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CR 3262 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

CR3262 leads NHSE-X through the Hinsdale crossovers on July 23, 1983.

CR 3287 in Washington, MA. on 5/7/83.

GP40-2 3287 leads TV9 past the signal bridge at MP 138 in Washington, MA. on the morning of May 7, 1983.

CR 3312 Altoona, PA 1981

CR GP40-2 3312 is trailing on an eastbound TV train about to round Bennington Curve in 1981.

CR 3339 in Huntington, MA. on 1/30/82.

A very soiled 3339 leads SEBO-A across the east branch of the Westfield River in Huntington, MA. on Jan. 30, 1982. That's the west branch, which the railroad follows up to North Becket, coming in at left.

CR 3343 at Cresson, PA

Conrail GP40-2 3343 is seen leading a westbound TV train at Cresson, PA in 1992.

CR 3367 and CR 3326 at CP-MG PA 1981

Conrail GP40-2s 3367 and 3326 are assisting an eastbound TV train through CP-MG in 1981. The quartet of GP40-2s and the old Trailvan make this a classic Conrail shot.

CR 3645 Bancroft, MA 10/15/82

NHSE brings the first half of his train through Bancroft, MA. on Oct. 15, 1982. The train had stalled just west of MP 129, as many westbounds have done in the past, and since helper service on Washington hill had been discontinued a few months earlier, he had to double the hill. I got photos of him returning for his second half, but the weather had turned "less than ideal", so I didn't want to use up server space on "less than ideal" photos.

CR 3649 Altoona, PA 7/2/1978

A coal train rolls by ALTO tower on a dreary day.

CR 4124 at Hinsdale, MA. on 2/12/99.

CR 4124 blows through CP 140 in the Hinsdale flats with SEFR on Feb. 12, 1999.

CR 4154 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-operated former EL U34CH's 3354 (CR 4154) and 3361 (CR 4161) are part of a trio preparing to depart Hoboken in August, 1977.

CR 4154 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-operated former EL U34CH's 3372 (CR 4172) and 3354 (CR 4154) prepare to depart Hoboken Terminal in August, 1977.

CR 4167 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-operated former EL U34CH's 3367 (CR 4167) and 3354 (CR 4154) ready for departure from Hoboken terminal in August, 1977.

CR 4170 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-operated former EL U34CH's 3370 (CR 4170) and 3354 (CR 4154) prepare to depart Hoboken Terminal in August, 1977.

CR 4171 Hoboken, NJ 8-5-1977

CR-opeartions at Hoboken were very busy on August 5, 1977.  Beside the tower at Hoboken Terminal, ancient EL MU's are coming in and former EL U34CH 3371 (CR roster 4171) readies for departure.

CR 4372 King of Prussia, PA 6-8-1979

Former RDG FP-7A 902 (CR 4372), repainted in SEPTA colors, leads a five coach push-pull through Abrams in June, 1979.

CR 4456 Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977 (2)

A pair of E-44's, led by CR blue 4456, pulls through Morrisville on the NEC in March, 1977.

CR 4894 Morrisville, PA 3-26-1977

CR 4894 is the last in a quartet of GG1’s pulling away on the Northeast Corridor at Morrisville in March, 1977.

CR 5045 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/10/84.

B36-7 5045 leads TV14X in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 10, 1984. The train was being held at the Hinsdale crossovers for an opposing eastbound train. The B36-7's were used frequently on TOFC/COFC trains on the B&A for a short time right after delivery, but like other high horsepower 4 axles proved inadequate for the grades.

CR 5059 Croton Falls, NY 6/6/80

CR 5059 brings a northbound into Croton Falls, NY. on June 6, 1980. After a nearly 20 year wait, the "Last F unit" became the property of the Railroad Museum of New Egland in April, 2003. The unit is in "cold starage" awaiting restoration back to it's origional glory as New Haven 2059. Fortunately, it was also one of the few FL-9's NOT overly modified by M-N, still retaining it's steam gen.

CR 5381 Elizabethport, NJ 7-10-1977

Former CNJ RS-3's 1552 (CR 5381) and 1543 (CR 5373) work the yard at Elizabethport, NJ in July, 1977.

CR 5518 & 6124 at Wilmore PA 2/8/98

CR 5518 & 6124 are seen on a EB at Wilmore PA on 2/8/98. Note how the CONRAIL and QUALITY on the nose of the 5518 are spread.

CR 5528 at Hinsdale, MA. on 6/26/93.

SD60M 5528 leads SEBO through CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 05:52 on June 26, 1993.

CR 5619 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 5619, 6629 & 6519 are seen on a EB pig train at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 5644 at South Chicago, IL 4-1980

An eastbound Conrail transfer behind a pair of GP7s, including 5644, is bound for Colehour Yard on the former PRR, just east of the Calumet River lift bridge at South Chicago, in April 1980. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 5654 in Hinsdale, MA. on 8/17/96.

SD60I 5654 leads TV10B through CP 140 in the Hinsdale flats, MA. at 07:51 on Aug. 17, 1996.

CR 5806 King of Prussia, PA 2-12-1977

RDG 622 (CR 5806) is sandwiched between two sister GP-7's as they work Abrams yard in February, 1977.

CR 5806 King of Prussia, PA 2-12-1977

RDG 622 takes a rest from yard duty under the signal bridge at Abrams in February, 1977.

