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CR 3389 at Deerfield, MA. on 1/26/85. (5)

Bay window N7A 21649 on the rear of the EDME-X at West Deerfield, MA. on Jan. 26, 1985.

CR 4606 Monmouth Jct, NJ 11-10-1978

CR WWWA-0 (Waverly Yard, Newark, NJ-Washington (Pot yard)DC) a symbol that didn't last very long, at track speed on Amtrak's NorthEast Corridor @ Monmouth Jct., NJ

CR 5013 on a UP coal train south of Tuscola, IL

CR 5013, another CR EMD, and a DRGW SD40T-2 powers a southbound UP coal train south of Tuscola, IL on December 18, 1997. This train came from the Nipsco plant in Wheatfield, IN as it was a unit train of NORX cars.

CR 5047 on CSX in Elkridge MD, 9/94

A B36-7 leads runthrough train R409 to Potomac Yard on CSX rails, just west of Baltimore.

CR 5071 East Berwyn 01/06/1996

I started driving for JB Hunt in November 1995, a job that took me a lot of places. By that time, JB had become a big user of intermodal, and road drivers were, at that time, often called on to run rail freight to ramps. The network was still developing, and a lot of the runs were really OTR for the truck drivers, as we'd go several hundred miles to a ramp from the customer. In this case, I picked up a load from Dixie Cup in Bowling Green KY, taking it to BNSF at their Cicero ramp at Clyde Yard on the ex BN/CB&Q. The load was going to Portland. I had nothing planned on me, so I went out to Berwyn to wait on my next assignment, figuring I could watch the action while I waited for dispatch. It was a good show. While I was there, this 102 car eastbound showed up behind a solid set of CR power.

CR 5546 on CSX Q500 at Deshler, OH

CR 5546 and 6213 lead CSX train Q500 around the wye at Deshler, OH on September 26, 1997.

CR 5552 at North Branch MD 1/15/98.

CR 5552 & 6018 are seen leading a EB coal train on CSX rails at North Branch MD on 1/15/98.

CR 5565 at Cumberland MD 9/13/97

CR 5565, CSX 6947 & CSX 2260 are seen on CSX S414 at Cumberland MD on 9/13/97.

CR 5567 at Cumberland, MD 6/24/97

CR 5567, 6802 & CSXT 8077 are seen on a CSX coal train at Cumberland, MD on 6/24/97.

CR 5584 & 6077 at Cumberland, MD 11/20/98

CR 5584 & 6077 are seen on CSX rails at Cumberland, MD on 11/20/98.

CR 5591 at Woodbine, IA

UP SD90MAC No. 8503 leads Conrail SD60I 5591 on an eastbound intermodal train rolling up the Boyer River valley near Woodbine, IA in October 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 5611 Versailles, PA 10/13/1997

A pair of run thru CR units lead a CSX G-165 grain train on the B&O at Versailles, PA.

CR 5628 with ELSF-A at Ancona, IL

A westbound BNSF train, Conrail ELSF-A, at Ancona, IL. This train turned onto the BNSF a few miles back at Streator, IL. Shot was taken back in March 1999

CR 5630 & 6054 at Cumberland, MD 9/28/98

CR 5630 & 6054 are seen leading a EB CSX coal train past Mexico Tower at the East end of CSX's Cumberland Yard in Cumberland, MD on 9/28/98.

CR 6009 Leads NS Train 151 at Cumberland Falls, KY 10/89

C39-8 leads NS Train 151 in Kentucky, ten years behind blue units would belong to Norfolk Southern.

CR 6043 at Cumberland MD 7/21/97

CR 6043 & CSX 7902 are seen on CSX Q296 at Cumberland MD on 7/21/97.

CR 6081 at Baltimore, MD, 11/93

North Avenue, CSX Baltimore Terminal - Baltimore, Maryland, USA
November 10, 1993
C40-8W 6081 on CSX train Z413
After a brisk walk to a perch along the North Avenue bridge (looking over my shoulder the whole time), I was rewarded with a Conrail run-through over the once-electrified B&O Belt Line. I'd try this shot today, only with a platoon of Marines! Ah, Charm City.
Photo by Don Kalkman III

CR 6091 at Western Ave Chicago, IL

A westbound Conrail empty grain train led by C40-8W's 6091 and 6082 on the BNSF(ex BN, nee CBQ line) passes Western Avenue Station, in September 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6126 at Cumberland MD 11/3/97

CR 6216 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 11/3/97.

