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Purchased by Conrail to power its hotshot piggyback trains, these sixty units spent many years doing just that. Built in 1983, with 3,600 horsepower and GE's floating bolster trucks, the fleet survived (minus four or five units due to wrecks) right until the split in 1999. While the remaining 55 or 56 units saw brief service on CSX and NS, their new claim to fame is in Brazil, where 44 have been rebuilt into BB36-7's featuring a four foot frame addition on each end of the locomotive to clear and extra two axle truck for narrow gauge EFVM.

CR 5031 at Ashtabula, OH

CR 5031 Leads a westbound intermodal by MP 125 on Conrail's Chicago Line.

CR 5031 Leads a Westbound TV Train Through Birmingham PA, 5/93

Heading west through the S-Curve at Birmingham PA, three units power a westbound TV train.

CR 5032 Reading, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5052 is leading a pair of Santa Fe units on PIOI at CP-Belt in Reading, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 5032 Walnuttown, PA 02-27-1994

Conrail B36-7 5032 is seen leading a pair of Santa Fe Dash-8s on PIOI at Walnuttown, PA on 2/27/1994

CR 5033 at Edgemoor DE 1/1/98

CR 5033 is seen at Edgemoor DE on 1/1/98. Not to many B36-7s made it to Edgemoor Yard.

CR 5034 at Conneaut, OH

Conrail B36-7 No. 5034 leads a westbound Trailer Van train at Conneaut, OH, in August 1997. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 5035 Altoona, PA 5/16/1999

CR 5035 is in the consist of PIAT-5 at Rose, Altoona, PA on 5/16/99.

CR 5038 & 5651 at Altoona, PA 8/14/98

CR 5038 & 5651 are seen on a WB stopped at Altoona, PA on 8/14/98.

CR 5038 at Altoona, PA 8/14/98

CR 5038 is seen at Altoona, PA on 8/14/98.

CR 5038 Leads Another B36-7 on MAIL3H Through Cove PA, 2/96

Two B36-7s haul a hot westbound MAIL3H through the Cove PA railfan hangout.

1996-02-17 1230 CR Mail 3H Cove, PA.jpg

CR 5040 at East Conway PA 2/7/98

CR 5040 is seen at East Conway PA on 2/7/98.

CR 5041 at Depew, NY

Conrail B36-7 5041 is looking rather-weather beaten as she leads an eastbound stack train past the Amtrak station at Depew, NY on a cold winter day.

CR 5041 at Gary, IN

Conrail B36-7 No. 5041 heads west at Gary, IN in January 1993. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 5041 in Susquehanna, PA. on 8/17/85. (1)

B36-7 5041 leads "double stack" TV-301 past the huge station in Susquehanna, PA. on Aug. 17, 1985.

CR 5041 in Susquehanna, PA. on 8/17/85. (2)

B36-7 5019 has the trail position in TV-301 at Susquehanna, PA. on Aug. 17, 1985.

CR 5042 at Perkiomen Jct in 1990

Conrail B36-7 5042 is seen leading Mail9 west past Perkiomen Junction, PA on 6/30/1990.

CR 5044 Buffalo 1993

Dash 7 meets Dash 8. B36-7 5044 is facing westbound about to pass standing C40-8W 6212 in Frontier Yard in Buffalo in 1993

CR 5045 at Port Tower in Newport, PA 1986

Conrail B36-7 5045 is seen with an westbound TV train as it passes Port Tower, just west of Newport, PA in 1986.

CR 5045 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/10/84.

B36-7 5045 leads TV14X in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 10, 1984. The train was being held at the Hinsdale crossovers for an opposing eastbound train. The B36-7's were used frequently on TOFC/COFC trains on the B&A for a short time right after delivery, but like other high horsepower 4 axles proved inadequate for the grades.

CR 5046 at Depew, NY

Conrail B36-7 5046 is seen leading a westbound freight into the Buffalo Terminal at Depew, NY's Amtrak station

CR 5047 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/10/84.

B36-7 5047 leading BOEL near MP 141 in Hinsdale, MA. on Feb. 10, 1984.

CR 5047 on CSX in Elkridge MD, 9/94

A B36-7 leads runthrough train R409 to Potomac Yard on CSX rails, just west of Baltimore.

CR 5047 on OICA at Philadelphia PA, 9/1996

Conrail B36-7 5047 is seen leading OICA onto the Delair Bridge in Philadelphia, PA in Sept 1996. The train is just moments away from its terminus at Pavonia Yard in Camden, NJ.

