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Conrail's C39-8 fleet is almost physically identical to the earlier C32-8 model. These units are interesting to follow. The factory painted units sport a very non-Conrail style road number and are easy to tell apart. GE's cab side numbers are tall and skinny, while the CR version are more symmetric. The front of the locomotive also wore "CONRAIL" on the lower third of the nose until it was re-applied by Conrail on the top, above the single grab iron. Sometime in 1991 shop forces began removing the single, horizontal mounted nose grab iron and replacing it with 2 upside down "L" irons to better accommodate mounting and dismounting the unit.

The fleet spent very little time on CR between 1993 and 1997 as the company placed them in an active lease service spending 1993 on Southern Pacific and again in 1996.

CR 6021 at Middlefield, MA. on 8/15/92.

C39-8 6021 leading SEBO at Middlefield, MA. on Aug. 15, 1992.

CR 6059 west UNL15B Chemung 02051994

UNL15B, an empty train from NYSEG's plant at Ludlowville, has come off the Ithaca Branch, and is now headed for Gang Mills and a new crew. The train will eventually wind up on the Monongahela to reload. View is from the NY 427 overpass at Chemung.

CR 6264 east TV 204 Endwell 04191994

A trio of units head east with 102 platforms of TV 204, passing the pond along Watson Blvd in Endwell on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.

CR 6727 west CP 293 08201996

CR 6727 and 6017 lead a stack train west through CP 293, the connection to the NYSW and the Oswego Branch, the hazy Syracuse skyline in the background.

CR 6729, CR 6011 at Berea, OH Summer 1997

SD50 6729 at C39-8 6011 are just about to pass Berea Tower on an overcast summer 1997 day pulling a general merchandise train. This train is eastbound on the Chicago Line through Cleveland.

OIBU-3 SD50 6714 Hillburn, NY

OIBU-3 with SD50 6714 pulls through the Hillburn X-Overs with a Suffern pick-up prior to reversing back to its train.

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