CR 6186 & 6150 on CSX G165 at Cumberland MD 2/3/98

CR 6186 & 6150 are seen leading CSX G165 east at Cumberland MD on 2/3/98.

CR 6195 at Mexico, MD

An eastbound coal drag slips past "M" Tower and onto the Cumberland Subdivision main.

CR 6247 at Berlin, CT. on 7/10/87. (1)

SENH southbound for New Haven/Cedar Hill at Berlin, CT. on July 10, 1987.

CR 6260 and 5587 on CSX Q501 at Deshler, OH

Conrail 6260 and 5587 leads southbound CSX train Q501 at Deshler, OH on February 3, 1997

CR 6264 on BNSF at Edelstein, IL

Conrail 6264 and a EMD leads a westbound freight on the BNSF near Edelstein, IL at a spot called Houlihan's Curve on March 27, 1999. This train was CR ELSF before being interchanged to the BNSF at Streator, IL. Chris Howe photo

CR 6277 at Luzerne, IA

Conrail C40-8W 6277 is the trailing unit on a UP freight as it heads east on the old CNW mainline near Luzerne, IA in October 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6283 on CSX Q317-05 at Cumberland MD 3/5/98

CSX Q317-05 is seen at Cumberland MD on 3/5/98 with a colorful lashup the consists of: CR 6238, CR 6095, CSXT 2502, CSXT 9703, CR 6633 & CSXT 8972 still in SBD paint.

CR 6366 and 6024 Lead a Southern Freight On Burnside Bridge, Kentucky September 25, 1983

Southern Railroad Northbound action is powered by Conrail SD40-2 6366 and SD35 6024 and SOU SD40-2s 3326 & 3258 on Burnside Bridge, Kentucky September 25, 1983.

CR 6420 & 6519, with GP40 3200 on The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, at Bayview Tower on Chessie, 5/82

The Tropicana Juice Train, OJT-6, is getting under way on Chessie System rails at CS's BA Tower in Bay View Yard. But, it won't be going east on the Philly Sub. It will pull down to North Point and then back over the connection to the Northeast Corridor to continue its journey north. CR SD40-2s-6420 & 6519, with GP40-3200, are on the point. 2:45PM on 5/16/82 in East Baltimore, MD.

CR 6421 Leads CSX Z409 (Conrail SEPY) at Muirkirk MD, 2/93

The Chase MD wreck of 1987 changed Conrail's I95 corridor operations considerably, forcing most trains still using the Northeast Corridor to run at night and in limited windows. As a result, Conrail used trackage rights on CSX for through trains that used to run on the former PRR between Washington (Northern Virginia, really) and Philadelphia. Here CSX symbol Z409 with CR 6421/CR 6711/CR 6322/CSX 4261 pass the future site of the Muirkirk MARC station on 02/09/93.

CR 6424 at Cumberland, MD

Conrail SD40-2 6424 is seen leading a coal train on CSX at Cumberland, MD in 1992.

CR 6425 at Trevor, WI

Doug calls this "Conrail visits the Dairyland state". A northbound Wisconsin Central train behind run-through Conrail power led by SD40-2 No. 6425, at Trevor, in October 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6452 at Berlin, CT. on 7/10/87. (1)

WNWS-7, the "stone turn", heads south past the station in Berlin, CT. on July 10, 1987. This is a case of ConRail being the tenant and Amtrak, the landlord. Located on Amtrak's ex New Haven RR Springfield line, Berlin is the only station actually owned by Amtrak on that route and was the photographer's "railfanning nursery" back in the 1950's.

CR 6452 at Berlin, CT. on 7/10/87. (2)

N10 van 24023 on the rear of WNWS-7 at Berlin, CT. on July 10, 1987.

CR 6456 at Berlin, CT. on 7/10/87.

SENH through Berlin, CT. on July 10, 1987 with the 6456 in the trail.