CR 5049 Ridgefield Park, NJ 4-1997

CR 5049 is on the point of SESA at Ridgefield Park, NJ 4/1997

CR 5050 West TV 79 Dewitt 03/18/1995

TV 79 rolls 74 cars past the Syracuse Amtrak station, at the time out near Dewitt Yard, behind the usual mix of 4 axle GE's and EMD's.

CR 5051 at Mifflin, PA

Conrail B36-7 5051 is seen leading a westbound TV train at Mifflin, PA in 1992.

CR 5051 West Utica 081984

An unnamed TV train rolls past Utica station behind a power set consisting of three GE's and a pair of EMD's, a consist that would remain a constant over the years for CR trains on the Chicago Line. I have posted a number of photos from ten years later. It's hard to tell the time period by looking at the power.

CR 5052 at Newburgh NY in 1991

B36-7 5052, a dash-8 and another dash-7 pull a TOFC on the elevated ex-West Shore along the waterfront in Newburgh, NY on a cold day in the winter of 1991-92. In the dim light of early morning and the blowing snow dust the number can barely be made out. Not the best picture from a locomotive study point of view, but I have always liked the ambiance of this picture.

CR 5052 in Newport, PA. on 8/18/85.

B36-7 5052 leads a combined MAIL 9/11 past Port tower in Newport, PA. on Aug. 18, 1985.

CR 5052 near Lyons NY 1993

An access road led me to this purple loosestrife filled depression as an eastbound Van train led by B36-7 5052 rumbles over a low trestle.

CR 5052 Wrecked at Chase Maryland, Enola, PA 1/87

B36-7 5052 was the middle unit in a consist of 3 B36's that were involved in the Chase, Maryland wreck on 1/4/87. In a poorly scanned print, we see the damaged 5052 sitting in Enola pending disposition in late January, 1987. She was eventually rebuilt, went to CSX after the split and renumbered to 5805, and now toils away in a different form in Brazil.

CR 5053 at Altoona PA 10/5/97

CR 5053 is seen inside JBS at Altoona PA on 10/5/97.

CR 5053 in JBS

Conrail 5053 and her sister engine (No. unknown) sit at JBS in 1997. Photo by Dave Seidle

CR 5054 at 47th Street

In April 1987, a Conrail freight heavy with BN interchange traffic heads east on the Chicago Line (former PRR) at 47th Street, behind a trio of B36-7s led by No. 5054. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 5054 B36-7 Conway 05-99

Only a few days before the split a Conrail B36-7 sits on one of the cab tracks at Conway yard. This unit went to NS as their 3626 and has since been retired.

CR 5054, 5022 & 5010, are on the point of a W/B TV train at Westfield, NY. 10/84

In this view from the N. Portage Road overpass, a trio of B36-7s, 5054, 5022 & 5010, are on the point of a W/B TV train. At the time, the Westfield station was much in need of rehab. Today, the restoration has taken place and it is now the Station Art Gallery & Studio. 4:52PM on 10-2-84 in Westfield, NY.

CR 5055 B36-7 Toledo 09-87

Eastbound vans pound the C&O/TT diamond at Vickers in Toledo, Ohio, with CR 5055, 3340, and 5028 in charge, standard 80's TV train power on Conrail.

CR 5055 Cameron Mills, NY 3/14/1987

TV-201 catches the last rays of evening sun in the Canisteo River valley.

CR 5056 West Englewood, NJ 01/85

TV-80 is only minutes away from North Bergen as it approaches "Old Ten" West Englewood, NJ

CR 5057 Iona Island, NY 4-1999

CR 5057 is on the point of SECS at Iona Island, NY 4/1999

CR 5057 leads ELST-0 at Waterloo, IN

ELST-0 with the 5057 on the point at Waterloo, IN on April 10, 1996

CR 5066 Leads MAIL-9H Through Union Furnace PA, 5/93

Conrail's C40-8 and B36-7s were intended to haul high priority freights. Here a trio runs across the classic (but modified) PRR stone arch bridge at Union Furnace PA.

CR 5067 Bergenfield, NJ 2/93

ALSE-0 runs siding to main @ CP10 and approaches New Bridge Road, Bergenfield, NJ on a cold February day.. No FATHEADS here!!!

CR 5067 Selkirk, NY 8/97

ML-480 makes a run for New Jersey at CP-SK (CP-132)

CR 5070 East TV 12 Dewitt 03/18/1995

Another mixed set of GE's and EMD's rolls 35 platforms and 69 TOFC of TV 12 toward the Amtrak station. TV 12, and counterpart TV 11 once were mainstays on the ex PRR via Harrisburg and Conway, but in the early 90's were moved to the ex NYC.

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