Built for the Erie Lackawanna as their 3316 to 3328, these thirteen 3,600 6-axle locomotives became Conrail 6587 to 6599. In November of 1979 they were renumbered to 6884 to 6896 in order to make room for more new C30-7A's. All were retired in December 1987 and returned to the lessor and are presumed scrapped.

CR 6508 with CR 6895 and CR 8863 Conway, PA 1-1-1983

Conrail SD40-2 6508 is seen leading a westbound freight through Conway Yard in 1983. The train is passing a line of stored units, including CR U36C 6895 (ex-CR 6598, nee-EL 3327) and CR SW7 8863 (ex-EL 431).

CR 6587 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR U36C 6587, ex-EL 3316, in the middle of a trio of units near Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 6587 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR U36C 6587, ex-EL 3316, rests between assignments at Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 6587 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP38-2 8112, U36C 6587, and SDP45 6697 run light near Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 6587 Morrisville, PA 8-4-1979

With a PC green bus behind, CR U36C 6587 (ex-EL 3316) has the power on at the service area outside the Morrisville shops in August, 1979.

CR 6589 Binghamton, NY 3/31/1979

CR had a small yard and engine facility in Binghamton. A set of 3 engines is parked along the engine house.

CR 6589 Rochester, NY 7/1977

An ex EL U36-C is in the middle of a lahup at Goodman Street Yard.

CR 6590 Conway, PA 8-18-1978

One of 13 ex-EL U36C's, CR 6590 (ex-EL 3319), is ready to go at Conway in August, 1978.

CR 6590 Lanesboro, PA 4/13/1979

With the helper unit on the front, an Eastbound lays down a blanket of smoke as it climbs the grade across Starrucca Viaduct.

CR 6591 in the yard at Port Richmond, Phila., PA. 6/5/1978

Before the can opener logo, there was the equal sign logo, but nobody quite got that one. Here's 1/2 a logo CR U36-C #6591, in the yard at Port Richmond, Phila., PA. 6/5/1978.

CR 6592 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

Two fresh out of high school railfans first visited Conway in August of 1977 and found a mixture of CR predecessor roads and many locomotive builders. My friend captured CR U36C 6592 (ex-EL 3321) late in the day.

CR 6592 Conway, PA 8-8-1977

At the Conway engine facility late in the day in August, 1977, CR U36C 6592 (ex-EL 3321) waits for assignment alongside SD45-2 6657 (ex-EL 3672).

CR 6593 Altoona, PA 5-28-1978

A general freight is roaring around the curve as it assaults the grade at Horseshoe Curve. It looks like the sanders are getting a workout!

CR 6593 Altoona, PA 5/28/1978

A Westbound train is climbing the East leg of the curve, as seen from the West leg of the curve.

CR 6594 Akron, OH 11-18-1976

Still in it's attractive EL scheme and number, this Conrail U36C leads an eastbound on the former EL in Akron, Ohio in November of 1976. The U25B behind is already in the new dress blue. The Conrail roster contained 13 U36C's, all from the EL. The train is TV-98, one of the few priority trains still routed over the ex EL.

CR 6594 Cresson, PA 3-27-1978

CR U36C 6594 (ex-EL 3323) follows an SDP45 in a trio of units readying for pusher duty at Cresson in March, 1978.

CR 6594 Cresson, PA 3-27-1978

CR SDP45 6697 (ex-EL 3666) leads U36C 6594 (ex-EL 3323) and an SD38 as they ready for pusher duty at Cresson in March, 1978.

CR 6596 Huntington, MA 4/1979

U36C 6596 sails along Rt. 20 in Huntington, MA. with an eastbound in April, 1979.

CR 6597 Youngstown, OH 08-19-1976

Erie Lackawanna U36C #3326, by this date the property of Conrail, sits at the former EL Breir Hill facility near Youngstown, Ohio. Keeping these big GE's company are a pair of BN RS-3's still in SP&S colors, a colorful leased power addition to an already colorful Conrail. Conrail used these GE units for a few weeks on the Creston turn ore trains. The 3326 would become CR 6597 and wear a coat of blue.

CR 6598 Chatham NY Apr 1977

U36C 6598 VQ-4 (Selkirk-South Braintree) at Woodbridge Avenue Chatham NY

CR 6887 Altoona, PA 6-26-1984

A pair of GEs fill in for the common fleet of SDs as helper units approach the Horseshoe Curve. The first unit is an ex-EL unit, while the second was a built new for Conrail C30-7A.

CR 6888 Enola, PA 8-10-1980

Renumbered from 6591 in 1979 to make room for C30-7A's, CR U36C 6888 (ex-EL 3320) rests in lines of CR power at Enola in August, 1980.

CR 6892 Warren, MA 6/4/80

U36C 6892 leads the charge up hill through Warren, MA. on June 4, 1980.

EL 3319 Bogota, NJ 11-28-1976

NE-2 approaches CP-7 to run the siding from 7 to 13 meeting three southbounds.

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