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During the 1970's, EMD was turning out a very successful and reliable Dash-2 line (GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2). General Electric, in an effort to gain lost ground, introduced an improved Dash-7 line which proved to be a huge improvement over the earlier U-Boats. Between 1977 and 1979, Conrail purchased 141 of the twelve-cylinder 2,250hp B23-7's. They continued on to new owners, NS and CSX, in 1999.

CR 2021 on BWF774 at Middlefield, MA. on 8/6/82.

Empty ballast train BWF774 drops downgrade through Middlefield, MA. on Aug. 6, 1982. The symbol tells us that he is headed for the Lane traprock quarry along the Boston Line at MP 105 in Westfield.

CR 2022 - B23-7 at Cresson, PA

CR 2022 is seen at the Cresson Enginehouse at Cresson, PA on 8/5/1984.

CR 2023 at Charlton, MA. on 1/22/88.

B23-7 2023 leads TV80W near MP 58 in Charlton, MA. on Jan. 22, 1988. The 2023 is the last unit in CR's 124 unit group of B23-7's.

CR 2023 on WNSE-90 at "CP-SK" Selkirk, NY

Local freight WNSE-90 with B23-7's 2023 and 1992 at "CP-SK" Selkirk, NY

CR 2023 Selkirk, NY 5-1999

CR 2023 and CR 1992 are at CP-SK in Selkirk, NY 5/1999

CR 2359 Shawnee, PA 6/83

GP35 2359 leads B23-7 1976 on an Empty PPL train

CR 2644 Altoona, PA 8-4-1979

CR U25B 2644 runs between a pair of B23-7's as they roll mixed freight down Horseshoe in August, 1979.

CR 2801 is leading the rail recovery train on the former PRR main in Beavercreek Ohio. 10/88

On a cloudy October 4, 1988 day, the rail recovery train rests at the end of the shift. By the next day, the railroad will be gone. Photo is looking east at MP-8 ( from Xenia ) on the PRR main from North Fairfield Road in Beavercreek, Ohio.

CR 2802 Iona Island, NY 4-1999

CR 2802 is on the point of WPKI-80 at Iona Island, NY 4/1999

CR 2804 on SEPY2 at Hillside, NJ 12/2/83

A trio of four axle GE's lead SEPY west through Hillside in December 1983. The SEPY ran from Selkirk to the RF&P's Potomac Yard in Alexandria, VA. The train ran on the NEC from Meadows Yard to Landover, MD until the early 80s when it was rerouted down the former LV and RDG trackage between North Jersey and Philadelphia. Under this new routing these trains entered the NEC at ARSENAL, located just south of 30th Street station in Philly.

CR 2805 in Becket, MA. on 5/17/80.

B23-7 2805 leads it's "class unit", 2800, and what looks like a group of "13-D" GP38's on a westbound at the "new location" in Becket, MA. on May 17, 1980.

CR 2805 in Hinsdale, MA. in 7/1979.

CR extra 2805 west passing the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. in July, 1979.

CR 2806 Alfred, NY 6/25/1978

A Westbound is approaching Tip Top as it climbs the "hill" on the line to Meadville.

CR 2807

Conrail 2807 leads a westbound freight under what the locals call the Corunna bridge at Corunna, IN back in the early 90's. Jason Hall photo, Chris Howe collection

CR 2807 - Danville, IL 11/23/84

CR 2807 was retired on 6/11/97, sent to RMDI.

CR 2807 in Hinsdale, MA. on 9/5/81.

CR 2807 leads a half dozen siblings on SEPW at the summit of Washington hill in Hinsdale, MA. on Sept. 5, 1981.

CR 2808 (1) at Hinsdale, MA. on 7/23/82.

A gaggle of five B23-7's from both groups lead SEBO-B around the curve east of the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on July 23, 1982.

CR 2808 (2) at Hinsdale, MA. on 7/23/82.

SEBO-B continues around the curve and along the shore of Muddy Pond in Hinsdale, MA. The signal bridge at MP 138 is visible at far right in the distance.

CR 2808 at Becket, MA

Conrail B23-7 2808 leads at westbound west of Becket, MA at 0930 hrs on 10 October 1983.

CR 2808 in Middlefield, MA. on 12/30/82. (1)

B23-7 2808 on the head end of PWSE near Bancroft (Middlefield station), MA. on Dec. 30, 1982. Between 40 and 50 of P&W's bright orange boxcars comprised the first half of the train.

CR 2808 in Middlefield, MA. on 12/30/82. (1a)

Full frame edition of the previous photo of CR 2808 in Middlefield, MA.

CR 2810 Canisteo, NY 4/2/1978

An Eastbound CR train and a Westbound D&H train meet right under the Carson bridge.

CR 2812 (1) at Becket, MA. on 11/28/81.

B23-7 2812 leads several others of her kind on SPSE at the "new location" around mile 129.2 in Becket, MA. on Nov. 28, 1981.

