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During the 1970's, EMD was turning out a very successful and reliable Dash-2 line (GP38-2, GP40-2, SD40-2). General Electric, in an effort to gain lost ground, introduced an improved Dash-7 line which proved to be a huge improvement over the earlier U-Boats. Between 1977 and 1979, Conrail purchased 141 of the twelve-cylinder 2,250hp B23-7's. They continued on to new owners, NS and CSX, in 1999.

CR 1955 (B23-7) Rear View

Rear view of CR 1955 at Harrisburg, PA on 11/1/80. It was renumbered CSXT 3162 at the split, was sold to IBCX 3162, then went to CFWR 3162, then was repainted as CFWR 107 in 2012.

CR 1955 at Ashtabula Harbor Ohio 7/8/92

Conrail B23-7 1955 works Conrail's Ashtabula Harbor Ohio Yard

CR 1956 at Conway Yard in 1993

Conrail B23-7 is seen leading a set of power west through Conway Yard in 1993.

CR 1956 leads ALPI under the signal bridge at Hawstone, PA on Oct. 12, 1989

Westbound Conrail manifest ALPI passes under the signal bridge at Hawstone, PA on Oct. 12, 1989, led by B23-7 No. 1956. The yellow trimmed snowplow indicates that the plow has been altered to operate in third rail territory.

CR 1957 at Marion, IN

CR 1957 at Marion, IN on Aug. 9, 1980. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 1958 in Washington, MA. on 6/6/79. (1)

Extra 1958 west at the Lower Valley Rd. undergrade in Washington, MA. on June 6, 1979.

CR 1960 at Enola, PA 10/78

CR 1960 is seen along with several other units at Enola, PA in Oct of 1978.

CR 1960 west WAFU12 Dewitt 10231995

A single B23-7 has today's WAFU 12 in hand as it leaves Dewitt.

CR 1963 in Mifflin, PA. on 8/18/85.

The extra 1963 east passing Mifflin tower on Aug. 18, 1985.

CR 1964 at Derby, CT. on 10/12/81.

WNBR-7 heads southward at Derby, CT. on Metro-North's Waterbury line on Oct. 12, 1981. This is on the southern end of the origional Naugatuck RR, although this particular section through Derby is actually a short stretch of the old New Haven & Derby which replaced the Naugatuck which had been built on the east side of the Naugatuck River.

CR 1965 in Hinsdale, MA. on 2/27/82.

B23-7 1965 leads three different EMD models on SEPW at MP 142 in Hinsdale center, MA. on Feb. 27, 1982.

CR 1965 in Washington, MA. on 8/29/92.

With the "momentary" disappearance of the C30-7A's from the Boston Line in 1992, lash-ups almost began to take on the appearance of the early '80's with large and varied groups of locomotives. B23-7 1965 leads a mish-mash with RESE at Ballou's in washington, MA. on Aug. 29, 1992.

CR 1965 leading CICO-3 at Findlay Street Yard, Dayton OH, 8/83

Looking west towards downtown Dayton, Ohio on August 13, 1983. Eastbound CICO-3 making a pick-up at NYC's Findlay Street Yard, to the left is the distant signal for Tates Point Tower.

CR 1969 Altoona, PA 8-4-1979

CR B23-7 1956 leads U25B 2644 and B23-7 1969 with mixed freight down Horseshoe in August, 1979.

CR 1970 in Hinsdale, MA. on 8/27/93. (1)

CR 1970 and friends do their best ALCO impression as they haul TV10A over the crest at MP 142 in Hinsdale center on Aug. 27, 1993.

CR 1970 in Hinsdale, MA. on 8/27/93. (2)

CR 1970 topping out in Hinsdale center with TV10-A on Aug. 27, 1993.

CR 1970 south N Bergen 021984

CR 1970 leads a pair of EMD's at the south end of North Bergen Yard.

CR 1971 Manitou, NY 4-1998

CR 1971 is on a local on Metro North's Hudson Line at Manitou, NY 4/1998

CR 1972 Altoona, PA 3/29/94

CR B23-7 1972 in fresh paint at JLS in Altoona, PA on March 29th, 1994. Terry Nardella photo, collection of Steve Ondik.

CR 1973 leads a westbound through Newport, PA on April 13, 1985

A westbound Conrail manifest passes throughout Newport, PA on April 13, 1985, led by B23-7 No. 1973.

CR 1974 at Columbia, PA

Conrail B23-7 1974 at Columbia, PA in the late 1980s

CR 1976 Selkirk, NY 8-10-1979

CR B23-7 1976 waits for assignment at Selkirk in August, 1979.

