Originally built for the Auto Train Corporation in 1974, they were never delivered, being sold instead to Conrail in 1976. They saw service in all capacities on Conrail and all four were retired in 1991 and traded in to GE.

Led by a pair of GP40-2's and a reluctant U36B, BOSE-X battles the Berkshires in Bancroft, MA. at 19:14 on July, 1, 1982.
From the smoke and smell it seemed as if U36B 2973 was busily engaged in an attempt at cooking a traction motor.
NHSE running left-handed up the east slope at MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 1, 1982.
U36B 2971 in TV8X at Bancroft, MA. on March 11, 1984. The train had gone into emergency due to a parted brake hose which allowed for a roster shot of the 2971 while waiting for the train line to be put back together. Couldn't have picked a better spot to come to rest.
SENH's headend going away with a good mix of power, including Conrail U36B 2971, one of four built for Auto Train but never delivered. Instead of red, white and blue, she would end up in just white and blue.
A Westbound van train has 2 of the new U36Bs on it. There were only 4 of these on the roster and they had the distinction of having mars lights in the nose.
Two of four exAutotrain U36b's hold in the siding at Bogota, NJ with TV-16

One of four U36B's purchased by Conrail in 1976, CR 2974 rests at Enola in June, 1977.

The U-boats were originally built for Auto Train to SCL specs, but not delivered due to financial difficulties.

U36B 2974 leads RESE across the Hinsdale flats at MP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. on March 6, 1982. The hand-thrown crossovers were replaced with higher speed remote controlled switches with the single-tracking project on the B&A in the late '80's and the location became CP 140.

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