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The Conrail C40-8W, a new generation in crew comfort locomotives. They were the first units bought new equipped with air conditioning, and the last units to come from the factory without ditch lights. The C40-8W's, numbered 6050 through 6285, began the era of grade crossing safety in the 1990's. 6110-6112 and 6114-6119 were equipped with strobe lights while 6113 was equipped with a strobe light and at one point had two sets of ditch lights mounted on the short hood end.

The "Comfort Cabs" sported the new reflective white frame stripe and nose lettering. The second order, beginning with 6100 wore the companies new CQI, Continuous Quality Improvement scheme. 6050-6149 were painted solid Blue from the factory, while the remaining units were given black anti-skid nose panels on the short hood end

The locomotive was built with the standard 2 piece front windshield and a 3 piece side window without sun visors. The side windows are among the largest, however, only the center pane can be opened.

CR 6125 at Cresson PA 7/30/97

CR 6125 is seen leading a WB intermodal train at Cresson PA on 7/30/97.

CR 6125 in Washington, MA. on 8/28/93.

SEBO comes around the north end of Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on the morning of Aug. 28, 1993.

CR 6126 at Cumberland MD 11/3/97

CR 6216 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland MD on 11/3/97.

CR 6126 Duquesne, PA 10/13/1997

A pair of GE's lead hopper train XSH-47C across the Port Perry bridge.

CR 6127 and 6148 at Marysville, PA

Conrail C40-8Ws 6127 and 6148 are seen leading an eastbound freight onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1992.

CR 6127 at Hagerstown, MD 3/18/98

CR 6127, 6018 & 5065 are seen at Hagerstown, MD on 3/18/98.

CR 6127 at Hagerstown, MD 3/18/98

CR 6127 is seen at Hagerstown, MD on 3/18/98.

CR 6127 at North Kingsville, Ohio 4/26/97

Conrail 6127 leads Eastbound PISE-5" near MP 122 on Trk#2 -- On Conrail's Chicago Line.

CR 6128 at Cresson, PA

Conrail C40-8W 6128 is trailing on a westbound freight at Cresson, PA in 1991.

CR 6128 on BUEN-6N at Lock Haven, PA 4/1992

"You for a time could have set your watch by the arrival of the BUEN-N train thru Lock Haven" 4/1992 behind C40-8W 6128 and SD40-2 6442.

CR 6129 Southbound with DNDA-8 at Stoney Point, NY 6/29/1991

CR Southbound DNDA-8 (Detroit North Yard-Dorimus Avenue (Newark, NJ) at the Stoney Point, NY DED/HBD

CR 6130 & 5501 at Waynesburg PA

CR 6130 & 5501 are seen at Waynesburg PA on 2/7/98.

CR 6130 and CR 6383 at Cresson, PA

Conrail C40-8W 6130 barrels west through Cresson with a mixed freight while SD40-2s 6383 and 6370 idle between helper assignments in 1991.

CR 6130 at Spruce Creek in 1993

Conrail C40-8W 6130 is seen heading west at CP-Tunnel near Spruce Creek, PA in 1993.

CR 6130 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/19/92.

C40-8W 6130 drifts downgrade through Bancroft, MA. with SERE on March 19, 1992.

CR 6130 west TV207X Adrian 03071994

TV 207X rolls 146 stack platforms west past a church in the Canisteo River valley town of Adrian on a cold winter's day.

CR 6130 west TV207X Rathbone 03071994

TV 207X swings around a big curve near MP 306, just west of Rathbone.

CR 6132 crossing the Seneca River

Conrail C40-8W 6132 is seen leading an eastbound train across the Seneca River near Fox Ridge, NY

CR 6132 Topton, PA 3/19/1993

C40-8Ws 6132 and 6102, UP SD40-2 4245, B36-7 5015, and SD50 6709 are on the head end of OIEN seen heading west through Topton in March of 1993.

CR 6134 at Buffalo, NY 3/12/94

An unidentified westbound passes under the unmistakable NYC signal bridge at CP 433 as it heads toward Frontier Yard.

