Conrail inherited 15 U28C's from the Penn Central.  Built for the PRR in 1960, the 2,800hp U28C's were assigned to New York and placed in CR series 6520-6534.

CR 6198 Marysville, PA 3/79

ENCO-3 is seen departing Enola for Columbus, OH behing a mixed bag lash-up that includes BAR GP38 #86

CR 6521 Morrisville, PA 7-9-1978

CR U28C 6521 and GP9 7174 pull through Morrisville yard on a bright July day in 1978.

CR 6524 at West Springfield, MA

Late in 1976 this westbound departs the yard at West Springfield, MA on the Boston line with U28C 6524 leading.

CR 6524 GE U28C Akron 08-78

From the looks of the logo on this U28C the shop boys either lost their level or were a little tipsy. Regardless, a "crooked can opener" was the outcome on this ex PC U-Boat repaint.

CR 6524 Rochester, NY 8/1977

CR 6524 wears the "crooked can opener" logo. 6524 & 6678 lead a Westbound hopper train at Goodman Street Yard in Rochester, NY in August, 1977.

CR 6529 Altoona, PA 8-7-1977

Former PC U28C 6529 follows lead U33C 6547 in a trio of U-boats pulling a string of hoppers as they pass by the weeds of the Juniata shops deadline.

CR 6529 Rochester, NY 4/1977

A U-28-C and a U-25-C team up on a Westbound that is departing the Goodman St. Yard in Rochester, NY. That is the East Main St. bridge that goes over the top of the train in the distance..

CR 6533 Altoona, PA 8-7-1977

Former PC U28C 6533 follows sister-unit 6529 in a trio of U-boats pulling a string of hoppers as they pass by the weeds of the Juniata shops deadline.

CR 6801 in Middlefield, MA. on 6/13/79. (2)

U28C 6823 shoving the rear of the extra 6801 west past automatic block signal 131.11 in Middlefield, MA. on June 13, 1979.

CR 6823 at Chester, MA in 6/1979

U28C 6823 adds tractive effort at the rear of the extra 6812 west going by Bay State Dr. in Chester, MA. in June, 1979. This was one of those rare times, in my experience, when the helper was added to the train at Huntington, rather than at Chester station, which is about 3/4 mile ahead.

CR 6824 and 6833 - U28C's at Altoona, PA

CR 6824 (former CR/PC/PRR 6524) and CR 6833 (former CR/PC/PRR 6533) stored at Altoona, PA on 10/5/1985.

CR 6824 near Bancroft, MA. in 6/1979. (1)

U28C 6824 on westbound around mile 130.2 in Middlefield, MA. in June, 1979.

CR 6825 in Washington, MA. in 3/1979.

U28C 6825 heading up an eastbound at Ballou's/Lower Valley Rd. near MP 135 in Washington, MA. in March, 1979.

CR 6825 Susquehanna, PA 8/26/1979

2 big GEs and a SDP-45 have an Eastbound starting up the grade to Gulf Summit as they pass the old Susquehanna station.

CR 6828 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

Former PC U28C 6828 (ex-6528) waits for assignment at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 6831 Selkirk Nov 1979

U28C 6831 at Selkirk NY

CR 6831 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR U28C 6831 waits for assignment at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 6832 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

The service doors are open on U28C 6832 (ex 6532) at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 6833 at Middlefield, MA. in 6/1979.

U28C 6833 on a westbound near Bancroft, MA. in June, 1979.

CR 6833 at Washington, MA. in 12/79.

U28C 6833 leads westbound tonnage past the former depot site in Washington, MA. in Dec, 1979. The 6833 was one of 15 U28C's rostered by ConRail.

CR U28C 6822 ex6522 @ Enola, Pa

CR U28C 6822 ex6522 in ENPI-3's locomotive lash-up

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