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By Equipment Type

Browse galleries organized by equipment type. These are generally broken down by class. For more in depth technical information about Conrail Equipment, visit the Equipment Information Section.

Locomotives | Freight Cars | Cabooses | MOW | The OCS

Scenic and Action Galleries

These photo collections are organized by owner or collection. They include photos from Day 1 in 1976 through the end in 1999.

Conrail Scenic Photo Galleries



On Location With Conrail

Find photos by major CR locations, including browsable Google maps showing photo locations. These include galleries of the dramatic Horseshoe Curve area, the busy Chicago Line, the scenic Boston Line, many individual cities and other locations.

On Location With Conrail

Post 1999 Photos

We widen our focus just a bit to bring you photos of Conrail locomotives and cars working for new owners after being sold by CR or after the 1999 split.

Locomotives | Freight Cars | Cabooses | MOW Equipment | The OCS | Trailers

Special Topic Galleries

Find various topical content here. Includes photos of Conrail's Bicentennial schemes, visitors from other roads on the CR system and more.

Special Topic Galleries


Conrail Facilities

Find reference photos for various facilities, including signs, yards, towers, engine terminals and much more.

Conrail Facilities

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