MOW Boxcars

Class 937B

Former NYC cars

Class 947B

Former NYC cars

Class BR40L

Former RDG boxcars converted for MOW service.

Class X64

Former PC cars

CR 47002

CR 47002 is seen at Deepwater NJ on 9/16/07. Car is ex EL 162308/ERIE 62308, built 5-56.

CR 47002

A close up of CR 47002 shows how NS painted the gray right over the CR brown. Car is seen at Deepwater NJ on 9/16/07. Car is ex EL 162308 blt 1-61.

CR 47163

Car is ex RR 100.

CR 495082

495082 is on the Everett RR in Hollidaysburg, PA on 7/8/2007. You can see traces of the "PENNSYLVANIA" bleeding through under the CR reporting mark.

CR 495082

Car is ex PRR.

CR 56946

Car is ex EL 88100 and is seen here in early 2000. Car was painted by EL in 1-74 at Meadville, and received it's CR number at Hollidaysburg in 8-79.

CR 56960 - Class X29F

CR 56960 is seen in storage at Rose Yard in Altoona, PA on 2/3/00. Car is ex PC 252462/PRR 605666 and was originally built 6-30.

CR 60310

An ex Reading boxcar modified for MOW service seen at Deshler, OH in 2001. Car is ex RDG 109299.

CR MOW box-Collinwood-2007

Collinwood Yard (Cleveland, Ohio) in 2007. Number of this car is unknown. Coupled to CR plow 64565 and PC flat 62859.

EL 417030

EL 417030 sits at Altoona, PA on 5/18/2004, finishing out it's remaining useful years as a storage car.

NYC 60111 - Class X43B

Car is ex CR 60111/PRR 86130 and was built 3-51, rebuilt 1968.

NYC 60147 - Class 965B

Car is ex CR 60147/PC 155090/NYC 178215 and was built 10-50, rebuilt 1968.

RDG 106760 - RDG Class XMy

Car was built 10-48, rebuilt 3-71. Owned by the RCT&HS.

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