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CR 3232 Ravenna, OH 03-31-83

Conrail train TV-22 passes RAVE tower in Ravenna, Ohio in March of 1983. GP-40 3232, the "Con ail" unit, is leading. The tower and PRR style signals are gone now, but this is still a busy crossover location on the Cleveland Line, and it is as far east as the Dearborn Div goes- it's the Pittsburgh Div from here east.

CR 3242 at DAY tower West Fairview, PA 1983

Conrail GP40 3242 (ex-PC 3242) is seen entering Enola Yard at DAY tower in West Fairview, PA in 1983.

CR 3292 at JACKS Tower Jacks Narrows, PA 1983

Conrail GP40-2 3292 is seen trailing on a westbound TV train at Jacks Tower in Jacks Narrows, PA in 1983.

CR 3312 at Jacks Narrows, PA 1981

Conrail GP40-2 3312 is seen leading a westbound train past JACKS tower in Jacks Narrows, between Mapleton and Mt. Union in 1981.

CR 3325 on MAIL3 Through Cresson PA, 5/86

GP40-2 3325 is doing what Conrail bought it to do, haul a high priority freight. Here it runs past MO tower in Cresson PA with three siblings. Don't miss the hoppers in the back coming off the Cresson Secondary in the background.

CR 3338 at Fort Wayne, IN 6-1988

Westbound Conrail local freight led by GP40-2 3338 is seen crossing the NS at Mike Tower in Ft. Wayne, IN in June 1988.

The signal bridge seen just behind the engines was torn down in the early 90's. This location used to be known as Wabash during the PRR and early PC days. It was renamed Mike by the PC in 1971 or 72. The tower was torn down in late 1988 and the entire interlocking was rebuilt around 1991. The diamond was removed and the mainline(which was single track by then) crossed the NS on a series of cross over switches. NS now controls this interlocking and uses it quite frequently for their Triple Crown trains entering or leaving its nearby facility.

Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 3649 Altoona, PA 7/2/1978

A coal train rolls by ALTO tower on a dreary day.

CR 3649 Sterling, Ohio 8-16-1977

A short eastbound train gets a look over from the op at RU tower in Sterling,Ohio in August 1977. The train is on the former Erie Lackawanna, the tower is ex EL, and that's the Chessie (future CSX) over to the right. All that remains today is the CSX main as the tower and the EL are long gone from here.

CR 3686 Oakland, PA 8/1978

Extra 3686 west passing "SR" tower in Oakland, PA. on the former ERIE Southern Tier line in Aug., 1978.

CR 4171 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-opeartions at Hoboken were very busy on August 5, 1977.  Beside the tower at Hoboken Terminal, ancient EL MU's are coming in and former EL U34CH 3371 (CR roster 4171) readies for departure.

CR 4362 Berea, OH 11-17-1977

One of those sweet early Conrail consists brings a Columbus to Collinwood van train past Berea tower. Even with the sun not being "just right" I had to shoot this FP7A/GP38/F7A set.

CR 4419, CR 4101 at Berea, OH 1997

CR 4119 and 4101 roll west on the Chicago Line past Berea Tower on a very overcast summer day in 1997. Not exclusively assigned to coal service yet, these locomotives could be found just about anywhere in their earlier days.

CR 5000 at Cresson, PA 1986

Conrail B36-7 5000 is trailing on a westbound TV train at Cresson, PA in 1986. The trio of B36s have just notched out and are doing their best to put an ALCo to shame.

CR 5005 and two sisters bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on 9/84.

I was equally as fond of the B36-7s on Conrail, as I was on Seaboard System. As a matter of fact, it was by testing four Conrail units, as well as four MP GP50s, that Seaboard made its decision to purchase the B36-7s. Three of the units bring a westbound Conrail intermodal train upgrade past MG Tower on Sept. 8, 1984.

CR 5045 at Port Tower in Newport, PA 1986

Conrail B36-7 5045 is seen with an westbound TV train as it passes Port Tower, just west of Newport, PA in 1986.

CR 5052 in Newport, PA. on 8/18/85.

B36-7 5052 leads a combined MAIL 9/11 past Port tower in Newport, PA. on Aug. 18, 1985.

CR 5080 Rochester, PA 5/14/1992

PXPI rounds the big curve and passes Rochester Tower before it enters Conway Yard. That lead unit was smoking like an Alco! CR did not generally let their engines get so filthy.

CR 5966 Binghamton, NY 3/17/1979

An Eastbound backs up past BD Tower as it heads down to work the yard. 5966 is an ex EL GP-7 that is working on "home" rails.

CR 6054 at Cresson, PA 1991

Brand-new Conrail C40-8W 6054 heads west past MO tower in Cresson while a helper set heads east on track 1 in 1991.

CR 6069 Cresson, PA 1-1-1982

Conrail SD45 6069 (ex-EL 3604) is seen passing MO tower in Cresson in 1982.

CR 6072 at Berea, OH 8-25-1991

A Conrail westbound manifest on the Chicago Line passing Berea Tower behind C40-8W No. 6072 and 6086 on Aug. 25, 1991. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6075 Clinton, OH 04-16-1976

Conrail is only a few weeks old, but the EL west of Akron has already lost many of it's trains. This eastbound CR freight has come from Chicago via the former Penn Central Ft Wayne Line, then up the CA&C out of Orrville, passing Warwick (a former PC tower) in Clinton on it's way north to regain EL rail at South St TBS. It's an all EL consist on PC rail, a nice catch considering how fast the heritage power was spread to every corner of the railroad. The tower still stands today as a CSX MofW base, but the line the train is on is gone, as is the EL power.