CR 5806 King of Prussia, PA 2-12-1977

RDG 622 (CR 5806) pauses under the signal bridge along with two sister GP-7's at Abrams in February, 1977.

CR 5835 King of Prussia, PA 2-12-1977

CR GP30 2219 leads a mixed freight past RDG GP7 633 (CR 5835) at Abrams in February, 1977.

CR 6037 at Duncannon, PA. on 12/2/8/92.

C40-8 6037 with an eastbound pig train at CP Cannon in Duncannon, PA. on Dec. 28, 1992.

CR 6039 & 6637 at Cresson, PA 3/14/98

CR 6039 & 6637 are seen on a WB at Cresson, PA on 3/14/98.

CR 6090 along the Tier on 5/7/93. (6)

UNC210 passing the semaphore in Cameron, NY. on May 7, 1993.

CR 6119 east SV 20 Coles 09241994

SV 20 rolls 76 platforms toward a medium clear at CP COLES, where it will come off track 2 and onto single track as it departs the Binghamton area. It will be on single track to CP SR, near Oakland PA, where the line goes back to double track for the climb across Starrucca Viaduct and over Gulf Summit.

CR 6155 in Hinsdale, MA. on 6/26/93. (2)

TV10B enters the block at CP 140 and sets off the signals, one of which is visible through the windshield of the 6155.

CR 6164 Tunnelhill, PA 1-1-1979

Conrail SD45 6164 (ex-PC 6164, nee-PRR 6164) is shoving hard on the rear of a westbound empty coal train at Tunnelhill, PA in 1979. The caboose appears to be CR 21237, which would be a class N21, one of a group of 113 cars built by Fruit Growers Express in 1978 at their Alexandria, VA plant.

CR 6170 in Hinsdale, MA. on 8/20/93.

Minus a ditchlight (he's still legal), CR 6170 looms through the gloom at CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 06:26 on Aug. 20, 1993 with TV10.

CR 6216 west Syracuse 08011997

A westbound stack train passes a set of distinctively NYC signals, seen behind the second container, as it passes through CP 293, where the Fulton Secondary diverges, and the NYSW connects from the former DLW Syracuse Branch. The view is from the Willis Av bridge, and gives a panoramic view of the Syracuse skyline, such as it is.

CR 6223 on TV-20 at Swains, NY 5/27/94

TV 20 passes the home signal at CP Swain as it heads for Hornell with 45 platforms and 33 COFC. This was a new 12,800 foot siding installed when the line was single tracked a couple years prior, allowing stack trains to meet. Conrail tended to run long stack trains, sometimes over two miles. This was quite an undertaking in the days before DPU's, though the crews managed to get over the road, including several good climbs, without incident.

CR 6230 Altoona, PA 1981

Conrail SD45 6230 (ex-PC 6230, nee-PRR 6230) is helping to control a westbound train under the signal bridge at Kitanning Point, just east of Horseshoe Curve in 1981. The SD45s are gone, and soon the signal bridge will fall, to be replaced by sterile, soul-less modern models.

CR 6240 west UNE 06291995

A somewhat faded CR 6240 leads a UNE empty coal train west past the semaphore at MP 251 approaching Waverly.

CR 6240 west UNE Barton 06291995

A 91 car UNE empty coal train(don't know why it was not an XWB, or something similar. For some reason, empty trains were carrying UN- symbols at the time) behind CR 6240/5609 rolls wrong main past the semaphore at MP 247 near Barton.

CR 6261 & CR 6145 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 6261 & CR 6145 are seen leading a coal train EB passing ALTO Tower in Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 6268 and CR 6523 Altoona, PA 1981

Conrail SD40 6268 and SD40-2 6523 are leading an eastbound mixed freight at CP-Works in Altoona, PA in 1981.

CR 6279 Altoona, PA 1981

SD40 6279 is seen shoving hard on the rear of a westbound hopper train at Bennington Curve back in 1981.

CR 6319 PC 6066 Orrville, OH 11-16-1976

An eastbound Conrail train passes under a classic PRR signal bridge on the outskirts of Orrville, Ohio in November 1976. The SD40/GP40/U25B/GP7 consist has yet to be renumbered PC 6066 in the lead. It would become CR 6319 as Erie Lackawanna SD45 3601 would be assigned #6066 on Conrail....sometimes you needed a scorecard in those days!

CR 6354 Gallitzin, PA 1981

Conrail SD40 6354 (ex-PC 6101, nee-PRR 6101) is seen at CP-UN at Gallitzin, PA with a westbound TV train in 1981.

CR 6355 Rochester, NY 4/8/1977

A friendly wave from the engineer on an Eastbound passing under the signal bridge at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6372 and 6394 Altoona, PA 1981

CR 6372 and CR 6394 are seen at CP-Works in Altoona, PA in 1981. In the background is the Union Tank Car facility that occupies the former PRR passenger car shops.

CR 6378 at Hinsdale, MA. on 9/22/84.

SEPW-X hammers the turnout for the team track in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 22, 1984.

CR 6410 in Pittsfield, MA. on 2/26/83.

CR 6410 arriving with BOEL at North Adams Jct. in Pittsfield, MA. at 10:53. If the clearances beneath the Junction Rd. overhead look a little tight, they were. ConRail eventually undercut the tracks here by a couple of feet a few years later along with raising a number of small overhead bridges by the same amount.

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