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In 1985, Conrail purchased 25 3,750hp C36-7's and assigned them to the 6620-6644 series. The C36-7's were built in June of 1985 on the same frame as the C30-7, and weren't a popular model among railroads. Two units (6620, 6621) were actually assigned Ballast Express service lettering, however, the rest of the fleet could often times be found hauling the stone and only a small handful ever received Conrail Quality paint.

CR 6629 in Washington MA. on 3/5/93.

C36-7 6629 leads BOSE along the shore of Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 5, 1993. C36-7's were out in force this day.

CR 6629 in Washington, MA. on 6/25/93.

C36-7 6629 has the point on BOSE at Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on June 25, 1993.

CR 6629 Tuxedo, NY 5/90

OIBU-5 approaches the HBD/DED at Tuxedo, NY

CR 6630 in Chester, MA. on 5/30/92.

TV9, led by the 6630, storms up the hill near MP 127 in Chester, MA. on May 30, 1992.

CR 6630 Leads ENPI-2 past MO Tower, 5/86

A C36-7 leads the westbound ENPI-2 through MO interlocking in Cresson while another train sneaks up behind him, illustrating the traffic density on the Pittsburgh Line.

CR 6631 at Cumberland, MD 6/9/97

CR 6631 is seen on CSX rails at Cumberland, MD at 6/9/97.

CR 6631 at Huntington, MA. on 6/24/88.

C36-7 6631 heads TV8B along MASS Rt. 20 on the morning of June 24, 1988. Whistle post at left is for Upper Russell Rd. grade crossing.

CR 6631 at Washington, MA. on 3/20/93.

C36-7 6631 leads a tardy TV13 through Ballou's in Washington, MA. at 07:26 on March 20, 1993.

CR 6631 GE C36-7 Rochester 04-99

Conrail C36-7 #6631 rounds the curve through Rochester interlocking with an eastbound van train. That's the Cleveland Line off to the left, and the center two tracks beside the train are the Youngstown Line. 6631 would end her days on the Ohio Central as their 7133 (see surviving GE's section).

CR 6631 in Washington, MA. on 4/3/93.

The 6631 leading FRSE through Ballou's in Washington, MA. on April 3, 1993.

CR 6631 in Washington, MA. on 5/15/93.

The 6631 winds out of the cut at Washington depot at the top of the east slope on May 15, 1993 with FRSE.

CR 6632 at Leetsdale PA 2/7/98

CR 6632 is seen on a EB at Leetsdale PA on 2/7/98.

CR 6632 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/3/93.

C36-7 6632 leads TV-6 through CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. Sept. 3, 1993.

CR 6632 on BRSE-3 at Edgerton, OH

Eastbound BRSE-3 with the 6632 and Santa Fe SD40 on the point at MP 354, a couple miles west of Edgerton, OH on January 23, 1999

CR 6632(PRR 8487) on Mail-8 at Huron, OH

CR 6632, now patched as PRR 8487, leads Mail-8 at Huron, OH on April 20, 1999. Chris Howe photo

CR 6633 at Middlefield, MA

At 1320 hrs on 5 April 1991 C36-7 6633 with a westbound, Middlefield, MA on the Conrail Boston Line.

CR 6633 at Washington, MA. on 3/23/91.

TV9 crossing Depot Brook around mile 134.6 in Washington, MA. on March 23, 1991.

CR 6633 in Washington, MA. on March 27, 1993

The 6633 with SEBO at Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 27, 1993.

CR 6633 Narrowsburg, PA 11/89

TV-200 rolls east on "The Tier" at Narrowsburg, NY Note: the stick rail....

CR 6633 on CSX Q317-05 at Cumberland MD 3/5/98

CR 6633 is seen on CSX Q317-05 at Cumberland MD on 3/5/98. Note the former BN panel under the cab.

CR 6633 on CSX Q317-05 at Cumberland MD 3/5/98

A close up view of the BN panel on CR 6633 at Cumberland MD on 3/5/98.

CR 6634 - C36-7 at Rutherford, PA

CR 6634 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 11/9/1985.

CR 6634 Adrian, NY 10/25/1985

CR train OIEL has a long cut of empty hoppers on the head end. The 320 semaphores are visible about 20 cars back.

