Conrail inherited 10 U30C's from the Penn Central and the Reading Company.  The 3,000hp U30C's were assigned CR series 6535-6539 and 6579-6583.

CR 6579 Harrisburg, PA 8-3-1979

CR U33C 6564 (ex-EL 3301) runs second in a quartet of U-boats as they roll past Amtrak E-units. CR U30C 6579(ex-RDG 6300) and U23B 2701(ex-PC) follow at Harrisburg in August, 1979.

CR 6580 Selkirk NY Apr 1979

U30C 6580 ex-Reading

CR 6581 Reading, PA 11-23-1975

In a few short months Reading Lines U30C 6302 will become Conrail 6581, but for now it's still hauling tonnage for it's original owner through it's namesake city.

CR 6581 Rochester, NY 2/18/1978

One of just 5 U30Cs that came from the RDG.

CR 6581 Secaucus, NJ 3-1-1979

CR U30C 6581 (ex-RDG 6302) pairs up with CR SD-45 6121 at Croxton in March, 1979.

CR 6582 Almond, NY 5/6/1979

One of the ex RDG U30-Cs leads a Westbound up the hill out of Hornell on the line to Meadville.

CR 6836 getting ready for a crew change at Belmont in Philadelphia, PA. May 7, 1980

Conrail U30C 6836's crew is getting ready for a crew change at Belmont in Philadelphia, PA. May 7, 1980. Crew changes sometimes took place here, but more often occurred at Arsenal tower (on the other end of the "High Line") as many crews were not qualified all the way to Belmont.

CR 6837 dead line Rutherford 08061985

A pair of units that have seen their last revenue mile. Closest to us is a U30C-a model still in service on some roads at this time-and a GP 9.

CR 6839 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980 (1)

CR U30C 6839 (renumbered from ex-PC 6539) leads U33C 6882 (ex-EL 3314) and an EMD unit through Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 6839 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980 (2)

CR U30C 6839 (renumbered from ex-PC 6539) leads U33C 6882 (ex-EL 3314) and an EMD unit at Spruce Creek, PA in November, 1980.

CR 6839/2871 Middlefield, MA 10/17/80

U30B 2871 and U30C 6839 in the extra 6370 west in Middlefield, MA. on Oct. 17, 1980.

CR 6843 Chester, MA 5/10/80

Another "rare bird", on ConRail anyway, U30C 6843 heads up westbound tonnage past the signals at mile 126.3 in Chester, MA. on May 10, 1980. The 6843 was one of only 10 U30C's rostered by Big Blue.

CR 7235 dead line Rutherford 08061985

A long line of dead units at the ex Reading Rutherford Yard. In the mid 80's this yard and Enola were chock full of retired units going to scrap, including a fair number of second generation engines. Note the SD 45's and U30C here, along with the GP 9, 30, and SW. In addition to the units listed, also here are 6945 and 6160, as well as two more SD 45's and a pair of what look like GP 9's.

DE 018 U30C Brady Lake 10-78

Westbound coal for Detroit Edison in Monroe, Michigan passes through Brady Lake, Ohio on Conrail's Cleveland Line on a nice fall afternoon. The path above the train is the former NYC line that was part of a flyover junction to get over the PRR at this location. Near the rear of the train the ex EL main is above this line also.

DE 018 U30C Conrail UDM train 08-79

Another one of the unit coal trains Conrail ran using utility purchased power was the Detroit Edison trains for the Monroe, Michigan plant. Interesting trains, they used a fleet of U30C's and SD40's pulling large capacity aluminum rotary dump gons and mid train radio units on the loaded moves. Numbered DE 001 to 022, there were 12 EMD's and 10 U30C's with SD40's 001,002,and GE's 007,008,018,019,and 020 equipped as radio control leaders. In this photo a set of four elephant style U30C's are sitting at Hudson,Ohio on the law waiting for a new crew on a nice August 1979 evening. These Detroit Edison U-boats were nice to catch, as Conrail only had 10 U30C's of their own, 5 ex PC and 5 ex Reading.

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