PC Chestnut Hill timetable transition to ConRail 04-25-1976

PC Chestnut Hill timetable transition to ConRail 04-25-1976

Following Septa's Philadelphia commuter operations transition from PC-contracted operations to ConRail in April, 1976, the "Chestnut Hill to Philadelphia" timetable was revised for April 25, 1976 to replace "Penn Central" and the PC logo with the new "ConRail" logo, with lines above and below, and the "SEPTA" name below.

In addition, a color change from the PC dark blue to black lettering to the new CR blue was seen.

Unlike the RDG Division commuter timetables that did not show the transition to ConRail until May, 1976, the PC to ConRail revision was released the end of April.


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Alan Page
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