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B&M 337, ex CR 3258, leads westbound POPY (Portland, ME.-Potomac Yard), aka "Popeye", at West Deerfield, MA. on June 15, 1985.
BM 191, former CR U33B 2919, and GP40 3244 wait near Montague interlocking in Montague, MA. for an MERU on June 23, 1984. The two ex Cons will hitch on to the MERU's headend as helpers.
B&M 191, ex CR 2919, in the trail position in MERU at the big curve in Montague, MA. on June 2, 1985.
U33B 192, ex CR 2925, leads a Mt. Tom coal train, symboled as SP-1, southward on the Conn River line at Deerfield interlocking on Aug. 3, 1984.
B&M 192, ex CR 2925, in BASE at Montague station on April 28, 1984. The 192 later went to the Lackawanna Valley as their #903, then to the RBM&N as their 3303. Sold to A. A. Merrilees/Canada, it was leased to a Quebec short line and finally scrapped in 2003.
B&M 320, ex CR 3227, in POPY at East Deerfield on March 3, 1984.
Ex Con 3229/BM321 in MERU at East Deerfield yard on April 7, 1984.
Ex CR 3229, BM 321, in SAED at East Deerfield, MA. on May 26, 1984.
A light engine move at East Deerfield yard on March 31, 1984 contains two consecutively numbered ex ConRail GP40's, the 3234/BM324 and 3235/BM325.
Ex CR GP40 3244 in MELA near Miller's Falls on March 3, 1984. The 3244 would become BM 335.
CR GP40 3235 still wears it's "white-line" after going to B&M/Guilford. It is in train MERU at Greenfield, MA. on Feb. 18, 1984. It will be renumbered BM 325.
"White-lined" ex CR 3235 in B&M train MERU at Greenfield, MA. on Feb. 18, 1984. The 3235 would become BM 325.
B&M 327, ex CR GP40 3139, second out in MERU rounding the big curve in Montague, MA. on Feb. 25, 1984.
BM 330, ex CR 3247, in SEPO at East Deerfield East on March 17, 1984.
B&M 332, ex CR 3253, in SEPO at Montague, MA. on March 3, 1984.
Ex ConRail GP40 3254/BM 333 leads a mixed bag of power for B&M train BASE at East Deerfield, MA. on Aug. 3, 1984.
Ex CR GP40 3249/BM 336 is second out on SEPO at Montague station in Montague, MA. on Sept. 1, 1984. Trailing is MEC 290, a former D&H U23-B which recieved a one-of-a-kind paint job of solid gray, earning it the nickname of "the gray ghost".
Ex CR GP40 3258 gets "shoved around" at East Deerfield West on Feb. 18, 1984 by the west end switcher, "class unit" SW-9 1220, still wearing it's "classic" maroon and gold B&M livery. The 3258 would be renumbered to B&M 337.
A westbound BNSF train led by new SD70MAC 9986 and CR 6640 has come off of Conrail and is seen on Amtrak's Lumber Street Wye, about to enter the BNSF at Union Avenue Interlocking Chicago, IL in December 1998. Doug Davidson photo with permission
ConRail TV13 heads north on the B&M Conn River line at Deerfield interlocking on Aug. 3, 1984. CR detoured several hot TOFC trains over the B&M due to a ballast train that wrecked at North Adams Jct. on the B&A.
ConRail TV13 northbound on the B&M Conn River line at Deerfield interlocking on Aug. 3, 1984.
ConRail TV9 "hangs a left turn" at Greenfield East Interlocking in Greenfield, MA., turning off the Conn River line and onto the Fitchburg/Hoosac tunnel route on Aug. 3, 1984.
ConRail TV9 turning off the B&M Conn River Line onto the Fitchburg route at Greenfield East in Greenfield, MA. on Aug. 3, 1984. The Conn River line heads straight, at right, for "the arch" beneath Main St. in Greenfield, while the Fitchburg curves away to the left. Greenfield station used to sit in the triangle where the two lines separate.
A container train in 1992 heads south across the James River Trestle in Lynchburg Virginia with predominantly unidentifiable Conrail Power.
WNBR-7 heads southward at Derby, CT. on Metro-North's Waterbury line on Oct. 12, 1981. This is on the southern end of the origional Naugatuck RR, although this particular section through Derby is actually a short stretch of the old New Haven & Derby which replaced the Naugatuck which had been built on the east side of the Naugatuck River.
The 1994 brought an SPPO (SPringfield, MA.-POrtland, ME.) up the Conn River line from Springfield on Oct. 16, 1982. He left the train on the Deerfield loop and is on his way to the "pit" to get another locomotive before continuing the trip.
Returning from the "pit", the 1994 has been turned and added B&M GP38 204, as they head back to the train on the loop.
A few days later, on Oct. 19, 1982, the 204 and CR 1994 are back at East Deerfield yard with a POSP. B&M GP18 1755 is the west end switcher this day.
This makes three trips to East Deerfield within a week for your "intrepid" (?) photographer. A POSP is seen here crossing the Connecticut River at East Deerfield East on Oct. 22, 1982, and....there's our "buddy", the 1994 again.
POSP got to the west end of East Deerfield yard faster than I did, so he's already past the "railfan's bridge" or "dry bridge" as the B&M boys refer to it, and is shoving his drop back into the yard.
POSP continues his shove back into the yard at East Deerfield West on Oct. 22, 1982.
Once they've finished with the drop, POSP's power heads for the "pit" to drop off two of the locomotives.
After dropping the two units, MEC 259 and CR 1994 return to their train for the remainder of the trip to Springfield. MAYBE...CR will have their "wanderer" returned, at last. As a bid for ecumenicalism, we have MEC and CR engines powering a B&M train on B&M tracks with.......wait for it..........a D&H caboose bringing up the markers.
CR N5B cabin 20040 on B&M train MERU at Greenfield, MA. on June 23, 1984. CR 20040 ex CR 22929/PC 22929/PRR 477638.
A GP 20 works on the Northeast Corridor at Wilmington Del, seen from the passing Crescent. They only had ten of these, so I consider this a lucky catch.
N21 bay window caboose 21255 on the rear of a UBO coaltrain at Greenfield, MA. on Jan. 21, 1984.
Bay window N7A 21649 on the rear of the EDME-X at West Deerfield, MA. on Jan. 26, 1985.
U23-B 2786 leads another westbound empty UBO coal train at Russell St. in Greenfield, MA. on Jan. 14, 1984. B&M train SPCP sits on the Conn River Line at right, while the UBO is on the Fitchburg Route, as the two lines parallel each other between Cheapside and Greenfield station.
Westbound UBO coal train "dashing through the snow" at Greenfield East in Greenfield, MA. on Jan. 14, 1984.
Conrail power was no stranger to P&LE's Gateway yard in Struthers, Ohio, a holdover from the days of NYC control of the P&LE. Power off the New England Bow coal trains could often be seen here, including this example of Conrail U30B 2830, Boston and Maine GP-18 1750, B&M GP-9 1719, and a Conrail U23B. Little remains of the P&LE today.
CR 3171 in SEPO's power set at East Deerfield West on March 31,1984.

