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CR 6709 at LaPorte, IN 2-1991

Conrail SD50s led by No. 6709 team up to move a westbound freight past Judd Tower (JD) on the west side of LaPorte, IN, in February 1991. This tower used to govern the diamond with the C&O(ex Pere Marquette) line from New Buffalo, MI on its way down to La Crosse, IN and was gone by 1996. Today this location is known as CP463. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6729, CR 6011 at Berea, OH Summer 1997

SD50 6729 at C39-8 6011 are just about to pass Berea Tower on an overcast summer 1997 day pulling a general merchandise train. This train is eastbound on the Chicago Line through Cleveland.

CR 6734 SD50 Columbus 08-91

A northbound train on Conrail's West Virginia Secondary crosses the ex PRR and the C&O at Scioto tower in downtown Columbus, Ohio in August of 1991. The tower has been torn down.

CR 6746 at DAY Tower West Fairview, PA 1986

Conrail SD50 6746 is seen heading north into Enola Yard past DAY tower in 1986.

CR 6747 Leads an Empty Coal Train at Rockville, PA, 3/86

Heading west past Rockville Tower, SD50 6747 heads onto Rockville Bridge.

CR 6758 Berea, OH 5-1976

In this early Conrail view taken at BE tower in Berea, former Reading 5305 had yet to be patched out as CR 6758.

CR 6801 at Mifflin Tower Mifflin, PA 1986

Conrail SD50 6801 is seen leading a westbound train past Mifflin tower at Mifflin, PA in 1986. An eastbound is approaching on track 1 while a Sperry car sits in the hole.

CR 6808 Susquehanna, PA 8/17/1986

OIBU pauses at lonely SR Tower on the Southern Tier Line.

CR 7890 Huntingdon, PA 1992

Conrail GP38 7890 is seen running light westbound past HUNT tower in Huntingdon, PA in 1992.

CR 7923 at Hartsdale, IN 8-1992

Westbound Conrail local freight led by the 7923 on the former PRR Panhandle comes under Route 41 and passes Hartsdale Tower in August 1992. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8094 and CR 8116 at Rockville, PA 1981

A trio of GP38-2s, including CR 8094 and CR 8116 pass Rockville tower as they head north onto the Buffalo Line in 1981. Today, the tower is gone, as are the blue maintenance vehicles, the Geeps went to CSX, and railfanning here is a good way to get oneself cited for trespassing. Sad how times change...

CR 8114 at Porter, IN 9-1981

Conrail GP38-2 No. 8114 leads a westbound freight past Porter Tower, in September 1981. This was PO tower back in New York Central days. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 8235 at Mifflin, PA 1986

Conrail GP38-2 is seen pulling rare duty at Mifflin, PA in 1986, filling in for a F40PH that had failed on the eastbound Broadway Limited.

CR 9268 at Duncansville, PA in 1981

CR 9268 (ex-PC 8690) is seen passing WYE tower in Duncansville, PA, still wearing its coat of PC green paint in 1981. WYE was closed in 1982 when the New Portage Secondary was abandoned, and stood for about another year afterwards.

CR 9339 at Rose Yard, Altoona

CR 9339 (ex-PC 9020) is seen passing ROSE tower in Altoona as she switches cars in the yard in 1981.

CR 9621 rolls through CP Potts with a single covered hopper

A lone blue MP15DC brings a sole covered hopper through CP Potts at Pottsville, the home of the Yuengling Brewery.

CR A5464 PC Hi-rail truck Sterling, OH 01-1977

A Penn Central hi-rail truck has pulled up to a stop on the former Erie Lackawanna at RU tower in Sterling, Ohio. It's a sunny January 1977 day here, but darker days are the future of the ex EL through Sterling. Although the CSX ex B&O lines behind the tower are still there, everything else in this photo is gone today.

CREST tower Crestline, OH 04-12-2009

Conrail's "CREST" tower in Crestline, Ohio isn't looking too good these days in this view of CSX train Q365 with Soo Line power passing it on the Big 4 side. This location was where the PRR Ft Wayne Line crossed the NYC former "Big 4" line, all of which became Penn Central then Conrail. The former NYC side became CSX, the PRR became CSX with NS to the west and NS to the east, and shortline CF&E eventually entered the picture with operations on the ex PRR lines west of here.

Crest Tower Crestline, OH 9-26-1994

View of the boarded tower at Crestline, on September 26, 1994. PRR position light signal protects the crossing of the Ft. Wayne line with the former NYC (Big Four) Indianapolis line. Doug Davidson photo with permission

DAY Interlocking Tower West Fairview, PA 3-26-1980

DAY Interlocking Tower protected the Southern (Eastern) end of Enola Yard. This tower was demolished while in service from a derailment.

DAY tower West Fairview, PA 8/20/85.

South side of "DAY" tower in Enola on Aug. 20, 1985.

Easton Tower Easton, PA 12-17-1988

On a cold December day in 1988, the old Lehigh Valley Easton Tower appears to still oversee traffic coming through Easton and over the Delaware river from Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Easton Tower Easton, PA 12-17-1988

The sign still shows Railway Express Agency long after the Lehigh Valley had closed it's doors underneath Easton Tower in December, 1988.

Englewood Tower Englewood, IL 4-1979

Conrail's (former PRR) Englewood Tower and the remains of the late Englewood Union Station in April 1979. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Essay Tower South Amboy, NJ 7-10-1981

A duo of NJDOT E-8A's pass by Essay Tower in South Amboy, NJ in July, 1981.