CR 1977 - B23-7 at Rutherford, PA

CR 1977 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 1/28/1984.

CR 1979 in Chester, MA. on 9/5/92.

B23-7 1979 has a short military extra, MIL302, in tow through Chester, MA. on Sept. 5, 1992.

CR 1980 - B23-7 at Rutherford, PA

CR 1980, the "Keep It Moving with Conrail" unit, is seen with B&O 4429 in Chessie colors at Rutherford, PA on 5/18/1983.

CR 1980 at Hinsdale, MA. on 5/24/85.

"Keep it moving with ConRail" B23-7 1980 in SENH near the summit in Hinsdale, MA. on May 24, 1985.

CR 1980 at Marion, IN

Westbound COLO workes the west end of Goodman Yards before continuing on to Logansport on the ex PRR Red Key Line on April 2, 1980 with the CR 1980 on the point. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 1980 in Edison, NJ

Conrail B23-7 1980 brings out a cut of cars from an industrial siding off Talmage Road in Edison, NJ at 1727 hrs on 13 May 92. Northeast Corridor passenger main is on the right.

CR 1980 in Pittsfield, MA. on 8/27/89.

B23-7 1980 leads SEPA through North Adams Jct. in Pittsfield, MA. on Aug. 27, 1989. By this point in time, the 1980 had lost it's special "Keep it moving with ConRail" logo, but had gained acceptance into third rail territory.

CR 1980 is NOT moving in Greenwich yard in Philadelphia, PA. 9/85

Conrail B23-7 #1980 is NOT moving, as its soaks up the Sun's rays in Greenwich yard in Philadelphia, PA. 9/8/1985.

CR 1980 on COLO

Conrail COLO(Columbus, Ohio to Logansport, IN) with CR 1980 and TPW 2004 on the point prepares to work at Goodman yards on the ex PRR Red Key Line on Sept. 14, 1980. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 1980 on LOCO

In this shot of CR 1980 taken in the year 1980, LOCO pauses on the ex PRR Red Key Line at the west end of Goodman Yards making the set out and pickup before heading for Logansport at Marion, IN on April 2, 1980. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 1983 at Middlefield, MA

Conrail B23-7 1983 leads the James E. Strates circus train west through the Berkshire ledges at Middlefield, MA on the Boston Line at 0940 hrs, 13 July 1990.

CR 1984 - B23-7 at Bethlehem, PA

CR 1984 is seen with CR 7580 and CR 8159 at Bethlehem, PA on 9/29/1985. Note the Conrail truck F1247 to the left.

CR 1984 on COLO

The sun is about to set in the late afternoon December 15, 1979 as Conrail COLO(Columbus to Logansport) heads west on the ex PRR Red Key Line 2 miles east of Goodman Yards. Kevin Nelson photo with permission

CR 1985 (B23-7)

CR 1985 was at the engine terminal in South Philly, PA on 8/7/82. It went to NS 4070 at the split, and was later sold to the West Tennessee as WTNN 4070.

CR 1986, 6993 West Haverstraw, NY 2/94

ML-430 (6993) holds the siding as SEOI-8 (1986) runs by on the main..

CR 1987 at Hammond, IN

An eastbound Conrail freight behind B23-7 No. 1987 passes IHB's Gibson Yard on the former Michigan Central main in August 1982. Note the old coaling tower still standing in the background. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 1990 - B23-7 at Rutherford, PA

CR 1990 is seen at Rutherford, PA on 3/19/1983.

CR 1990 at Springfield, MA

Conrail B23-7s 1990 and 1913 earn their keep on the B&A.

CR 1990 Cameron Mills, NY 12/22/1985

BUOI splits the double semaphores at 308. The train was running "wrong main" on track 2.

CR 1990 in Hinsdale, MA. on 4/27/83.

The 1990 leads a solid six unit group of B23-7's as a light engine move eastward past MP 139 in Hinsdale, MA. on April 27, 1983.

CR 1991 B23-7 Collinwood 06-83

A nice mix of eighties style Conrail with B23-7 1991 leading eastbound past the fuel and sand towers at Collinwood, Ohio in June of '83. Has the looks of an ELBU with all those CN cars up front.

CR 1991 Tunnelhill, PA 1981

CR B23-7 1991 is the rear unit on a westbound empty coal train at Benny Curve in 1981. This view clearly shows where the old Track 2 was removed. In the background you can see the grade separation between the new Tracks 2 and 3 and Track 1 on The Slide.

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