CR 6135 on Pied-9 at Eddystone, PA

This day's edition of PIED rolls southbound past the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant at 1:22PM. Trailing units are CR SD50 6825 and CR C40-8W 6262 with 96 cars in tow.

CR 6136 at Ashtabula Ohio 3/11/95

Conrail 6136 leads Eastbound Conrail TV-14 @ the CP 128 signals on Track 2

CR 6137 at Altoona, PA in 1993

Conrail C40-8W 6137 is seen leading a westbound TV train just west of the Brickyard in Altoona, PA in 1993.

CR 6137 at Blandon, PA on 11/3/92

CR 6317 leads an eastbound manifest past the mushroom farms at Blandon.

CR 6137 at East Brookfield, MA. on 6/18/94.

TV6 rolling through the Brookfield flats approaching CP 64 in East Brookfield, MA. on June 18, 1994.

CR 6138 at Elkhart Yard in February, 1996

Conrail 6138, the lead unit on a westbound train, seen at Elkhart yard back on February 15, 1996

CR 6138 on STCO-2 at Galatea, OH

STCO-2 with the 6138 on the point is southbound on the Toledo Branch at Galatea, OH(CP 34) on May 22, 1999

CR 6139 at Ashtabula Harbor Yard

CR 6139 C40-8W leads an empty train at Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Yard.

CR 6139 at Chester, MA. on 5/30/92.

C40-8W 6139 was the display unit at the second annual "Chester on Track" celebration in Chester, MA. on May 30, 1992.

CR 6139 at Syracuse, NY

Conrail C40-8W 6139 is seen leading an eastbound freight past the old East Syracuse Amtrak station

CR 6141 at Cresson, PA 11/24/98

CR 6141 is seen at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.

CR 6142 & 6182 at Edgemoor, DE 9/15/98

CR 6142 & 6182 are seen at Conrail's Edgemoor Yard in Edgemoor, DE on 9/15/98.

CR 6142 Haworth, NJ 7-1998

CR 6142 is on the point of SEAL at Haworth, NJ 7/1998

CR 6142 on the Chicago Line

Conrail C40-8W 6142 is seen leading a coal train on the Chicago Line in upstate New York

CR 6142 west TV Dewitt 11071995

An unidentified westbound TV train pumps air at Dewitt before heading west with 106 platforms and 6 COFC on a gray afternoon. UP 3572 trails.

CR 6143 on XCH-56E at Lilly, PA 6/8/97

CR 6143 is seen trailing 6467 on XCH-56E at Lilly, PA on 6/8/97.

CR 6144 on ML-403 at Guilderland, NY

Conrail C40-8W 6144 passes Guilderland, NY in charge of ML-403 shortly after departing Selkirk Yard. 4/10/1998

CR 6145 at Cresson, PA 11/24/98

CR 6145 is seen on a EB trailertrain at Cresson, PA on 11/24/98.

CR 6145 at Pittsburgh, PA

Conrail 6145's westbound train squeals through the sharp curve between Federal Street and CP-Penn.

CR 6146 at Hagerstown, MD 10/15/98

CR 6146 is seen at Hagerstown, MD on 10/15/98.

CR 6146 in Hinsdale, MA. on 1/2/93.

CR 6146 leads SEFR over the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on Jan. 2, 1993.

CR 6148 at Chester, MA. on 7/16/94.

FRSE passing MP 126 at Chester depot in Chester, MA. on July 16, 1994.

CR 6148 at Marysville, PA

Conrail C40-8W 6148 is seen trailing on an eastbound freight as it rolls onto Rockville Bridge at Marysville, PA in 1992.

CR 6148 east TV 14 Dewitt 11131995

TV 14 is seen at Dewitt in a building snow storm. Mid November snow is nothing new to Syracuse, but once it started, it didn't stop; the total snowfall for the 1995/96 winter was 175". It was not a record.

CR 6149 on EDPI at Altoona, PA 6/15/96

CR 6149 & 6102 are seen leading EDPI west at SLOPE in Altoona, PA on 6/15/96.

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