The tower has a few more years until it's closure on 7-2-1986.

NJDOT 4267 is ICG rebuilt ex-PC 4251, as the original PC E-8A 4267 had been traded to ICG in September, 1978 and scrapped in 1981. The new NJDOT white paint scheme E-8A is unidentified.

Estry tower Van Wert, OH 7-1980

Estry tower in Van Wert, OH that guarded the diamond of the ex NYC Cincinnati Northern with the ex PRR Ft. Wayne line back in July 1980. This tower no longer exists. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection

Estry Tower, Van Wert, Ohio 10-14-1984

"Estry" Tower, Van Wert, Ohio, October 14, 1984. With the mainline traffic shifted away to the North, Single-tracking of the Fort Wayne has begun. At Estry Tower, the Cincinnati Northern diamond will stay as part of an industrial spur, while the tower will not. Collection of Eric Kretz.

Haley Tower Terre Haute, IN 4-25-1998

Haley Tower in Terre Haute, IN that guarded the diamond of the St. Louis mainline with the CSX ex C&EI line on April 25, 1998. This tower still exists and is preserved by the local historical society several hundred feet back from where it is in this picture. Chris Howe photo

Hick Tower East Chicago, IN 11-1992

Conrail's Hick Tower at East Chicago, IN, in November 1992. Conrail's Chicago Line is at right, while the old B&O bridge is at left. This tower still stands today but now only controls the drawbridge. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Hoboken Tower Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

Former CNJ Tower at Hoboken, stands behind EL U34CH 3371 as she readies for departure.

Hoboken tower Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

With the Hoboken tower behind, former EL U34CH 3366 (CR 4166) readies to pull out of Hoboken terminal in August, 1977. The busy CR-operations at Hoboken have all EL in sight, with Comet I cars stretching into the distance awaiting assignments out of the terminal.

Ivanhoe Tower Gary, IN 6-1992

View looking west on Conrail's Porter Branch (former Michigan Central)at the crossing with EJ&E at Ivanhoe Tower in June 1992. The train at the far right is on the IHB main to Gibson. Also take note of the NYC era tower sign as well.  Doug Davidson photo with permission

Jacks tower Mount Union, PA 8/19/1985

Jacks tower in Jacks Narrows on the old Pennsy Middle Div. near Mt. Union, PA.

LEMO Interlocking Tower

Still painted entirely PC green, LEMO Interlocking Tower controlled traffic coming across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg Station, the Ex-Cumberland Valley Line to Hagerstown, and the Port Road/Northern Central Branch. In 1988 the tower was removed from the site by the Lancaster Chapter of the NRHS and re-located to the Strasburg Railroad where it has been restored to its former Pennsy appearance.

Lima 'NS' Tower

Lima 'NS' Tower, 1987. Last open tower West of Pittsburgh on the PRR Fort Wayne Line, open until 1995. Armstrong Machine, last in Ohio, was active until its closure. Junction of Fort Wayne line with CSX (B&O) Toledo Subdivision and NS (NKP) Lima District. Photo collection of Eric Kretz.

Mifflin Interlocking Tower Mifflin, PA 6-25-1981

Mifflin Interlocking Tower. Seen here getting a new coat of paint courtesy of the CR B&B department.

Mifflin Interlocking Tower Mifflin, PA 6-25-1981

Mifflin Interlocking Tower. Seen here getting a new coat of paint courtesy of the CR B&B department.

MO Tower 6/8/97

The east side of MO Tower in Cresson, PA is seen here on 6/8/97.

MO Tower 6/8/97

The rear of MO Tower in Cresson, PA is seen here on 6/8/97.

MO Tower Cresson, PA 3-11-1995

CR 'MO' Tower in Cresson, PA on March 11th, 1995 as viewd from a passing train. Terry Nardell photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

MO Tower Cresson, PA 9-29-1994

MO Tower at Cresson, PA on September 29, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

MO tower demo Cresson, PA 12-7-1998

Probably the saddest thing I watched while living in Cresson was the demolition of MO tower on Dec 7th, 1998. Several good efforts were put forth to save it, but it was just too far gone to move. Very few people were there other than the demo team to record this event, but a local innkeeper spotted the old blocking device board and managed to have the crew pick it out and save it. I believe the train board went to the Railroaders Museum in Altoona earlier. Very few PRR towers remained around Conrail by this date, so it was indeed sad to lose historic MO.

MO tower demo Cresson, PA 12-7-1998

MO tower in Cresson is almost gone as Conrail 6123 passes the pile on Dec 7th, 1998, a sad end to a classic PRR tower.

Morris Tower Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977

With a CR mixed freight on track 2, Amtrak E-60 963 roars by on track 1 by Morris Tower at Morrisville on a bright March day in 1977.

Morris Tower Morrisville, PA 4-24-1977

CR ex-RDG GP35 3635 leads RDG GP35 3628 and a PC U-boat with a mixed freight past Morris Tower at Morrisville in April, 1977.

Morris Tower Morrisville, PA 4-6-1977

Amtrak silver and red GG-1 roars by former PRR Morris Tower on track 1 at Morrisville in April, 1977.

Morris Tower Morrisville, PA 8-25-14

In August, 2014, the former PRR Morris Tower at Morrisville, PA remains virtually unchanged from 1977-1979 when CR freight rolled regularly through Morrisville on the NEC.

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