GE C30-7

The C30-7's were built for Conrail in November 1977 as an improvement to GE's prior U boat line (U30C, U33C, U36C), and marked the dawn of a new era on Conrail as being the first new six axle power on the railroad. With more than 700 built, only 10 of the 3,000hp, 16-cylinder locomotive were purchased by Conrail, assigned to the 6600 - 6609 series.

The units were equipped with an anti-climber, a two-strap cab signal box on the conductor side walkway behind the cab, blanked short hood headlight casing, short hood plow, and standard marker lights. The C30-7's weren't the most popular with Conrail people. Senior management requested a series of tests be performed between the C30-7 and SD40-2 to determine the efficiency of the C30-7. The test candidates were identified with a sizeable white star located below the cab road number as well as 'TEST UNIT' under the model designation.

Conrail 6600 - 6604 were retired on May 3, 1991 but later reactivated in 1992 and 1993 when they were pressed into the Conrail lease fleet. The 5 units joined former ATSF C30-7's that were traded in for B40-8's. The units were repainted straight Conrail blue and were lettered CRL. Conrail's original 10 C30-7's were finally retired from the roster for the last time by September 1995.

CR 1666 in Washington, MA. on 3/23/90. (2)

C30-7 6604 has the trail in BAL-300 in Washington, MA. on March 23, 1990.

CR 6198 Marysville, PA 3/79

ENCO-3 is seen departing Enola for Columbus, OH behing a mixed bag lash-up that includes BAR GP38 #86

CR 6417 Allentown, PA 7-16-1978

CR SD40-2 6417 heads C30-7 6609* Test Unit through Allentown in July, 1978.

CR 6458 at Orrville, OH

An eastbound general merchandise train is just about to pass the historic Orrville depot in Orrville, OH in July 1996. Orrville is on the ex-PRR Fort Wayne line and was where the Hudson-Akron-Columbus branch of the PRR crossed the mainline at one time. In this consist is CR SD40-2 6458, GECX 0593 and CR SD60I 5605. Of note, GECX 0593 was once a Santa Fe locomotive once painted in the SPSF scheme. Many of these same C30-7s were eventually painted in Conrail blue and became either part of the CRL lease fleet, or GE lease fleet. This links show a picture of 0593 before being painted the color of Conrail blue.

CR 6557 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/4/90. (3)

C30-7 6606 in SEPW in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 4, 1990.

CR 6600 at Canaan, NY, on 6/10/88.

CR 6600 leads SENH at MP 167 in Canaan, NY. on June 10, 1988. This location is the site of the former Canaan station at Columbia county Rt. 5 crossing.

CR 6600 at Middlefield, MA. on 5/16/81

"Class unit" C30-7 6600 shoves RISE through the "twin ledges" on May 16, 1981. With the Westfield River as the town line between Middlefield and Becket, MA., the 6600 is in Middlefield, but the rear of the train is in Becket.

CR 6600 in Westfield, MA. on 6/16/84.

C30-7 6600 leads a pair of "bathtubs" with SENH at William's Riding Way at 20:00 on June 16, 1984.

CR 6601 - C30-7 at Allentown, PA

CR 6601 is seen at Allentown, PA on 9/30/1984.

CR 6601 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/3/81. (1)

C30-7 6601 leads BOEL through Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.

CR 6601 at East Chatham, NY. on 6/10/88.

C30-7 6601 leads NHSE through East Chatham, NY. on June 10, 1988.

CR 6601 at Pittsfield, MA. on 6/16/84.

"Star note" C30-7 6601 at the south yard in Pittsfield, MA. on June 16, 1984.

CR 6601 in Middlefield, MA. on 9/9/88. (1)

C30-7 6601 with an NHSE coming into Bancroft, MA. on Sept. 9, 1988.

CR 6601 in Middlefield, MA. on 9/9/88. (2)

C30-7 6601 leads sister units 6603 and 6600 with NHSE at Bancroft, MA. on Sept. 9, 1988.

CR 6601 leads a westbound CAAL at Frankford Junction Philadelphia, 2/86

Conrail C30-7 #6601 leads a westbound CAAL (Camden-Allentown) at Frankford Junction. The extra marker on the porch was for when use when the power had to run around trains on the High Line before the Park Connection was built.
Date: 2/27/1986 Location: Philadelphia, PA.

CR 6601 Mifflin_3-07-1986

ENPI-7 runs west on for now track 2. Track 1 is out of service and will be removed as will the signal bridge...

CR 6602 at Bennington Curve

Conrail C30-7 6602 is seen leading a westbound empty coal train around Bennington Curve in 1986.

CR 6602 rolls east through Mapleton PA, 3/78

An eastbound manifest rolls through Mapleton, PA on 3/20/78, led by relatively new C30-7 No. 6602. New power and new crossties were signs of the times. Serious money was being invested.

CR 6603 at Hinsdale, MA. on 1/14/90. (1)

C30-7 6603 leads SEFR over the crest of the grade at MP 142 in the center of Hinsdale, MA. on Jan. 14, 1990.

CR 6603 in Canaan, NY. on 8/6/88.

The 6603 leads NHSE across the state line into Canaan, NY. on Aug. 6, 1988

CR 6604 at Windsor, CT. on 10/29/88.

C30-7 6604 breezes past the recently rebuilt station in Windsor, CT. with SENH at 07:39 on Oct. 29, 1988. Later on in the day a celebration for the re-opening of the station was held, complete with speeches by local dignataries, a banner-breaking by one of the Amtrak shuttle trains, you know, the whole schmear. C30-7's were regularly assigned to the SENH/NHSE turns at this point in time.

