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Conrail inherited 123 U33B's from the Penn Central.  The U33B's were powered with FDL-16 prime movers,  producing 3,300hp.  CR assigned them number series 2858-2970.

CR 2942 Croton-Harmon NY 4/78

CR 2942 & 2958 are seen leading VN-4 at Croton-Harmon, NY in April of 1978.

CR 2943 Morrisville, PA 3-5-1977

CR U33B 2943 rests along with SD9 6913 in a line of units waiting for service or retirement at Morrisville yard in March, 1977.

CR 2946 Hornell, NY 6/10/1978

A U33-B leads an Eastbound into Hornell.

CR 2948 Middlefield, MA 6/79

U33B 2948 takes up the trail position as the extra 2798 heads for MP 129 in June, 1979.

CR 2949 Hagerstown, MD 7-24-1978

A trio of U-boats, led by CR U33B 2949, and GP-40 3624 wait for assignment near Hagerstown, MD in July, 1978.

CR 2949 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR U33B 2949 waits for assignment with B23-7 1976 and a U25B at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 2950

Former PC 2950 was at Riverdale, IL on 11/20/76.

CR 2951 Hornell, NY 4/2/1978

A PC lettered U-boat leads a Westbound at Hornell.

CR 2952 Cameron, NY 4/30/1978

The engineer gives a wave as he approaches the Cameron grade crossing on an Eastbound.

CR 2959 Bergen, NY 6/3/1978

A Westbound van train, with a rough looking PC unit leading a couple of clean CR blues.

CR 2960 Harrisburg, PA 4-24-1984

CR SD-45's 6108, 6081, and 6164 along with U33B 2960 (ex-PC) rest in a line of retired power at Harrisburg in April, 1984.

CR 2960 West Englewood, NJ 11/78

SERU-4 rolls south approaching Signal 10S West Englewood, NJ

CR 2961 Hornell, NY 3/15/1980

An Eastbound makes a pickup at the East end of the old Hornell Yard at ZY Interlocking.

CR 2964 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

CR U33B 2964 (ex-PC) leads GP-40 3194 through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 2966 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR U33B 2966 at the Selkirk engine terminal in August, 1979.

CR 2969 Rutherford, PA 8-12-1984

A rear view of former PC 2969 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 8/12/1984.

CR 2969 Rutherford, PA 8-12-1984

Former PC 2969 in storage at Rutherford, PA on 8/12/1984.

CR 2969 Sayre, PA 3/17/1979

An Eastbound in the Sayre yard with a pair of clean blue engines and a black switcher.

CR 2970 Canton, OH 04-6-1979

I get a wave from the head end man as TV-11A passes through the Canton, Ohio Amtrak station. Note the Amtrak sign off to the left. Amtrak no longer serves Canton.

CR 3313 Bethlehem, PA 6-10-1978

CR GP40-2 3313 leads a quartet of units pulling mixed freight through Bethlehem in June, 1978.

CR 8028 Iona Island, NY 12/78

SEWA-9 proceeds south across the timber trestle on the restored track one side @ Inoa Island. The track was swung over to facilitate the contruction of a new concrete bridge on the track two side.

CR 8179 Altoona, PA 7-24-1978

Waiting for clearance, CR GP-38-2 8179 leads a quartet of black and blue units at Altoona in July, 1978.

CR 8224, 2927, 2620, 2284 and 2368 on the point of a southbound coal train crossing the Gunpowder River. 1/80

Its New Year's day 1980 as a S/B Conrail coal train is crossing the Gunpowder River on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor. GP38-2-8224, U33B-2927, U25B-2620 & GP35s-2284, 2368 are on the point. 1:30PM on 1/1/80 in Chase, MD.

CR Bumper Sticker Hornell, NY 5/5/1979

I can't find the slide of the actual engine, but I'm pretty sure this was under the cab of a U33-B. There was a fair amount of anti CR sentiment in the late 70's, but the naysayers were proved wrong.

DH 2918 Montague, MA 6/15/85

D&H, ex CR U33B 2918 leads MEBA in the Lake Pleasant vicinity of Montague, MA. on June 15, 1985. Unlike the B&M, the D&H U33B's were never renumbered.

DH 2918 Montague, MA 6/15/85

Stenciled for the D&H, ex CR 2918 leads MEBA near Lake Pleasant in Montague, MA. June 15, 1985. Exemplifying the interchangeability of parts, note the access panel below the cab on the 2918, which obviously came off another D&H unit. In the Guilford scheme of things, ironically, the two U23B's following have become MEC property, coming from the D&H.

PC 2966 Weehawkin, NJ 9/76

A trio of Penn Central General Electric U-Boats power Conrail TV44 @ Weehawkin, NJ. The train is getting headroom prior to backing into the Sea-Train yard. The Weehawkin (Bannana Pier) Scale was being returned to service..

SENH at Bancroft, MA. on 6/27/81. (1)

Older GP40 3099 and U33B 2914 head up SENH late in the afternoon of June 27, 1981 at Middlefield station, MA. Eclectic lashup's like this on the old B&A would become only fond memories in just three short years.

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