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The SW7 was EMD's 1,000 horsepower switcher option in the 1950's. Conrail inherited many of these SW7's and they appeared in scattered number blocks in the 8836 to 9098 range and were of NYC, EL, CNJ, IHB, LV, CR&I, P&E and PRR origins. All of these units were removed from the Conrail roster by the early 1990's although many remain in service throughout the country on shortlines and industrials.

The SW9 was a 1,200 horsepower offering from EMD at the same time as the SW7, and at first glance appears almost identical in outward appearance, but it has less louvers on the hood doors. Again Conrail inherited these units from a variety of original owners (LV, EL, CNJ, PRR, NYC) and had them scattered in the 8922 to 9141 number range. During the great switcher purge of the late 1980's and early 1990's, these too were removed from the CR roster, although many also see service elsewhere to this day.

The SW1200 was also a 1,200 horsepower locomotive from EMD, purchased by CR predecessors RDG, DL&W (EL), New Haven (later PC) and PRR (later PC). These units occupied the 9315 to 9382 number block on Conrail. CR 9301 to 9319 (ex Reading 2701 to 2719) are of note as they were rebuilt by EMD from Baldwin switchers and are rated as only 1,000 horsepower. All the others are pure 1,200 hp SW1200's. Some of these saw service much later into Conrail, not being retired until 1995, and almost alll work for other railroads and industrials.

CR 9304 Morrisville, PA 7-9-1978

CR SW-1200M 9304 (ex-RDG Baldwin VO1000M 2704) between a GG-1 and SW9 8986 in lines of power outside the Morrisville shops in July, 1978.

CR 9307 Altoona, PA 8-18-1978

Reading Baldwin V01000M 2707, Conrail classified SW-1200M 9307, rests in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978.

CR 9311 Altoona, PA 3-27-1978

Alongside CR SW-1200M 9311 (ex-RDG V01000M 2711), CR 12 holds prime movers at the Juniata shops in March, 1978.

CR 9318 Morrisville, PA 4-24-1977

Ex-RDG SW1200 2718 (CR 9318) waits for service outside the Morrisville shops in April, 1977.

CR 9319 Enola, PA 9-5-1983

CR SW-1200 9319 (ex-RDG 2719) mixed in with lots of CR blue SD power at Enola in September, 1983.

CR 9319 Enola, PA 9-5-1983

CR SW-1200 9319 (ex-RDG 2719) and SD-45's 6095 (ex-EL 3630) and 6085 (ex-EL 3620) at Enola in September, 1983.

CR 9322 Secaucus, NJ 8-17-1979

CR SW-1200 9322 (ex-EL 458) rests from working the Croxton yard in August, 1979.

CR 9324 Binghamton, NY 11-25-1978

CR SW-1200 9324 (ex-EL 460) works through the snow at Binghamton, NY in November, 1978.

CR 9327 at Altoona, PA 6/7/97

CR 9327 is seen stripped of most usable part at Altoona, PA on 6/7/97.

CR 9338 At Newberry Yard, 4/17/89

Conrail SW1200 9338 was hard at work shifting the Lonza Chemical factory within the confines of Newberry Yard, Williamsport, PA on 4/17/89. Unit was eventually retired after a long career on 5/30/95.

CR 9339 at Rose Yard, Altoona

CR 9339 (ex-PC 9020) is seen passing ROSE tower in Altoona as she switches cars in the yard in 1981.

CR 9340 Altoona, PA 7-25-1978

Time has run out for ex-L&HR C420 2076 as CR SW-1200 9340 moves what's left of the Alco outside the Juniata shops in July, 1978.

CR 9340 at Holidaysburg, PA

This Conrail SW1200, No. 9340, was one of two units assigned to switch the system car shops at Holidaysburg, PA on October 3, 1994. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 9343 - SW1200 at Hollidaysburg, PA

Former PC 9024/PRR 9024/PRR 7924 is coupled to some insulated boxcars near the shops at Hollidaysburg, PA on 1/11/1986.

CR 9343 at Danville PA, 7/84

A lone Conrail SW1200 powered WABL, the last Conrail train on the Bloomsburg branch. Here it passes Danville State Hospital on its return to Northumberland Yard.

CR 9343 Returns to Northumberland Yard at Danville PA, 7/84

Conrail's last local on the Bloomsburg Branch leaves Montour County for the last time as WABL returns to Northumberland yard. The next day the North Shore Railroad would take over on this branch.

CR 9344 (SW1200)

Former PC 9025/PRR 9025/PRR 7925 is in the process of shifting cars in the yard at Hollidaysburg, PA on 10/7/79.

CR 9359 - SW1200 at Hollidaysburg, PA

This July 1988 view of CR 9359 illustrates part of the massive assortment of cars that could be found in Hollidaysburg during the Conrail era, such as the 8-truck flatcar to the right (CR 770044).

CR 9361 Olean, NY 5/27/1978

The switcher in the ex Pennsy yard at Olean. This yard was removed and a new one was built along the old EL in the town of Allegany.

CR 9361 Olean, NY 6/4/1978

9361 switches in the old yard in Olean. This yard would be removed, and a new one was built along the old EL line.

CR 9365 at Monroe, MI

A very friendly old head crew on the Conrail yard job at Monroe, MI posed with SW1200 No. 9365 and N5C caboose 23130, before giving Doug's kids a cab ride from one end of the yard to the other in August 1993. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR 9369 at W. Springfield, MA

Conrail SW1200 9369 is holding down the switcher duties at the West Springfield, MA yard on 3 December 1976.

CR 9370 leads NX-1 at W. Springfield, MA on 1/21/77

Conrail SW1200 9370 went to work early as local NX-1 on 21 January 1977. It was photographed as it headed west through the West Springfield, MA yard.

CR 9370 on NX-1 at Westfield, MA

Conrail SW1200 with local NX-1 working the Westfield, MA yard on 2 Dec 1976.

CR 9378 at Lewistown, PA in 1993

Conrail SW1200 9378 is seen switching around Lewistown Junction in 1993.

CR 9378 at Lewistown, PA in 1993

Conrail SW1200 9378 is seen switching around Lewistown Junction in 1993.

CR 9378 shop Selkirk 08111985

An SSW 1200 sits outside the Selkirk shop.

CR local at 22nd St Chicago, IL

A Conrail local freight with CR 9168 in charge on the CJ(Chicago Jct) at 22nd Street in December 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission

CR SW9 9021 Silver Lake drill Little Falls, NJ

CR SW9 9021 powers the Silver Lake drill @ Little Falls, NJ 4/01/1977, Conrails first birthday. I started my railroad career here nine years earlier 10/12/1967

SW9 9082 Baltimore, MD

SW9 9082 rests @ Bay View Yard Baltimore, MD

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