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In 1985, Conrail purchased 25 3,750hp C36-7's and assigned them to the 6620-6644 series. The C36-7's were built in June of 1985 on the same frame as the C30-7, and weren't a popular model among railroads. Two units (6620, 6621) were actually assigned Ballast Express service lettering, however, the rest of the fleet could often times be found hauling the stone and only a small handful ever received Conrail Quality paint.

CR 6639 on UEP-28S at Eddystone, PA

This pair of Conrail C36-7s have just brought in 74 loads of coal for the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant.  This train weighed in at 9,730 tons.

CR 6640 at Barree, PA in 1993

Conrail C36-7 6640 is seen leading a train at Barree, PA in 1993.

CR 6640 leads OIAL at Bound Brook, NJ 10/85

Two fairly unusual C36-7's (6640 and 6622) lead OIAL through Bound Brook. MP33 CR Lehigh Line

CR 6641 with ENG 201 near Lock Haven, PA

ENG-201 With CR C36-7 6641 leading GP35 2349 kicks up the leaves as it heads SB toward Lock Haven, PA 10/91

CR 6643 leads ALSR at Robesonia, PA 9/89

ALSR sails through Robesonia with a C36-7 leading. MP71 CR Harrisburg Line

CR 6644 at Hinsdale, MA. on 1/20/90. (1)

ConRail's highest numbered C36-7, the 6644, leads SEFR over the crest of the west slope at MP 142 in the center of Hinsdale, MA. on a dreary Jan.20, 1990.

CR 6644 at Hinsdale, MA. on 1/20/90. (2)

C36-7 6644 at the head of SEFR in the center of Hinsdale, MA. on Jan. 20, 1990.

CR 6644 Rathbone, NY 4/22/1989

ELOI is seen from the hillside as it rounds the small horseshoe curve that is just West of Rathbone. Climbing the hill here is an adventure! Those subway cars will be hauled back to Hornell on a Westbound for refurbishing.

CR 6647 in the Selkirk locomotive shop - 1994

Mohawk Chapter of NRHS had a field trip to the Selkirk yard in 1994. After signing the appropriate release forms we had the run of the place. This is locomotive 6647, C36-7, getting light repairs/maintenance.

CR 6709 in Chester, MA. on 8/22/92. (2)

C36-7 6642 trailing in SEBO at Chester, MA. on Aug. 22, 1992.

CR 6727 east Cranesville 05271996

An eastbound TV train passes Lock 10 at Cranesville behind an interesting mix of power.

CR 6731 Pond Eddy, PA 3/90

OIBU-6 approaches the road crossing @ Pond Eddy, NY

OIBU-5 C36-7 6629 Tuxedo, NY

CR C36-7 6629 and C30-7a 6586 on OIBU-5 @ MP39 Tuxedo, NY

Where'd dey go? 12/7/91. (1)

Pearl Harbor day would be "famous", not "infamous", on the B&A as the "Usual Suspects" for the past 7 years, the C30-7A's, were nowhere to be found....Boo-hoo-hoo! The first train, TV10B, had me fooled for a moment with 3 six-axle GE's but....nooo C30-7A's, C36-7 6621 leads U23C, U23C!!!?? 6911 and C30-7 6607 past Lorin's caboose in Bancroft, MA.

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