Conrail Stack Train TV-300 rides the Indiana Harbor Belt thru LaGrange Park, Illinois on it's way from the C&NW Proviso Yard. This train is about to cross under the Burlington Northern racetrack.

Ex CR 3244 at Montague, MA. on June 23, 1984.
Another "white-lined" ex CR GP40, the 3258 sits in East Deerfield yard on Feb. 18, 1984.
Ex-PC GP40 3261 mingles with D&H GP39-2's at the engine facility at Pot yard in July, 1983.
CR 3310, 5081, and 6522 lead BNSF train MKCCH-107 past the old train depot in Mazon, IL on May 9, 1997. This was the only time I ever saw CR power on a BNSF train east of Streator on the old Santa Fe line.
A set of ConRail power departs East Deerfield yard to pick up an empty coal train sitting on the "105" track between Greenfield and West Deerfield on Jan. 26, 1985. The GP40 and two GP38's had just brought in an MEED from Mechanicville and the GP30 was added, as it had come in earlier on an COED. The train will be symboled as an EDME-X.
Closer look at GP30 2231 on the EDME-X power set departing East Deerfield yard on Jan. 26, 1985.
The EDME-X has his train together and departs West Deerfield on Jan. 26, 1985.
Head end of the EDME-X proceeds westward through West Deerfield interlocking on Jan. 26, 1985.

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