Class BH1C

The BH1C class of ballast cars were built new for Conrail in 1984-1985.

CR 53562 - Class BH1C

Conrail 53562 is seen at Rochester, PA

CR 56586 - Class BH1C

CR 56586 is seen at Marysville, PA

CR 56611-Class BH1C

BH1C ballast hopper in westbound Ballast train BAL171 at Bancroft, MA. on March 23, 1985.

CR 56623- Class BH1C

CR 56623, a ballast car which was built new for Conrail, is seen here in late 1998.

CR 56644- Class BH1C

Car was built in Nov 1984 and is seen here in March 1996.

CR 56663 - Class BH1C

Conrail 56663 is seen at Palmyra, PA

CR 56673-Class BH1C

CR 56673 is seen at Lewistown, PA in April of 1990. Car was built 11-84.

CR 56683 - Class BH1C

Conrail 56683 is seen at Columbia, PA

CR 56696- Class BH1C

Seen here in July 1996. Car was built in Nov 1984.

CR 56746 - Class BH1C

Conrail 56746 is seen at Palmyra, PA

CR 56748- Class BH1C

Car is seen here in March 1996.

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