GE C36-7

In 1985, Conrail purchased 25 3,750hp C36-7's and assigned them to the 6620-6644 series. The C36-7's were built in June of 1985 on the same frame as the C30-7, and weren't a popular model among railroads. Two units (6620, 6621) were actually assigned Ballast Express service lettering, however, the rest of the fleet could often times be found hauling the stone and only a small handful ever received Conrail Quality paint.

BAL367 crossing Lower Valley Rd. at Ballou's on April 18, 1998. C36-7 6635 has the trail position.
The start of what would be a good day on the B&A, traffic-wise, with 18 moves between 07:00 and 16:30; SEBO-X, with the 6633 leading, splits the signals and soup at CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 07:03.
The two other people and myself who took up this position on the east side of Muddy Pond thought we'd get some great shots with the foliage near peak and the unusually mirror-like surface of the pond, but we got 'skunked" by a cloud deck on the eastern horizon which put everything in shadow......GRRRR! C36-7 6644 leads BOSE along the pond at 08:17. A TV6 passed on the other track a few moments later while BOSE was still rolling by.
CR 6573, 6630 and 6621 lead SEBO along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. at 09:22 on Oct. 8, 1993.
SEBO continues along the pond in Washington, MA. In all the time I spent up at this location, I can't remember the pond being this calm for this length of time on any other day.
C36-7 6638 in the trail on TV6 as the train is about to cross the town line from Hinsdale into Washington, MA. at the north end of Muddy Pond.
Foreign power was an occasional visitor to the B&A during ConRail's tenure but, the sheer number of visitors on this day was exceptional, in my experience. Here, TV-9 is led by CR 6636 and one each of NS and SF units passing MP 139 in Hinsdale, MA. at 09:20 on the morning of Jan. 29, 1994.
ML 401 rolls west with 98 racks behind three GE's on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.
OIBU with a variety of power, including NS C30-7 8034, rolls through downtown Waverly.
OIBU rolls along the rocks as it approaches the Wellsburg connector, that runs from Wellsburg over to NY 17. This is a challenging shot to do on a sunny day, since the orientation of the line is such that is in shadow most of the time. On a gloomy day-the Tier doesn't have many of those, right??-it's a better bet. Atop the rocks is NY 427, which I followed her from Chemung, running far faster than any sensible person would to get the shot. NS 8034 is the second unit.
MBSE's head end going away with C36-7 "class unit" 6620 in the trail position.
C36-7 6633 in UBO-21X as the headend crosses over Old Dalton Rd. in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 15, 1991.
C36-7 6620 brings SEMB-X into Chester, MA. past MP 126 on March 7, 1987.
A Conrail westbound is stopped at CP MO to cut off it's helper. C36-7 # 6620 is one of the two C36-7's to carry the "Ballast Express" lettering under the number, 6621 being the other. Neither one would get painted gray as did the ballast express C32's. A pair of Southern Pacific EMD units trail the Conrail GE.
MBSE at MP 131 in Middlefield, MA. on the murky morning of April 2, 1988.
C36-7 6621 leads TV6 past MP 141 as it approaches the Rt. 8 overhead in Hinsdale, MA. on March 7, 1987.
C36-7 6621 with TV6 about to cross Depot Brook near Ballou's in Washington, MA.
C36-7 6621 leads TV6 across Depot Brook near Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Dec. 30, 1989.
C36-7 6621 leads BOSE through Ballou's in Washington, MA. on Aug. 30, 1997
SEFR tops the summit of Charlton hill, the highest point on the east end of the old B&A at an elevation of about 950 ft., on March 15, 1987.
SEFR, led by the 6622, draped across the summit of Charlton hill in Charlton, MA. on March 15, 1987.
CR 6622 snaking through the curves at MP 129 in Becket, MA. with FRSE on June 12,1993.
All of TV6 is visible with the train stretched out on the Brookfield flats approaching MP 67 in Brookfield, MA. on Jan. 17, 1987.
TV6 passing the station sign for Brookfield, MA. at MP 67 on Jan. 17, 1987.
C36-7 6622 has the trail position in SEPW in Hinsdale, MA. on Jan. 20, 1990. Since it's getting late and PWSE and I are heading in the same direction, we'll chase him.
C36-7 6622 leads a air of GTI/MEC SD40's with BOSE around the horseshoe at mile 128.75 in Middlefield, MA. on March 19, 1992.
C36-7 6622 leads BOSE out of the big cut at Washington station, MA. on Feb. 15, 1991. For all intents and purposes, this is also the crest of the east slope of Washington hill even though the summit is a mile away.
The 6622 leads TV9 along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 5, 1993.
TV9, behind the 6622, whips along the shore of Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 5, 1993.
A pair of Conrail C36-7s(6623, 6629) are shoving hard on the rear of a westbound coal train crossing the Beaver River, in August 1995. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Conrail C36-7 6623 and three GE stablemates descend through the twin ledges at Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line on 30 April 1993.
6623 leading TV6 into Chester, MA. on Aug. 22, 1992.
C36-7 rolls past the former Middlefield station site at Bancroft, MA. in warm morning light on May 1, 1993.
CR 6623 is seen inside JLS during a tour during Railfest on 10/5/97.
CR 6623 is seen inside JLS during a tour during Railfest on 10/5/97.
Conrail C36-7 6623 and C30-7A 6553 teamed up to bring TV-80W eastbound at 0942 hrs on 1 Oct 1993 in this view taken east of Bancroft, MA on the Boston Line.
C36-7 6624 with TV6 at MP 131 near Bancroft, MA. on June 12, 1993.
C36-7 6624 leads RESE around the north end of Muddy Pond at the Washington/Hinsdale town line on June 22, 1991.
CR 6624 is seen on UMP-115 at Antis, PA on 1/26/99.
TV9 coming into Bancroft, MA. behind C36-7 6625 on Dec. 5, 1992.
SENA, with the 6627 leading, wheels through the reverse curve along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 20, 1993.
CR 6627 leading SENA along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. on March 20, 1993.
CR 6627 is seen on UMP-36B at Antis, PA on 5/15/98.
C36-7 6628 leads FRSE towards the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on March 5, 1993.
BUOI has 4 big GEs as it assaults the grade over Starrucca Viaduct.
CR 6628 with TV10C at mile 128.8 in Middlefield, MA. at 07:12 on the morning of May 22, 1993. MEC 604 is working off horsepower hours.
Conrail C36-7 6628 leads a patched GP40-2, NS 3020, a CR GP and TV-9 westbound under this classic signal bridge at Syracuse, NY.
CR 6628 is on the point of OPNS at Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1998
C36-7 6629 and mates notch 'em out departing CP 83 in Palmer, MA. with PWSE on Sept. 7, 1991.
NESE crawls out of the cut at Washington depot, MA. behind C36-7 6629 on March 20, 1993.

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