GE C30-7A

GE built 50 C30-7A's for Conrail in 1984.  A variant of the C30-7, this 12-cylinder version produced the same 3,000hp as the C30-7 V16.  Conrail assigned them CR series 6550-6599. 

C30-7A 6571 has TV80W moving right along at 12:32 in Hinsdale, MA. on July 18, 1997.
Eastbound SEFR rounds the curve coming up on CP 123 in Chester, MA. at 08:51 on May 12, 1988. The sun has gotten high enough by this time to spread it's light into the scene.
SEFR rolling through CP 123 in Chester, MA. at 08:51 on May 12, 1988.
C30-7A 6567 leads SEFR through CP 123 in Chester, MA. at 08:51 on May 12, 1988.
SEFR enters the single main at CP 123 in Chester, MA. on May 12, 1988.
SEFR notching 'em out through CP 123 in Chester, MA. on May 12, 1988.
The 6567 leads SEFR past MP 123 in Chester, MA. on May 12, 1988.
Less than 15 minutes later, TV-9 enters the scene with C30-7A 6571 leading at 09:02.
And...this is the reason. SEBO, behind the 6582, et al. roll through at 09:04 with TV-9 still grinding upgrade on track 1.
C30-7A 6591 has the trail position on SEBO as the headend crosses Lower Valley Rd.
NESE about to duck beneath the Middlefield Rd. overhead near MP 127 in Chester, MA. on March 25, 1998.
TV9 skimming the edge of Muddy Pond at the Washington/Hinsdale town line at 08:02. Damn clouds!!!
CR 6573, 6630 and 6621 lead SEBO along Muddy Pond in Washington, MA. at 09:22 on Oct. 8, 1993.
SEBO continues along the pond in Washington, MA. In all the time I spent up at this location, I can't remember the pond being this calm for this length of time on any other day.
TV80W stopped for photos at Muddy Pond, note two crewmembers at left. Sloppy composition on my part, cutting off the reflection.
TV80W stopped for photos, note crew member "hiding in the weeds" at left.
CN 5336 is seen leading Conrail C30-7A 6575 and a pair of other blue units past the west end of DeWitt Yard at Minoa, NY
The sun hasn't risen far enough to get all the way into CP 123 at 06:53 as TV8B slithers into the new interlocking in Chester, MA. This location had been the eastern limit of Rule 291 signaling over Washington hill when the route was still double track/ABS. Note the naked signal masts in the middle distance which once held the Automatic Block signals.
TV8B's engineer throttles 'em up coming through CP 123 in Chester, MA. at 06:53 on the morning of May 12, 1988.
C30-7A 6583 leads TV8B through CP 123 in Chester, MA. at 06:53 on May 12, 1988.
B23-7 1915 leads two "bigger brothers" with TV-6 at Huntington, MA. on Jan. 25, 1992.
TV-6 rounds the curve and will pass MP 120 in Huntington, MA. shortly.
Going away photo shows the caboose, an N7D as it happens, tucked in right behind the power. NHSE/SENH ran with a caboose at each end which helped to facilitate the reverse move necessary at Springfield to get to and from the ex New Haven Springfield line and the B&A.
TV-LA makes its daily except Monday run to Chicago and west.
More on the rear than on the head end as four assorted units add their tractive effort to this Bow coal train in Hinsdale, MA. on July 16, 1994. And it's still only half the power used by the Rio Grande to get a similar size train over Tennessee Pass! Now, THAT was mountain railroading at it's best!
Consecutively numbered C30-7A's (6555-6554) bracket the helper set on the Bow coal train in Hinsdale, MA. on July 16, 1994.
C30-7A 6576 brings up the rear of the lash-up on TV6 in Chester, MA. on Aug. 29, 1992.
An unnamed eastbound blasts by the Blue Circle plant at CP 293. He'll be at Dewitt in about ten minutes.
C30-7A "class unit" 6550 leads NESE near mile 89.6 in North Wilbraham, MA. on Aug. 15, 1998. This is just west of the former North Wilbraham station site.
"Class unit" C30-7A 6550 leads eastbound SEMB-X as it crosses Depot brook and and is about to cross Lower Valley Road at a location known as "Ballou's" on Aug. 23, 1986. Lower Valley Road was the main road between Becket and Washington until state route 8 was constructed and the crossing was, as was common practice in the 19th century, known as "Ballou's crossing". In the early 20th century the railroad had a short siding along the westbound track which was also called "Ballou's" at this location which is at MP 135.
TV8B rolls through the west cut at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on Dec. 29, 1985.
SEBO plows through the white stuff at Becket station in North Becket, MA. on Dec. 12, 1992 in one of the heaviest storms in my experience.
C30-7A 6550 with SENE passing the HBD/DED at MP 135 (Ballou's) in Washington, MA. on Oct. 9, 1997. This detector always identified it's location as "Becket, MA." even though it is in Washington. That is because the nearest "station" is North Becket/MP 134, just a mile to the east. Washington "station" is over 2 1/2 miles to the west.
SEMB rounds the curve coming into Huntington, MA. on March 18, 1988.
SEMB continues around the curve near MP 120 in Huntington, MA. on March 18, 1988.
C30-7A 6551 brings SPSE into Middlefield station at Bancroft, MA. at 07:35 on the morning of Oct. 14, 1992.
After a pause to wait for Amtrak 448, PWSE gets the green light and hurriedly departs CP 64 in East Brookfield, MA. late in the afternoon of May 2, 1987.
PWSE boils out of CP 64 in East Brookfield, MA. after a meet with Amtrak 448 on May 2, 1987.
"Rollin'-rollin'-rollin'"...PWSE enters the single main at CP 64 in East Brookfield, MA. on May 2, 1987. "Head 'em up, move 'em out!"
SESP-4 passing the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. on Oct. 5, 1997.
ML438 rolling eastward around mile 89.6 in North Wilbraham, MA. on Aug. 15, 1998. This is the location of a "transition" of the single main from the old track 1 to old track 2, in the eastward direction, one of several such "transitions" ConRail made during the single-tracking of the B&A. This was done to access sections of CWR, since the line still had some sections of jointed stick rail.
TV-9, led by the 6551, approaches the gantry signal at State Line in Canaan, NY. at 08:48 on April 23, 1988.
NHSE leaving West Stockbridge, MA. and entering Canaan, NY. at State Line crossing on June 1, 1987.
The 6552 brings ML482 through CP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. at 08:38 on Oct. 5, 1997.
SEMB rolls through Huntington, MA. as the last rays of sunlight burnish the hillsides on Feb. 7, 1987.
MBSE continues squeezing out of tunnel 1 in Canaan, NY. on April 23, 1988.
MP 165 is just west of the west portals in Canaan, NY. You can't this shot anymore as track1/tunnel 1 were removed from service with the single-tracking of the late '80's.
C30-7A 6552 leads a pair of siblings on TV-9 at the "art colony", the town line between Chester and Middlefield, MA. on Sept. 7, 1985.
NHSE working upgrade around mile 130.3 in Middlefield, MA. on April 26, 1986.

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