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Here, you can post pictures that don't really fit into any other place.

cnj logo, Ave A underpass Bayonne

CNJ Logo, Bayonne, NJ, This may not really fit in here but it is historical, It's actually from before 1965 as it says Jersey Central Lines as opposed to Central RR of New Jersey which the CNJ switched to in 1965 or so


The ever beautiul 'Con-Rust' on this unknown C30 from the cab of my engine taken sometime after '99

Conrail logo on Triple Crown trailer

Here is an example of one of the Triple Crown trailers still running around with a Conrail logo on it. Trailer was on train 256 at New Haven, IN on Jan. 10, 2009

Conrail Pier 122

Conrail Pier 122 Loader #3 and 4

CR 0

0 works the wheel shop at Enola, PA. Photo by Steve Ondik

CR fire lane

Up along the Susquehanna my friend Dan shot his photo, with his permmision I thought I would post this.

CR System Map June 1, 1976

Conrail's entire system map upon formation in April, 1976 shows the great breadth of the newly formed railroad along with the added trackage rights of the expanded Delaware and Hudson RR. © 2014, Trains magazine, Kalmbach Publishing Co., reprinted with permission from the June 1976 issue. www.TrainsMag.com

Former CR OLS Truck

Conrail's former Operation Lifesaver truck, now in GA. Unknown date and exact location.

Hard Working

More Con-Rust showing on the nose of this hard working GP38-2. Date and location unknown

JBS Float in Hollidaysburg Parade

Not much is known about this. Dave Seidle Collection

Joint NS/CR Triple Crown trailer

Another example of one of those joint CR/NS Triple Crown trailers with the CR logo on it. Rumor has it these trailers are destined to be retired soon.(shot taken Jan. 10, 2009 at New Haven, IN)

More pride

The sun is setting and the paint on the C40-8W I had for power still looks good in 1998 as I'm stopped in Reading, PA.

OLS Truck

Conrail's Operation Lifesaver truck. Unknown date and location.

PC steam heater car X-H2 Harrisburg, PA 5-7-1977

NYC Baggage car 7494 and PC steam heater X-H2 at Harrisburg in May, 1977. Looking like an ancient boxcab diesel, the ex-NYC steam heater car was built on a steam tender frame.

Pristine paint

Running hard and still looking good with an enameled finish still shining, this SW1001 continues to march on...

Running power back

Our train is ready to be humped at the other end. We cut away and ran back through the yard lite, as soon the the hump drill gets out of the way we can continue our westbound trek to tie our power down.

Spirit of Conrail - side view

Member Rodney Woodard's truck, the Spirit of Conrail. Rodney was at Fostoria, OH on the day these pictures were taken and he promises a surpise for next year concerning his truck's paint scheme.

Spirit of Conrail truck

This is an up close of the inscription that CRHS member Rodney Woodard put on the side of his pickup truck, the Spirit of Conrail.

Spirit of Conrail truck - rear

The back end of member Rodney Woodard's Spirit of Conrail pickup truck.

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