Conrail Engine Terminals - Page 4

Of the many engine terminals throughout the Conrail system, this gallery includes facilities at Abrams, Ashtabula, Bethlehem, Bison yard, Brier Hill, Collinwood, Conway, Cresson, Croxton, Edgemoor, Enola, Frontier yard, Greenwich yard, Hartford, Johnstown, Lebanon, Lewistown, Morrisville, Olean, Orangeville yard, Pavonia, Rochester, Sayre, Selkirk, South Amboy, Wilmington, and Youngstown.

Frontier Yard, Buffalo, NY 8/1977

A view looking into the engine service tracks at Frontier Yard.

PC 481944 - Class H43D

Where Alco RS-11's, ex-RDG GP39-2's and SW-8's gathered 10 years prior, all that remains by the steam-era coaling tower are damaged PC H43D hopper 481944, and other assorted freight cars.

Sayre Station Area Sayre, PA 2/12/1978

A view of the engine service area and station at Sayre.

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