Hollidaysburg Car Shops

Opened by the PRR in 1956 as the Sam Rea shops, the Hollidaysburg Car Shop was the largest car repair facility on Conrail, capable of performing any repair imaginable, as well as constructing new freight cars from the frame up. Over the years, Hollidaysburg churned out thousands of new and rebuilt cars for Conrail, including G52L, R, and X coalporters, G52M, N, P, and Q gondolas, G52U CoilSHIELD coil cars, and B62D auto boxcars, just to name a few noteworthy classes.

Conrail class G52R coalporter 505570 is seen just outside her birthplace at Hollidaysburg, PA in 1992. Car was rebuilt from class H43A hopper CR 474171 (formerly PC 474171/PRR 225205).
CR 58809 along with many other pieces of rolling stock are seen at Hollidaysburg PA on 7/27/97. Note the CR 58809 is loaded with side sheets for the G52X coalporters that were being built at HCS during this time. CR 58809 is ex PRR 469617.
This Conrail SW1200, No. 9340, was one of two units assigned to switch the system car shops at Holidaysburg, PA on October 3, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A view of CR's Holldaysburg PA Car Shops on 7/27/97 shows many 3 bay hoppers being stored.
Conrail car shops yard at Holidaysburg, PA on Oct. 3, 1994. The blue switcher closest to the camera is CR 9340, the second switcher in the background is the other unit specially assigned to switch the car shop yard. Doug Davidson photo with permission
A 1981 shot of the Hollidaysburg Car Shops
A 1991 shot of stripped-down hopper cars in Hollidaysburg, destined for the G52L rebuild program.
CR truck E4314X is parked outside of the Jones Street yard office in this overall view on 2/8/1998. Note the freshly painted hi-cubes.
What's left of triple hopper PC 483247 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA in 1992. Soon it will be reborn as a class G52R coalporter.
Overall view of the multitudes of stored equipment in the yard, even a CR-owned autorack. Conrail sure offered quite a lot of variety!

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