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ex PRR PL signals at Dolton, IL 1

Pennsy position light signal on the former Panhandle route at Dolton, IL, in April 1990. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Hardin Ohio HBD records

When a train passes a detector, here is what it records on paper in the bungalow. At Hardin, Ohio (Indianapolis Line), the maintainer used to just throw them out on the ballast! I would retrieve about a month's worth at a time. The thermal paper would usually look burnt like this. Something different. Items collection of Eric Kretz.

Hardin Ohio HBD records

Another record from the Hardin Ohio HBD/DED. At 4:11 in the morning on January 8, 1993 something (likely TV55, TV5 or Mail-3) passed the detector at 67mph. With 148 axles, it was only the fourth train since midnight. No Defects! Collection of Eric Kretz

Hoboken Tower Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

Former CNJ Tower at Hoboken, stands behind EL U34CH 3371 as she readies for departure.

Hoboken tower Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

With the Hoboken tower behind, former EL U34CH 3366 (CR 4166) readies to pull out of Hoboken terminal in August, 1977. The busy CR-operations at Hoboken have all EL in sight, with Comet I cars stretching into the distance awaiting assignments out of the terminal.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (02)

What we've all been waiting for...the next opposing move, an SEBO7A shows up at 13:15, or so. The concrete coaling tower was part of the Chester helper terminal and still stands. Those massive concrete monoliths are easier to just leave alone than try to bring down, witness all that are still standing around the country.

Lane Closure Ahead on 3/27/82. (03)

SEBO7A splits the, now extinct, signals at mile 126.3 in Chester, MA. Sharp-eyed observers will note there are two different types. Love those old style flanger signs...

Meeting of the "MAC's" at Hinsdale, MA. on 10/9/97. (1)

The 4127 blows through CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. with ML482 at 07:40 on Oct. 9, 1997.

NS 6744 (CR 5621)

Former CR 5621 is seen leading 36A at Newark DE on 6/1/10.

NS 8435 (CR 6257)

Former CR 6257 is seen on 30A at Newark DE on 7/5/11.

Old Conrail Interlocking, Maple Grove, Ohio

A few Pictures from the old Conrail Carrothers Secondary, at Maple Grove, Ohio. This is the old PRR line from Toledo Junction to Toledo crossing the NS (ex-NKP) Fostoria District. The old Conrail line is now operated by the Northern Ohio and Western railroad. This is the interlocing bungalow with a very weathered Conrail sign on it. Photo by Eric Kretz.

Old Conrail Interlocking, Maple Grove, Ohio

Sothbound signal at the Maple Grove interlocking. Notice there is only "Stop" and "Restricting", as the NO&W is a non-signalled railroad. I'm not sure when the signals were deactivated on the line (around 1983, I think), but there are a number of old Position Lights turned away still standing, rusting away. The NS line which crosses sees about 40 trains a day, here just East of Fostoria. Photo by Eric Kretz.

PRR pedestal signal at Huntingdon, PA

This unique position light dwarf signal protects the Conrail mains at Huntingdon, PA in May 1996. Doug Davidson photo with permission

PRR signal at Calumet City, IL

Former PRR position light signal serves as the eastward absolute signal on Conrail's SC&S at Calumet Park Interlocking, in September 1992. Doug Davidson photo with permission

PRR signals at CP 21 looking south

PRR home signal and dwarf signal for the siding at CP 21, the south end of Leesburg siding on the Marion Branch just south of Leesburg, IN on March 20, 2010. These signals are soon to be replaced as NS is working its way north this year replacing all the old PRR PL signals.

PRR signals at CP21 looking north

PRR home signal at CP 21 Leesburg siding on the Marion Branch for northbounds. This signal doesn't have long to live as NS is working its way north replacing all the old PRR PL signals on the Branch this year.

Semaphore 308.2 in West Rathbone, NY on 5/6/93. (1)

Semaphore 308.2 displaying a "caution" indication due to track equipment occupying the next block at West Rathbone, NY.

Semaphore 308.2 in West Rathbone, NY on 5/6/93. (2)

Semaphore 308.2 on the eastward main at West Rathbone, NY. ConRail was busily single-tracking the former ERIE route east of here at the time.

Semaphore signals at Brighton Park, IL

In this photo from November 1987, here are the Brighton Park semaphores governing Conrail's former Panhandle line (upper left); CSX's Blue Island Sub (upper right) and ICG's former GM&O mains (lower left). Brighton Park was considered a non-interlocked railroad crossing at grade(the largest such crossing in the country) and it was manned by a Conrail switchtender. This switchtender job went to NS after the merger and it was an NS man who closed the switch shanty for good when the crossing was automated back around 2007 or 2008. Doug Davidson photo with permission

Signal 129.91 in Becket, MA. on 8/25/84.

Rule 291 automatic block signal in Becket, MA. Appears to be showing a Y/Y aspect. It and it's brethren were victims of the single-tracking of the B&A in the late '80's. Sad.....wish I had taken more photos of them..... This location is actually about 3/4 mile east of Bancroft, but still in the town of Becket.

Union City, OH 5-27-99

This is an overview shot of the layout of Union City, OH. This is looking west toward the IN/OH state line. The tower in the distance is ex NYC and controlled the diamond with the ex PRR Pan Handle mainline, which is now abandoned. This is now CP198 on the old NYC Big Four mainline. Shot taken May 27, 1999

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