CR 6604 Cresson PA May 1981

C30-7 6604 Westbound Cresson PA

CR 6604 in Pittsfield, MA. on 12/3/88. (1)

C30-7 6604 leads BOSE downgrade into Pittsfield, MA. on Dec. 3, 1988.

CR 6604 in Pittsfield, MA. on 12/3/88. (2)

CR 6604 nearing the bottom of the west slope in Pittsfield, MA. with BOSE on Dec. 3, 1988.

CR 6604 Spruce Creek, PA 11-22-1980

CR C30-7 6604 leads SD40-2 6485, and an unidentified unit, through the small PA town of Spruce Creek on the former PRR main line in November, 1980.

CR 6605 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/16/83. (1)

C30-7 6605 leads a trio of SD40-2's on NHSE through Bancroft, MA. at 10:05 on July 16, 1983.

CR 6605 at Hinsdale, MA. on 7/29/89.

C30-7 6605 on TV6 in the Hinsdale flats west of CP 140 on July 29, 1989.

CR 6605 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/16/83. (2)

NHSE starts his descent of the west slope at MP 142 in Hinsdale center, MA. on July 16, 1983. Although I shot countless photos of eastbounds topping the grade from the other side of the overhead, getting a westbound from the "other side" was an extreme rarity.

CR 6605 in Washington, MA. on 5/28/88. (1)

C30-7 6605 leads SEPW across Lower Valley Rd. at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on May 28, 1988.

CR 6605 in Washington, MA. on 5/28/88. (2)

SEPW at Ballou's in Washington, MA. on May 28, 1988.

CR 6605 on ELIN-2A

A Conrail southbound ELIN-2a is headed up with CR 6605, a C30-7, 6th unit of there first order of 10 on the Marion Branch at MP-134 on March 12, 1985. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 6606 Allentown, Pa 8-4-1979

ALRU-4 departs Allentown bound for Rutherford, Pa approaches E.Penn Jct., (CP Burn) Auburn Street Allentown, Pa

CR 6606 Allentown, PA 8/79

ALRU-4 departing Allentown, PA at Auburn Street E.Penn Jct. the location would later be known as CP-BURN.

CR 6606 at Bancroft, MA. on 4/14/84. (1)

C30-7 6606 leads BOEL through Bancroft, MA. at 09:43 on April 14, 1984.

CR 6606 leads a Camden bound train at the Frankford Junction SEPTA Station in Philadelphia, 4/84

Conrail C30-7 #6606 leads an eastbound almost at the station at Frankford Junction, Philadelphia, PA. April 8, 1984

CR 6607 & CRL 552 at Altoona, PA 6/7/97

CR 6607 & CRL 552 are seen at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.

CR 6607 east Horseshoe 09281984

Some units seemed to follow me around. CR had ten C30-7's, but if I saw one, it was almost always 6607. Here it is on Horseshoe Curve, heading downgrade with an eastbound coal train. Note the Reading hoppers head out.

CR 6607 in Hinsdale, MA. on 10/28/89. (1)

C30-7 6607 leads SEFR through the Hinsdale flats past some last vestiges of color on Oct. 28, 1989.

CR 6607 in Hinsdale, MA. on 10/28/89. (2)

C30-7 6607 with SEFR near MP 140 in Hinsdale, MA. on Oct. 28, 1989.

CR 6607 in Hinsdale, MA. on 8/26/89.

C30-7 6607 has the point on SEPW passing the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on Aug. 26, 1989.

CR 6607 Selkirk, NY 12-26-1977

CR C30-7 6607 works Selkirk yard in December, 1977.

CR 6608 Horseshoe Curve, PA 5/29/1978

An Eastbound drops down thru the middle of the curve with 3 blue units.

CR 6608 in Hinsdale, MA. on 10/28/89.

TV6, with the 6608 in charge, passes the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on a foggy Oct. 28, 1989.

CR 6608 Selkirk, NY 12-27-1977

Sadly, 35mm slide film always had the potential of light breaking through and ruining the image. That was the case in this image of U25B 2629 and brand new C30-7 6608 as they follow former PC U25C's 6501 and 6505 out of Selkirk yard in December, 1977.

CR 6609 1991

6609 leads a coal train over a small bridge on a branch of the Monongahela Railroad in 1991.

CR 6609 at Dalton, MA. on 7/16/83.

C30-7 6609 leads a mixed 5 unit lashup of GE's with SESP past the depot at Dalton, MA. on July 16, 1983.

CR 6609 in 1991

Two of Conrail's C30-7s, 6609 and 6600, and one of Monongahela's "Super-7" locomotives pull a load of coal on a winding Monongahela branchline.

CR 6609 in Becket, MA. on 4/3/1980.

The 6609 and company slog up grade at about 8 mph with a westbound ballast train through the Middlefield Twin ledges straddling the Middlefield/Becket town line on April 3, 1980.

CR 6609 in Middlefield, MA. on 12/27/80.

C30-7 6609* rolls through Bancroft on it's way back to Chester, MA. to get ready for the next "customer". The "star note" was working as one of the Washington hill pushers at the time. (Currency collectors will "get that one".)

CR 6609 Principio, MD 7/83

ENED-0 has just entered the NorthEast Corridor for the run to Edgemoor, Del

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