E8 Technical Information

E8 Historical Photo Gallery (1976 - 1998)

E8 Survivors Photo Gallery (Post 1999)


Built- 1951-1952
Weight- 335,000lbs
Maximum Curvature Per Single Unit- 21°


Model- 12-567B


Horsepower- 2200
Maximum Continuous Tractive Effort- 25,000lbs
Minimum Continuous Speed- 27.5mph
No Dynamic Brake

Fuel Capacities

4020, 4021- 2400 gallons
4022- 1200 gallons

Air Brake Equipment

Brake Schedule- 24-RL


Gear Ratio- 22:55

Special Features

8 Channel Event Recorder Equipped
Cab Signal / LSL Equipped


CR # Previous # Builders # Build Date Other
4020 Amtrak 498 13102 1-1951 Ex Amtrak 315, ex PC 4309 nee PRR 5809A
4021 Amtrak 499 16780 10-1952 Ex Amtrak 317, ex PC 4311, nee PRR 5711A
4022 EL / ERIE 833 12231 3-1951  

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