Conrail Special and Oddball Paint Schemes

CR 1980, the "Keep It Moving with Conrail" unit, is seen with B&O 4429 in Chessie colors at Rutherford, PA on 5/18/1983.
"Keep it moving with ConRail" B23-7 1980 in SENH near the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on May 24, 1985.

Conrail B23-7 #1980 is NOT moving, as its soaks up the Sun's rays in Greenwich yard in Philadelphia, PA. 9/8/1985.

CR 21736, the "New England Div. White Safety Caboose" at Palmer, MA. on May 7, 1981. The 21736 was a regular on the B&A/New England Div. The slogan on the roof overhang reads "The Best SAFETY DEVICE is....YOU."
CR 21736, the "New England Div. white safety caboose" at Palmer, MA. on May 7, 1981. The only time I caught this thing at rest anywhere, and the sun angle HAD to be terrible! And a high-contrast subject, to boot! Slogan on the rear roof overhang reads "This is the end? No, the beginning".
Conrail E44 4430 passes by GG1 4921 at Harrisburg, PA in 1979. In the background is E33 4610.
With the front end freshly repainted black, CR GG-1 4828 follows lead-unit 4849 through Morrisville yard in April, 1977.

The Morrisville shops are still busy as the April sun goes down in April, 1977.

CR GG-1 4836 rests in a service line showing a partial black repainting.

CR 6288, sporting it's "United Way" decoration, leads a UXG train along with SD45-2 6665 through Altoona station on the evening of July 26, 1987.
CR 6288 leading a UXG train through Altoona station on July 26, 1987.
Former CNJ 3064/B&O 7485, one of the "United Way" units, is seen at Johnstown, PA on 3/7/1987.

The United Way SD40 (although the special paint isn't visible in this shot) lead the ALPI from Allentown to Pittsburgh around Bennington Curve.

SD40 6300, the "Savings Bond" unit in NHSE at Chester, MA. on Jan. 26, 1989.
SD40 6300, the "Savings Bond" unit, in NHSE at Chester, MA. on Jan. 26, 1989.
Conrail Savings Bond unit at Conway July 1989. Photo copyright Gordon Lloyd Jr. , R.A. Durfee collection.
CR 6373 on ENPI-W at CP Cannon in Duncannon, PA. on Dec. 28, 1992.
CR 6373 leads ENPI-W at CP Cannon in Duncannon, PA. on Dec. 28, 1992.

Fresh out of the Juniata Shops with a special paint job. Conrail SD40-2 6373 was one of two (the other being 6726) to wear this special paint scheme commemorating the USCF Olympic Trials & National Championships held in Altoona.

Many thanks belong to Kevin Gulau for allowing us to use this photo on


Before the can opener logo, there was the equal sign logo, but nobody quite got that one. Here's 1/2 a logo CR U36-C #6591, in the yard at Port Richmond, Phila., PA. 6/5/1978.

C30-7 6609* rolls through Bancroft on it's way back to Chester, MA. to get ready for the next "customer". The "star note" was working as one of the Washington hill pushers at the time. (Currency collectors will "get that one".)
CR SD45-2 6656 mis-labeled as an SDP45. According to the Kalmbach Diesel Rosters booklet, several SDP45's were also classed as either SD45's or SD45-2's.
CR SD45-2 6658 with a stencil on the sill showing it's former E-L number.
Another CR SD45-2, the 6662, with it's former E-L number stenciled on the sill.
Conrail painted a few locomotives in special schemes over the years, and a pair of them were eastbound on the Reading Line in 1992. SD50 6707 was painted with a giant yellow ribbon in support of the troops and 6726 was painted for an Olympic bike trial held in Altoona. Passing Wimpey Minerals at Millards near Annville, a one-of-a-kind consist brightened an otherwise dreary day. Don Kalkman photo with permission
The "We Support Our Troops" SD50 sits outside of the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant after shoving 76 loads of coal in. Conrail painted this unit during Operation: Desert Storm in Iraq.
A head-on view of the 6726, lettered for the "1992 USCF Olympic Road Trials", as it rests at West Brownsville, PA on 11/21/1993.
Specially painted 6726 leads ENEL up the grade on the Fort Wayne Line during a snow storm that fell on the Pittsburgh area on March 13, 1993
"Special Olympics" SD50 6726 in SEFR at Becket, MA. on May 22, 1993.
CR 6727 with an oddball paint scheme, note the small Conrail but the regular size quality on the nose, is on the point of SESA at Iona Island, NY on a dreary day in May of 1998.
CR GP38 7898 with yellow pilots for enhanced visibility operation in a high traffic area. It was assigned to the Bayway refinery in Linden, NJ. Shown at JLS in Altoona, PA in fresh paint on November 1st, 1993. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
Another view of GP38 7898 in fresh paint at JLS on November 1, 1993. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.
CR 9402 is seen in Phila Division paint at Stoney Creek Yard in Stoney Creek, PA in May of 1998.

Former PC 2237 GP-30 and CR 9591 SW1500 (ex-RDG 2752) work Abrams yard in March, 1977.

The paint crews had some fun with CR 9591 by repainting the trucks silver.  The trucks were black on February 19, 1977.


NS 5416 (ex CR 6727) 9-6-08 Marysville, PA. *Note the small CONRAIL on the short and long hood.
NS 5416 (ex CR 6727) 9-6-08 Marysville, PA. *Note the small CONRAIL on the short and long hood.

Conrail inherited some pretty interesting equipment from the predecessor roads, including this 50 ft "Share in Freedom" savings bond car off the Reading. There were 4 in this scheme, RDG 19805-19808. These would be as close to a Bicentennial paint scheme as any Reading equipment would get, strange for a road that served Philadelphia in a big way. Not the best shot in the world, but it would be the only time I had a chance to see one of these.


Car would become 231456 when finally renumbered.

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