Conrail (ex EL) SW-9 #9015 at Marion Junction, N.J. October 14, 1980.

CR 9257 at East Hartford, CT. in 11/1979. (1)

NW2 9257 and RS3m 9980 arriving in East Hartford, CT. in November, 1979. The train has just crossed the Connecticut River from Hartford and is diverting off the Manchester secondary main onto the yard lead.

CR 9257 East Hartford, CT 11/1979

NW2 9257 and Rs3m 9980 arriving at the west end of East Hartford yard in November, 1979.

CR 9577 Mendon, NY 4/28/1977

The Lima Local heads North across the trestle over Honeoye Creek.

CR 9595 Lansdale PA 9-16-1995

Conrail WPAB-10, the local run from Lansdale to Abrams, departs Lansdale, photo taken from the north end of the former Reading Company Freight House.

CR 9595 Upper Gwynedd PA 9-16-1995

Conrail WPAB-10, the local run from Lansdale to Abrams crosses over the old Sumneytown Pike Bridge in Upper Gwynedd PA.

CR 9972 in Manchester, CT. 6/1980

Forget the full-out PC markings, it's June of 1980 as the 9972 takes local freight over Risley's crossing on the Manchester secondary in Manchester, CT.

CR 9972 in Manchester, CT. in 8/1978.

RS-3m 9972 takes local tonnage to Manchester, CT. in Aug., 1978. The train is on the Manchester secondary at Risley's crossing.

CR 9985 in East Hartford, CT. on 6/4/81.

RS3m 9985 working as YNHA-3 approaching School St. crossing in East Hartford, CT. on June 4, 1981.

CR local freight FW13 at North Manchester, IN

Conrail local freight FW13 has come down the Michigan Branch from Warsaw, IN to North Manchester, IN and is swinging onto the Mexico Secondary, a remnant of an ex PRR line, to head to Mexico, IN in April 1976. This shot was taken in the vicinity of where the ex NYC/PRR diamond was located. An impatient northbound train waits in the distance on the Michigan Branch, anxious to get going to its destination of Elkhart yard. Paul Lutz photo with permission

DH 7407 Griegsville, NY 5/22/1979

The rear half of GV-2 is parked on the old DL&W at Griegsville after the middle of the train derailed the previous day. This branch saw regular D&H salt trains and occasional CR locals.

Ramblin' with WNHA-22 on 8/1/83. (14)

The 1696 has cleared Mather St. and continues shoving his train south.

WNHA-20 in East Hartford, CT. on 5/26/82.

Brakeman George Damaschi flags Park Ave. crossing for WNHA-20 heading north on the old NHRR Armory branch. I lived about 1/2 block away from this location (down Park Ave. to the right) from 1974 to 1997 and had a "speaking acqaintance" with the local crew. The large building in the background is the former NY&NERR roundhouse, "the last one standing" in Connecticut, at the time. Ironically, the thing caught fire and was totally destroyed about 3 days after we moved from Park Ave. to our present home. If you do a "Google" search of the satellite view, the footprint of the roundhouse is still visible.

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