CR 6634 at Philadelphia, PA in 1994

Conrail C36-7 6634 is seen leading a PICA across the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA on 1/9/94. Back then, Camden-bound trains had to run on the Northeast Corridor, as the Engelside connection that allows trains to move from the Trenton Line to the Delair Branch did not yet exist.

CR 6635 at Brookfield, MA. on 9/5/98.

It may look like a light engine move, but it's really a train, ML439. No cars from the B&M's auto unloading facility in Ayer, so the pair of GE's head west through Brookfield, MA. looking for something to haul.

CR 6635 at Hinsdale, MA. on 2/7/98.

ML439 skirts the edge of Muddy Pond in Hinsdale, MA. at 08:13 on Feb.7, 1998....but where's the autoracks?

CR 6635 in Washington, MA. on 3/5/93. (1)

C36-7 6635 with a late-running TV13 at Washington depot on March 5, 1993. TV13 usually was by this location a little before dawn.

CR 6635 Powers Grain Trian GRB85 Through Marysville PA, 10/89

A C36-7 and SD50 combo lead loaded grain train GRB85 east through Marysville PA toward the Rockville Bridge.

CR 6636 at Chester, MA. on 1/25/92.

Eastbound SESP nears MP 121 and the Chester/Huntington town line on the morning of Jan. 25, 1992.

CR 6636 in Middlefield, MA. on 4/17/93.

C36-7 6636 leading NESE approaching Bancroft just west of MP 130 on April 17, 1993.

CR 6636 in Middlefield, MA. on 6/12/93.

SEFR rolls into Bancroft, MA. behind C36-7 6636 on June 12, 1993.

CR 6637 Chester, MA 5/22/1993

CR 6637 leads SEBO past MP 127 at 06:58 in Chester, MA. on May 22, 1993. MEC SD40 601 is working off horsepower hours owed to CR by GTI.

CR 6637 in Hinsdale, MA. on 3/20/93.

6637 leads TV6 over the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on March 20, 1993.

CR 6637 in Middlefield, MA. on 3/21/92. (1)

C36-7 6637 leading BOSE approaching Bancroft, MA. on March 21, 1992.

CR 6637 in Middlefield, MA. on 4/17/93. (1)

CR 6637 with FRSE just west of MP 130 near Bancroft, MA. on April 17, 1993.

CR 6637 in Washington, MA. on 10/23/93.

The 6637 leads an SENA near Washington depot at 16:20 on Oct. 23, 1993. The NS power was a sometime visitor to the B&A.

CR 6638 at Reading PA 8/88

CR 6638 is pictured leading a westbound Conrail freight at Belt Line Jct, Reading, PA, on 8/13/88.

CR 6638 in Becket, MA. on 3/21/92. (1)

C36-7 6638 leads TV9 coming up on MP 129 in Becket, MA. on March 21, 1992.

CR 6638 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/24/93.

A pair of NS "Black ponies" assist CR 6638 with an NASE-X on the flats in Hinsdale, MA. on July 24, 1993.

CR 6639 Allentown, PA 12-1988

CR C36-7 6639 leads GP-40 3053 and B23-7 1933 through Allentown yard in December, 1988.

CR 6639 Allentown, PA 12-1988

CR C36-7 6639 leads GP-40 3053 and B23-7 1933 at Allentown yard in December, 1988.

CR 6639 GE C36-7 Handcock 05-95

Although it looks like a post split scene, it's 1995 in this shot of a pair of Conrail C36-7's passing HO tower in Handcock, Maryland on CSX train R343. While this is still a mainline for CSX, the tower is gone as are the C36-7's.....not to mention Conrail itself.

CR 6639 in Jacks Narrows, PA. on 8/19/85.

Eastbound extra 6639 passes Jacks tower in Jacks Narrows, just west of Mt. Union, PA. on Aug. 19, 1985.

CR 6639 on BAL-131 at Altoona, PA 6/15/96

CR 6639 & 8049 are seen on WB BAL-131 at Altoona, PA on 6/15/96.

CR 6639 on UEP-28S at Eddystone, PA

This pair of Conrail C36-7s have just brought in 74 loads of coal for the Philadelphia Electric Company's power plant.  This train weighed in at 9,730 tons.

CR 6640 at Barree, PA in 1993

Conrail C36-7 6640 is seen leading a train at Barree, PA in 1993.

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