Surviving C32-8's

Conrail purchased all 10 of GE’s 3,200hp C32-8, placing them in series CR 6610-6619.  Conrail assigned the ten units to “Ballast Express” service in 1997.

CR 6617

CR 6617, soon to become CSXT 7478, is at Cumberland, MD on 10/6/99. Unit would later be picked up by NS as NS 8467.

CSXT 7477 (CR 6612)

Former CR C32-8 6612, now CSX 7477, brings up the trail position in Q166 at Huntington, MA. on Oct.16, 1999. I was happy to get this shot of the 6612 as it had always been one of my "fave" engines on the B&A, and this was the last time I saw it.

CSXT 7477 (CR 6612)

Former CR 6612 is 2nd out on an eastbound rolling into Cumberland, MD on 12/6/99. Unit would later be renumbered to NS 8462, and after retirement it would end up at RMDI in Pittston, PA.

NS 8546 (CR 6615)

Former CR 6615 is at Cumberland, MD on 7/17/99. Unit would later be renumbered to NS 8465.

NS 8547 (CR 6616)

NS 8547(ex CR 6616), a rare C32-8, is seen at the diesel pit in East Wayne yard at New Haven, IN back in August 1999. This unit was later renumbered NS 8462 before being retired. Jay Williams photo, Chris Howe collection

NS 8547 (CR 6616)

A rare C32-8 in Ballast Express paint is seen at Morrisville Yard in April 1999. This unit would later be renumbered to NS 8466 and later be sold to Brazil to be the last surviving C32-8.

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