CR 6109 at Crestline, OH 1996

Conrail C40-8W 6109 leads a northbound (eastbound time table direction) loaded coal train through Crestline, OH sometime between Nov and Dec in 1996. This train is moving on Conrail's Indianapolis Line (ex-NYC mainline) after having just come through Galion, OH. It is crossing over the diamond which is Conrail's Fort Wayne Line (ex-PRR Phila-Chicago mainline). In the background is Crestline tower and behind it the connecting track between the 2 mainlines. At this time, the ex-PRR shops at Crestline were still standing, but were pretty much abandoned. The Indy Line is now CSX; the Fort Wayne line is now NS from Pittsburgh to the Crestline diamond. West of the diamond, the FW Line is now the Chicago Fort Wayne & Eastern (a regional railroad).

UPDATE:  This tower was torn down by CSX in January 2015 


CR 6114, 3631, 6384 and 6459 are on the point of a coal train at Bay Tower in Baltimore, 3/84

SD45-6114, GP35-3631 & SD40-2s-6384, 6459 are on the point of a S/B coal train. Its either a Morgantown (UMP) or Chalk Point (ULK) train. I never heard the symbol. Bay Tower is to the left of 6114. 2:30PM on 3/3/84 in East Baltimore, MD. These 80 car, 10,000 ton trains usually needed a helper to get through Baltimore.

CR 6174 Duncannon, PA 1981

Conrail SD45 6174 (ex-PC 6174, ex-PRR 6174) is trailing a pair of other units on an eastbound TV train approaching VIEW tower in 1981.

CR 6177 Marysville, PA 10-16-1977

An absolutely crap day weather wise, but I took this grab shot of an eastbound passing Banks tower in October 1977. A former PC/PRR SD45 is leading, but the 2nd unit is worth mentioning as it is one of the ex EL U33C's that was on the D&H prior to the Conrail merger. CR 6564 still carries it's Mars light package on the nose, a D&H addition.

CR 6195 at Mexico, MD

An eastbound coal drag slips past "M" Tower and onto the Cumberland Subdivision main.

CR 6211 Oakland, PA 6/17/1995

ML401 rolls out of the fog and by the old SR Tower.

CR 6230 MG Tower PA 1981

Conrail SD45 6230 is shoving on the rear of a westbound ballast train passing MG Tower in 1981.

CR 6241 Hornell, NY 3/22/1980

TV-77 leaves Hornell, NY with 6241 running long hood forward. CASS Tower is visible behind the signal.

CR 6261 & CR 6145 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 6261 & CR 6145 are seen leading a coal train EB passing ALTO Tower in Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 6348 at MO Tower in Cresson, PA 1984

Conrail SD40 6348 is seen shoving on the rear of an eastbound freight at MO tower in 1984.

CR 6361 at Cresson, PA 1991

Conrail SD40-2 6361 heads east towards MO tower in Cresson in 1991.

CR 6372 and 6394 Altoona, PA 1981

CR 6372 and CR 6394 are seen passing the venerable ALTO tower at Altoona, PA. A common sight in 1981, but now only on rare occasions can one re-create this shot.

CR 6378 at Cresson, PA 8-1995

Rear end helpers(6378, 6374) hold back an eastbound coal train coming off the Cresson Secondary and passing former MO Tower in August 1995. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6389 at Cresson, PA 1991

Conrail SD40-2 6389 is seen trailing on an eastbound helper set at MO tower in Cresson in 1991.

CR 6399 and JACKS Tower at Jacks Narrows, PA 1982

Conrail SD40-2 6399 is seen leading a westbound unit pipe train past JACKS tower in Jacks Narrows, PA in 1982.

CR 6443 and CR 6425 at MG Tower in 1981

Conrail SD40-2s 6443 and 6425 are seen passing MG tower with a westbound ballast train in 1981.

CR 6465 at AR tower in 1984

Conrail SD40-2 6465 is heading east past AR tower in Gallitzin, PA in 1984.

CR 6485 McKinley tower 06-81

A Conrail eastbound pounds the B&O diamond at McKinley tower in Canton, Ohio in June of 1981. Both the tower and the B&O at this location are gone.

CR 6486 at Hohman Ave Tower Hammond, IN 5-1982

On a cloudy May 1982 afternoon, an eastbound Conrail freight with SD40-2's 6486 and 6409 leading is about to pound the L&N (former Monon) diamond at Hohman Avenue Tower in Hammond, IN. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6505 at Marysville, PA. on 8/18/85.

CR 6505 leads OIPI past Banks tower on Aug. 18, 1985.

CR 6550 Warsaw, IN 5/1977

CR 6550, a U33C still in pure Penn Central paint leads a eastbound at Warsaw, IN back in May 1977. The tower that guards the diamond of the Marion Branch with the Pennsy main can be seen in the background and the connection track that ELFW/FWEL uses can be seen in the foreground. Photographer unknown, Chris Howe collection

CR 6630 Leads ENPI-2 past MO Tower, 5/86

A C36-7 leads the westbound ENPI-2 through MO interlocking in Cresson while another train sneaks up behind him, illustrating the traffic density on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6639 in Jacks Narrows, PA. on 8/19/85.

Eastbound extra 6639 passes Jacks tower in Jacks Narrows, just west of Mt. Union, PA. on Aug. 19, 1985.

CR 6656 Altoona, PA 7/2/1978

A pair of helpers return light to Altoona.

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