Will Anderson's Conrail Drawings

Will has allowed us to share his Conrail locomotive drawings with you.

For more of Will's work, make sure to visit his Train Art Site

CR 2050 and 2059, ex-PC ALCO C430

These Alco C430s came from the New York Central, by way of Penn Central.

CR 2474, ex-PC ALCO C424

2474 was an ex-PC, nee PRR Alco C424.

CR 5575 and 5654, Juniata Assembled EMD SD60is

These SD60Is were assembled by Conrail's Juniata diesel shop forces in Altoona from "kits" provided by EMD.

NS 5424 (CR 6743)

Former CR 6743 is seen in Enola, PA on 3/26/11.

RBMN 66003

Car is ex CR 66592/RDG.

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