GE C39-8

Conrail's C39-8 fleet is almost physically identical to the earlier C32-8 model. These units are interesting to follow. The factory painted units sport a very non-Conrail style road number and are easy to tell apart. GE's cab side numbers are tall and skinny, while the CR version are more symmetric. The front of the locomotive also wore "CONRAIL" on the lower third of the nose until it was re-applied by Conrail on the top, above the single grab iron. Sometime in 1991 shop forces began removing the single, horizontal mounted nose grab iron and replacing it with 2 upside down "L" irons to better accommodate mounting and dismounting the unit.

The fleet spent very little time on CR between 1993 and 1997 as the company placed them in an active lease service spending 1993 on Southern Pacific and again in 1996.

TV4-H rolls down the single track @ Hillsborough, NJ. Former track two is out of service and used to store cars...
C39-8 6013 in the trail in SELA at State Line, NY.
Conrail 530809 is seen behind CR 6013 at East Conway, PA. The single short grab on the C39-8 helps date this photo to 1986-1987, as these locomotives had the short grab replaced with a pair of L-shaped grabs to enhance safety for crew members shortly after they were delivered. The car behind 530809 appears to be loaded with a scrapped ore jennie.
I had to make a pick up at a customer in Cleveland one afternoon. The Cleveland line passed right behind their building. While I was waiting to get loaded, I went out back to see what action might show up. I saw a half dozen trains that day, this westbound among them, with an SD60/C39-8 pair leading 100 cars.
C39-8 "class unit" 6000 leads TV-9 through Bancroft, MA. on Oct. 31, 1998.
The class unit of Conrail's C39-8 fleet, 6000, leads an eastbound freight across Montezuma Swamp near Fox Ridge, NY
Conrail C39-8 6001 leads Eastbound COSE-6 at North Kingsville, Ohio on track number one.
CR 6002 with TV6 in Chester, MA. on Aug. 29, 1992.
CR 6002 is seen XSG-400 at Altoona, PA on 3/5/99.
CR 6002 is seen on XSG-400 at Gallitzin, PA on 3/5/99.
Conrail 6003 and CR 6850 lead southbound Conrail UNL-5B as it approaches Carson Rd. in Plymouth Twp., Ohio, [on Conrail's Youngstown Line].
C39-8 6006 leads SESP nearing the Middlefield Rd. overhead in Chester, MA. at 07:02 on Dec. 5, 1992.
CR 6007 & 6263 lead ML-440 east at HOMER in Altoona, PA on 6/15/96.
CR 6007 is seen on ML-440 at Altoona, PA on 6/15/96.
CR C39-8 6009 in fresh quality blue photographed at Altoona, PA on December 16, 1994 by Terry Nardella, collection of Steve Ondik.

C39-8 leads NS Train 151 in Kentucky, ten years behind blue units would belong to Norfolk Southern.

C39-8 6010 leads ML482 through Middlefield station/Bancroft, MA. on Oct. 31, 1998.
Conrail C39-8 6010 is seen trailing on an eastbound at Derby, NY
C39-8 6010 leads TV8B across the flats in Brookfield, MA. on Jan. 16, 1988.
TV8B on the flats approaching Brookfield station at MP 67 on Jan. 16, 1988.
CR 6011 and 6144 power PREL-8 at Porter, IN on November 8, 1997.
Conrail 6012 leads a Westbound Conrail intermodal train at MP 114.5 track number one
ELOI runs along the Canisteo River on a foggy morning.
CR 6013 & 6798 are seen on UMP-91 at Cresson, PA on 6/15/96.
CR 6013 is seen on UMP-91 at Cresson, PA at 6/15/96.
Conrail C39-8 6014 is seen inside the A-bay at Juniata, having some repairs done to her rear end in 1993.
BUOI-8 is doing it's best to stay ahead of a Hoboken bound Metro-North train out of Port Jervis, NY
A C39-8 and CRL 504, a C30-7, lead an eastbound autorack train past New Market Pond. Photo taken from the Washington Avenue bridge before it was rebuilt with barricade fence.
Conrail ELIN-1A pauses on the Red Key Main at 33rd St. in Marion, IN on June 1, 1987 waiting on a Northbound on the Marion Branch to pass. CR 6015 is just about 11 months old at this time. Kevin Nelson photo with permission
CR 6016 is seen at Allentown, PA on 9/28/1986.
C39-8 6016 is on the point of ML482 passing the coal tower at the former helper terminal in Chester, MA. on Feb. 20, 1999.
PIME crosses the big curved bridge that crossed the Beaver River at Wampum, PA.

A rare C39-8 heads south along the Hudson as it rolls through Iona Island on the River Line with an ML train.

CR C39-8 6017, SD50 6752, DE SD40 012 and DE U30C 019 power a southbound DEEX unit train past the abandonned load-out @ Fredrickstown, Pa on the Monogahela Railroad 2/18/1990
CR 6018 is seen at Hagerstown MD on 3/18/98.
CR 6018 is on the point of TV-10 at Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1999
CR 6019 date and location unknown
This is a shot I took right after dawn at Wyomissing. We operated through town instead of going on the Belt. The train is OIPI B. The "B" train was a second OIPI that among other things carried Pig Iron from Naporanos at Port Newark (Yes Port Newark...same company that scraps but different operation) We usually carried 40 loaded pig iron loads head out on the train and then the balance of the train. Very heavy train...
Conrail C39-8 6019 is seen leading a PGAL westbound through Phoenixville, PA on 4/23/1991
CR 6019 and friend lead PIBR-8 under the ex DT&I at Delta, OH on October 28, 1998. Chris Howe photo
ENBU pulls past the yard in Lock Haven with CR 6019 in the lead, as SW1200 9337 sleeps. April, 1990.
CR 6020 date and location unknown
C39-8 with a couple of dash7 buddies sits at the fuel/sanding pad at Selkirk yard as viewed from Ben's Bridge.

A pair of GEs, followed by an SW1500, haul a mixed freight through Birmingham PA on the Pittsburgh Line.

C39-8 6021 leading SEBO at Middlefield, MA. on Aug. 15, 1992.
UNL15B, an empty train from NYSEG's plant at Ludlowville, has come off the Ithaca Branch, and is now headed for Gang Mills and a new crew. The train will eventually wind up on the Monongahela to reload. View is from the NY 427 overpass at Chemung.
CR 6263 is seen on ML-440 at Altoona, PA on 6/15/96.
A trio of units head east with 102 platforms of TV 204, passing the pond along Watson Blvd in Endwell on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.

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