Conrail Facility Signs

Burns Harbor Yard sign Burns Harbor, IN October, 1998

Sign marking the entrance to the Conrail yard at Burns Harbor, IN in October 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Conway Yard sign 9/1/80

Conrail's sign proclaiming Conway as the "Busiest Push Button Yard In The United States", is seen in this Sept 1, 1980 view.

CR 6566 in Auburn, MA. on 4/16/88. (2)

For those with smaller monitors, here's a cropped and enlarged view of the sign seen in the preceding photo in Auburn, MA.

Enola Locomotive Shop sign Enola, PA 9-5-1983

This Enola shop sign on the side of the two track extension of the main shop building still shows one of the many electrics that used to be serviced inside. E-33's and E-44's have not been seen inside since early 1981.

Juniata Shops Sign Altoona, PA 1979

A 1979 view of the Juniata Locomotive Shops sign on a rainy day.

Juniata Shops sign Altoona, PA 8-14-1998

The CR Juniata Locomotive Shop sign is seen here on 8/14/98.

Lima Yard sign Lima, OH September, 1994

Sign for the Conrail yard office at Lima, OH circa 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Manville Yard last CR sign Manville, NJ 6-11-2012

Last sign from CR Yard at Manville NJ. Owner is looking to sell! I AM NOT THE OWNER but I can contact him if you're interested. Sign measures 4ft x 6ft. Located near Keyport, NJ

Rockport Yard sign Cleveland, Ohio Summer 1995

Pictured here is the sign for Conrail's Rockport Yard (back entrance). This sign was located at the west end of Rockport right at the RTA rapid transit Brookpark station parking lot. The west end lead tracks for Rockport Yard join the ex-NYC Chicago Line at what was CP 190 during the Conrail era (now called CP-MAX).

This picture was taken in the summer of 1995. The sign was removed shortly after the split and replaced with a new Norfolk Southern Rockport sign. NS now operates Rockport Yard and the Chicago Line between downtown Cleveland and CP-MAX, all the way to Chicago.

Scranton Diesel Shop sign 4-21-1977

CR NW-2 9213, ex-EL 406, receives service outside the Scranton Diesel shop in April, 1977.

Stanley yard sign Toledo, OH August, 1997

A Conrail sign marks the entrance to Stanley Yard at Toledo, OH in August 1997. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Willow Run yard, Ypsilanti, MI August, 1997

Sign at the entrance to Conrail's Willow Run Yard in Ypsilanti, MI in August 1997.

The graffiti on it is a reminder why you wouldn't want to be near here in the middle of the night. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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