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GE's Dash 8 line was a much improved design over the previous Dash 7 line, which ended on Conrail with the C30-7A. Microprocessors in the Dash 8 line increased efficiency while boosting tractive effort. For the first time, GE units could monitor and diagnose themselves, which reduced downtime.

Built in May and June of 1988, Conrail purchased 30 of the B40-8's, numbered in the 5060 - 5089 series. Built with a 16 cylinder, turbocharged prime mover under the hood, these 4,000hp units were designed for light weight, high speed, and time sensitive intermodal service. 30 former CR/PC GP9's were traded in as part of the deal. (CR 7003, 7017, 7037, 7039, 7043, 7073, 7074, 7086, 7091, 7116, 7141, 7250, 7259, 7312, 7310, 7331, 7332, 7349, 7355, 7359, 7468, 7382, 7383, 7389, 7393, 7405, 7426, 7444, 7469, 7471.)

The original factory-installed, small single grab iron on the nose of the unit, also found on the C39-8 model, was intended for use when crossing between locomotives. They were replaced however, sometime in 1991 when Conrail opted for the upside down "L" grabs due to safety concerns and difficulty boarding the locomotives from the ground, account the higher walkway.

Conrail selected the B40-8 class to pull not only its hottest trains, but also to promote its Labor Management program in 1988. A large 'Working Together for Safety, Service, and Success' decal was applied to the short hood nose of each locomotive. The program encouraged workplace safety through Labor - Management cooperation and promoted the premier relationship Conrail enjoyed with its workforce. The program had seven primary committees, (one for each operating division) and another for all of Conrail's shops. These seven committees were comprised of 60 subcommittees, which were populated by union and management personnel.

In 1999, the fleet was divided between Norfolk Southern and CSX. Those assigned to NS were renumbered into the 4800 - 4817 series, while CSX allocated units became 5950 - 5961. The 18 units that went to Norfolk Southern were later transferred to CSXT 5962-5979.

CR 6176 east TV 554 Bayview

TV 554 passes Bayview behind a pair of 40's-in this case, GE C40-8W and B40-8, trailing 46 Sea Land platforms. They'll go to the D&H at Bison, then on to Jersey, changing to an NYSW crew at Binghamton. The CR power will not run through.

CR 6617 at East Chatham, NY. on 6/10/88. (2)

Three new B40-8's in TV14X at East Chatham, NY. on June 10, 1988. Dispatcher was heard on scanner requesting the lead unit to be isolated before tackling the west slope of Washington hill, to see how the 3 "new guys" could handle the train. Photos of the individual units can be found in the GE loco section.

CR 6726 east ML 440 Hunt 10081994

ML 440 rolls through Hunt on the now single track line, a new Rule 261 signal replacing the semaphore that stood approximately where the new light stands. Track 2, which was in worse shape than track 1, has been removed, and track 1 upgraded. The leader on this train is one of the units painted to promote US Savings Bonds. The trailing unit is NS 6189. Behind the power are 17 cars of COFC, and 78 auto racks for Doremus Av.

CSXT 5953 (CR 5065) (9)

CSXT B40-8 5953 (CR 5065) rests between assignments along with GP40-2 6145 (ex-B&O 4246) at E.R. Snell in Fairburn, GA on March 6, 2015.

D&H trackage rights

Between the bankruptcy of the D&H proclaimed by Guilford in 1988 and its purchase by Canadian Pacific in 1991 the New York, Susquehanna and Western was designated to operate the property. As part of the formation of Conrail in 1976 two concessions were made to the D&H. They got to pick up some of the best locomotives of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and they got trackage rights along the Southern Tier between Binghamton and Buffalo. In early 1991 a brace of Susquehanna B40-8 locomotives (financed by CSX), led by 4006 penetrates the fog along the Susquehanna River as a westbound D&H freight utilizes those trackage rights west of Binhamton.

NYSW 4024 Smithboro, NY 12/90

D&H BUEB-1 with NYSW 4024, 4032 and PLM 3006 eastbound at Smithboro, NY

OISE-4 B40-8 5072 Stoney Point, NY

B40-8 5072 leads C40-8W 6214 and a GP38 on OISE-4 @ 37S Signal Stoney Point, NY. This signal was moved after the West Haverstraw, NY siding was lengthed in the mid 90's

TV14 B40-8 5064 Savanah, NY

TV14 approaches the Senica River @ Savanah, NY

TVLA-2 B40-8 5086 Storm King Mtn, Cornwall, NY 9/12/88

TVLA-2 rolls along the Hudson River at Storm King Mtn. just north of West Point @ Cornwall, NY

TVLA-4 B36-7 5027 Tomkins Cove, NY

CR B36-7 5027, B40-8 5071 and GP40-2 3301 hustle TVLA-4 north @ Tomkins Cove, NY Tomlins Cove was once the mooring site for a fleet of WWII Liberty Ships

Where'd dey go? 12/7/91. (3)

The second train of the day, TV-6, keeps up appearances with a pair of B40-8's, the 5072 and 5083 leading SD50 6707 through Bancroft, MA.

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