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Purchased by Conrail to power its hotshot piggyback trains, these sixty units spent many years doing just that. Built in 1983, with 3,600 horsepower and GE's floating bolster trucks, the fleet survived (minus four or five units due to wrecks) right until the split in 1999. While the remaining 55 or 56 units saw brief service on CSX and NS, their new claim to fame is in Brazil, where 44 have been rebuilt into BB36-7's featuring a four foot frame addition on each end of the locomotive to clear and extra two axle truck for narrow gauge EFVM.

CR 6179 east TV 202 Binghamton 04301995

TV 202 rolls its stack across the Chenango River bridge to a stop shortly ahead, seen from the flood wall on the east side of the river. There will be a quick crew change, and the train will once again be rolling toward Croxton.

CR 6411 east ML 440 Endicott 09061994

ML 440 rolls 63 racks east, about to pass under NY 17C at west Endicott.

CR 6454 Mifflin, Pa 8/92

PIEN-9 has finished weighing at Denholm and is proceeding east @ Mifflin, Pa

CR 6575 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98 (2)

B36-7 5043 has the trail in ML482 at Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6577 east BUOI W Cameron 03071994

BUOI gets underway from CP CAM after meeting TV 207X. The Cotton Belt SD 45 is dead in tow. View is from River Road, which at this point is across the river and a field from the tracks for about a mile. It will cross back over and stay on the opposite side of the railroad into Addison.

TV-79 B36-7 5022 Memphis, NY

B36-7 5022 leads TV79 west on track 2 @ Memphis, NY

TV-9 3351 Hamburg, NY

TV-9 westbound @ Hamburg, NY on the Chicago Line

TVLA-4 B36-7 5027 Tomkins Cove, NY

CR B36-7 5027, B40-8 5071 and GP40-2 3301 hustle TVLA-4 north @ Tomkins Cove, NY Tomlins Cove was once the mooring site for a fleet of WWII Liberty Ships

UP 3497 east ML 440 Endwell 04051994

ML 440 with a western visitor in the form of UP 3497 leading rolls past the pond along Watson Blvd on an April afternoon, 67 cars behind its three units.

Where'd dey go? 12/7/91. (5)

B36-7 5053 on the point of TV-9 approaching Bancroft, MA. Second unit out is B23-7 2012, no stranger to these rails, but the 5053 is.

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