CR 2812 (2) at Becket, MA. on 11/28/81.

SPSE's head end going away at the "new location" in becket, MA. on Nov. 28, 1981. The second unit MAY be another U23-C.

CR 2812 Hornell, NY 4-22-1978

3 GE's pause at the crew change point in Hornell with a Westbound freight.

CR 2815 in Becket, MA. on 7/25/92. (1)

TV6 descends through the shadows in the big cut just west of MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 25, 1992.

CR 2815 in Becket, MA. on 7/25/92. (2)

B23-7's 1986 and the "class unit", 1900, bring up the rear of TV6's lashup as they continue past MP 129 in Becket, MA. on July 25, 1992.

CR 2816 at Marion, IN

Conrail 2816 is one of 2 1977 built B23-7's Kevin was able to get photos of out of 17 seen here at the west end of Goodman Yards. This power seen here was used on the Elkhart to Marion and return train. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 2816 in Washington, MA. on 7/23/83. (1)

CR 2816 (last of the 17 unit group of B23-7's acquired by CR in 1977) leads SPSE over Depot Brook in the extreme south end of Washington, MA. at 09:26 on July 23, 1983. North Becket station is only about 1/2 mile east of this location.

CR 2816 Sayre,PA 3/24/1978

A nice mixed set of power gets put away at the Sayre service area.

CR 2816 Stony Point, NY 10/24/98

B23-7 2816, the highest numbered unit in the 2800 series group, leads XNS113, the empty coal train out of the Tompkins Cove power plant, a few miles south of Iona, through the Island at 14:50 on Oct. 24, 1998.

CR 3332 at Bancroft, MA. on 7/3/81. (1)

The 3332, with the "Keep it Moving with Conrail" B23-7 1980, head BOSE through Bancroft, MA. on July 3, 1981.

CR 3682 Middlefield, MA 8/6/82

WHOOPS! Call this the one that almost got away, sure you've loaded a round BEFORE the target presents itself. Ex E-L GP35 3682 leads westbound SPSE through Middlefield, MA. on Aug. 6, 1982. Gotta remember to cock the shutter!

CR 4107 at Chester, MA. on 10/10/98. (2)

FRSE heading away through Chester, MA. on Oct. 10, 1998.

CR 6158 east BUOI Browns Crossing 04091994

BUOI rolls along the Canisteo River with 98 cars at Browns Crossing, near MP 319. Next stop is Gang Mills, where it will set out and pick up.

CR 6264 east TV 204 Endwell 04191994

A trio of units head east with 102 platforms of TV 204, passing the pond along Watson Blvd in Endwell on a typically gloomy Southern Tier day.

CR 64611 in East Hartford, CT. on 3/29/85. (01)

CR 2001 and Jordan spreader have just come off the Manchester secondary and begun a little ditching on the old Armory branch, now the East Windsor secondary, near the end of Ranney St. in East Hartford, CT. on March 29, 1985. They'll pause here to retract the wings for a couple of grade crossings before proceeding north of Park Ave.

CR 64611 in East Hartford, CT. on 3/29/85. (04)

With the wings folded up, the 64611 and 2001 are ready to proceed over a couple of crossings and then continue ditching along the East Windsor secondary north of Park Ave.

CR 64611 in East Hartford, CT. on 3/29/85. (11)

The 64611 continuing his spreading pass on the East Windsor secondary on March 29, 1985.

CR 6481 and CR 1935 at Overview, PA

Conrail SD40-2 6481 is leading B23-7 1935 under the old Iron Bridge at Overview as it heads into Enola Yard in 1984.

CR 6590 at Becket, MA. on 10/12/84. (2)

NHSE going away near MP 129 in Becket, MA. on Oct. 12, 1984. B23-7 2813 in the trail.

CR 6590 in Washington, MA. on 8/29/92. (2)

Class unit of ConRail's first group of B23-7's, the 2800, trails in the ballast extra west at Ballou's on Aug. 29, 1992.

CR 6591 at Middlefield, MA. on 11/2/84. (2)

B23-7 1915 has the trail position in NHSE going into Bancroft, MA. on Nov. 2, 1984.

CR 6591 at Middlefield, MA. on 11/2/84. (3)

"I get by with some help from my little friends" (sic)...B23-7 2002, a West Springfield switch job, lends a hand at the rear of NHSE in Middlefield, MA. on Nov. 2, 1984.

CR 6591 at Middlefield, MA. on 11/2/84. (4)

B23-7 2002 helps NHSE through Bancroft, MA. on Nov. 2, 1984.

CR 7896 and CR 2007 at Duncannon

Conrail GP38 7896 (ex-PC 7896) and B23-7 2007 are leaning into the curve in Duncannon with a unit grain train in 1982.

CR 8215 in Hinsdale, MA. on 7/23/83. (2)

B23-7's 1998 and 1980 trailing in BKI-177 in Hinsdale, MA. on July 23, 1983.

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