CR 6457 at South Chicago, IL

A Conrail crew has brought a train led by SD40-2 6457 into BRC's Commercial Avenue Yard and a pair of BRC Alco C424s, including the 605, wait to forward the train to Clearing Yard in April 1992. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 6458 Monongahela RR 1991

SD40-2 6458 leads a coal train on double track on the Monongahela Railroad in 1991

CR 6490 Port Vue, PA 10/13/1997

CR 6490 & LMS 736 lead CSX train Q-216 thru CP SINNS on the old P&LE.

CR 6504 Jackson Station, MD 3/90

The Tropicana Orange Juice train northbound on CSX @ Jackson (Aiken), MD

CR 6571 at Elkridge MD on CSX, 6/91

Conrail C30-7a 6571 leads a run-through train to Potomac Yard, symboled Z413 on CSX, through Elkridge MD, on just west of Baltimore.

CR 6571 at Mishawaka, IN

CR C30-7A 6571 is the trailing unit on GTW train 464 at Mishawaka, IN on February 15, 1996

CR 6573 Leads SEPY Through Elkridge MD on CSX, 4/89

A trio of GEs heads south through Elkridge MD on its way to Potomac Yard in Alexandria VA. This train travels on CSX's rails south of Philadelphia to avoid the Northeast Corridor. The Tropicana cars on the head end are being taken south to be loaded and made back into the northbound Juice train.

CR 6578 Leads SEPY on CSX Out of Baltimore, 6/89

A C30-7a leads a westbound (geographically southbound) SEPY (Selkirk - Potomac Yard) under Washington Boulevard, just west of Baltimore on CSX. The tail end is passing under the CPLs of HX Interlocking in Halethorpe. This train may look like the southbound juice train, but that's because it usually carried a number of empty cars back south for more OJ.

CR 6579 Leads SEPY Through Elkridge MD on CSX, 10/89

Originating in Selkirk (SE), SEPY often had GEs on it, along with empty tropicana cars. Here it is passing through the unused station in Elkridge MD on CSX as their train B417.

CR 6580 C30-7A Akron 10-94

The last thing I expected to see on EMD pure Wheeling and Lake Erie was a big Conrail GE, especially on the former AC&Y lines. In October 1994 Conrail C30-7A 6580 lead an eastbound into Brittain yard in Akron, Ohio, passing some other WE power waiting in the clear. The W&LE is only 4 years old at this point, so none of the power is wearing the company colors yet. I'm standing right at the edge of the turntable. CR 6580 would become NS 8098, but only work a short time for it's new owner.

CR 6591 at White Marsh MD, 6/90

C30-7A 6591 on PYSE/CSX Z410-24
Conrail's PYSE runs on CSX trackage rights to avoid Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, running eastward on the B&O approaching Mohrs Lane. That lead unit now toils on in Estonia.

CR 6604 at Windsor, CT. on 10/29/88.

C30-7 6604 breezes past the recently rebuilt station in Windsor, CT. with SENH at 07:39 on Oct. 29, 1988. Later on in the day a celebration for the re-opening of the station was held, complete with speeches by local dignataries, a banner-breaking by one of the Amtrak shuttle trains, you know, the whole schmear. C30-7's were regularly assigned to the SENH/NHSE turns at this point in time.

CR 6619 Leads SEPY Across the Thomas Viaduct on CSX, 2/88

Here C32-8 6619 and three EMDs lead the southbound (westbound) SEPY on CSX's 1833 vintage Thomas Viaduct. This train is lacking the signature empty Tropicana Cars that usually feature heavily in photos of it.

CR 6630 Clarksville, PA 2/90

Extra CR 6630 South gets underway after meeting Work Extra MGA 2004 North @ Clarksville, PA

CR 6638 Besco, PA 2/90

Extra CR 6638 South.... C30-7a 6638 and SD50 6768 power a Somerset Railway MTY south on the Monongahela Railroad @ Besco, Pa 2/18/90

CR 6639 GE C36-7 Handcock 05-95

Although it looks like a post split scene, it's 1995 in this shot of a pair of Conrail C36-7's passing HO tower in Handcock, Maryland on CSX train R343. While this is still a mainline for CSX, the tower is gone as are the C36-7's.....not to mention Conrail itself.

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