Conrail Facilities

Conrail had hundreds of facilities spread across its system. These facilities ranged from the sprawling Selkirk, Enola and Elkhart yards to isolated towers along the Pittsburgh line.

Conrail Engine Terminals

Of the many engine terminals throughout the Conrail system, this gallery includes facilities at Abrams, Ashtabula, Bethlehem, Bison yard, Brier Hill, Collinwood, Conway, Cresson, Croxton, Edgemoor, Enola, Frontier yard, Greenwich yard, Hartford, Johnstown, Lebanon, Lewistown, Morrisville, Olean, Orangeville yard, Pavonia, Rochester, Sayre, Selkirk, South Amboy, Wilmington, and Youngstown.

Hollidaysburg Car Shops

Opened by the PRR in 1956 as the Sam Rea shops, the Hollidaysburg Car Shop was the largest car repair facility on Conrail, capable of performing any repair imaginable, as well as constructing new freight cars from the frame up. Over the years, Hollidaysburg churned out thousands of new and rebuilt cars for Conrail, including G52L, R, and X coalporters, G52M, N, P, and Q gondolas, G52U CoilSHIELD coil cars, and B62D auto boxcars, just to name a few noteworthy classes.

Juniata Locomotive Shops

This gallery features photos in and around the Conrail Juniata shops, the railroads main locomotive repair facility. While operated by the PRR, it was once the largest locomotive shop in the world.

Locomotive Shops, Maintenance facilities

This gallery features photos in and around many of Conrail's locomotive shops and includes some of the smaller maintenance facilities. 

Lucknow Welding, Cropping and Dismantling Rail Mill

Lucknow yard was small in comparison to Conrail's major freight yards; it measured 4,500 feet long and only 500 feet wide. Located next to Conrail's Harrisburg yard and intermodal facility, it churned out ten to twelve 1,500-foot ribbons of continuous welded rail in an assembly line fashion a day.

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Some of the few remaining roundhouses within the Conrail system such as Bethlehem, Mingo Junction, and Northumberland are included in this gallery.

Yard offices

This gallery features photos of the many yard offices found at many of the predecessor road's yards throughout the Conrail system. 

Included are Abrams, Ashland Ave, Ashtabula, Colehour,  Conway,  Croxton, Enola, Morrisville, Portland, and Spring Street.

Yard Towers

This gallery features photos of the variety of yard towers found at many of the predecessor road's yards throughout the Conrail system. 

Included are Ashtabula, Colehour, Conway, DeWitt, Enola, Goodman St., Harrisburg, and Morrisville.


This gallery shows many of the Conrail system yards including Abrams, Allentown, Ashland Ave, Bayview, Binghamton, Brier Hill, Chrysler, Collinwood, Conway, Croxton, DeWitt, East Altoona, Edgemoor, Elizabethport, Enola, Frontier, Geddes Street, Goodman Street, Hollidaysburg, Hornell, Meadville, Midvale, Morrisville, Motor, Niagara, Orrville, Pavonia, Rose, Scranton, Selkirk, Spring Street, Stanley,  Stoney Creek, West Cressona, Willow Run, and Windsor Street.

Conrail Calumet River lift bridge

Top of the Conrail vertical lift bridge over the Calumet River in South Chicago, IL showing the massive machinery that helps lift the bridge for river traffic in November 1990. Doug Davidson photo with permission

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