Hirail / Company Vehicles

CR A2439 Fonda, NY 3/92

1992 Scale Inspectors Vehicle. They were tough trucks and I would usualy put 250+miles on them...

CR A5034

Conrail GMC hi-rail A5034 is seen at East Conway, PA

CR A5050

Conrail A5050 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR A5151

Conrail GMC hi-rail A5151 is seen at Royalton, PA

CR Chevy van Collinwood 11-78

Even company highway vehicles got the "CR" treatment, illustrated by this Chevy van at Collinwood. With that large CR and Collinwood sticker, it sure looks like the backshop did this one!

CR E1908X Smithboro, NY 8/90

Not so typical scale inspectors vehicle. 1985 GMC utility truck. Most scale inspectors had 1/2 ton pick ups. I had this one from 1985 to 1992. I would have two additional CR vehicles before the split..

CR F5262

CR F5262 welding truck at Mifflin, PA 12/2/1995.

CR Ford truck Morrisville, PA 8-25-14

No signs of the new owner outside the Morrisville yard office in August, 2014 as a Ford maintenance truck shows the Conrail logo.

CR J1276X - Welding Truck

Conrail welding truck J1276X is seen at Lancaster, PA

CR M2307X crew bus Cresson 05-97

Used to transport the track gang between the camp cars and the job sites, this Ford bus is chalked "tie gang trackman bus".

CR M2309

CR M2309 is seen at Beaver PA on 2/7/98.

CR M3093X

CR M3093X is seen at Beaver PA on 2/7/98.

CR MOW Equipment

Various Conrail trucks and buses are seen here parked near a line of camp cars (which house the MOW crews) awaiting their next use.

CR MOW vehicles

Various CR MOW vehicles are seen at Cresson, PA on 8/20/98.

CR S1122 King of Prussia, PA 2-15-1982

CR blue truck S1122 at the Abrams engine terminal in February, 1982.

CR S1123 Abrams, PA 2-15-1982

With CR Ford truck S1123 parked nearby, CR SW-1500 9617 (ex-RDG 2767) rests at the Abrams engine terminal on President's Day in February, 1982. The Conrail crews even painted the flag pole CR blue!

CR S3073X

CR Hi-Rail equipped crane S3073X at Allentown, PA.

CR X1030 South Amboy, NJ 3-11-1981 (1)

CR X1030 speeder at South Amboy, NJ in March, 1981.

CR X1030 South Amboy, NJ 3-11-1981 (2)

CR Grumman Olson X1030 speeder at South Amboy, NJ in March, 1981.

CR X1030 South Amboy, NJ 3-11-1981 (3)

CR Grumman Olson X1030 speeder at South Amboy, NJ in March, 1981.

CR X1315X

Conrail GMC hi-rail X1315X is seen at Birmingham, PA

CR X1320X

Conrail X1320X June 28, 1993 Williamsport, PA

CR X1362

Conrail X1362 is seen at Spruce Creek, PA in April 1989

CR X1365X

Conrail Grumman hi-rail X1365X is seen at New Brighton, PA

Hirail 4-21-81 Akron, OH

4-21-81 Akron, OH. Photo by Roger Durfee

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