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The SW7 was EMD's 1,000 horsepower switcher option in the 1950's. Conrail inherited many of these SW7's and they appeared in scattered number blocks in the 8836 to 9098 range and were of NYC, EL, CNJ, IHB, LV, CR&I, P&E and PRR origins. All of these units were removed from the Conrail roster by the early 1990's although many remain in service throughout the country on shortlines and industrials.

The SW9 was a 1,200 horsepower offering from EMD at the same time as the SW7, and at first glance appears almost identical in outward appearance, but it has less louvers on the hood doors. Again Conrail inherited these units from a variety of original owners (LV, EL, CNJ, PRR, NYC) and had them scattered in the 8922 to 9141 number range. During the great switcher purge of the late 1980's and early 1990's, these too were removed from the CR roster, although many also see service elsewhere to this day.

The SW1200 was also a 1,200 horsepower locomotive from EMD, purchased by CR predecessors RDG, DL&W (EL), New Haven (later PC) and PRR (later PC). These units occupied the 9315 to 9382 number block on Conrail. CR 9301 to 9319 (ex Reading 2701 to 2719) are of note as they were rebuilt by EMD from Baldwin switchers and are rated as only 1,000 horsepower. All the others are pure 1,200 hp SW1200's. Some of these saw service much later into Conrail, not being retired until 1995, and almost alll work for other railroads and industrials.

Tree trimming 1981, Conrail style. Load up the contractor's trucks on a flat and head out. This little work train is returning to Allentown yard with SW-9 9017, the former EL 446, and an ex PRR N5C on ex CNJ rails IIRC.
One of two ex-PC SD-7's, CR 6998, and SW-9 9018 (ex-EL 447) by the steam-era coaling tower at Enola in September, 1983.
Almost 5 years since I last saw her working the Secaucus, NJ yard, CR SW-9 9019 rests, still in her EL paint, at a Harrisburg deadline in April, 1984.
CR SW-9 9019 (ex-EL 448) idles at Croxton yard in August, 1979. CR 21303 N21 class cabin and a sister bay window caboose rest by the yard office.
Former EL 450/DLW 555 in storage at Allentown, PA on 9/25/1983.
CR SW-9 9021 (ex-EL 450) rests at Bethlehem in May, 1982.
CR SW-9 9023 (ex-EL 452) rests, along with CR-operated NJDOT U34CH 4177 (ex-EL 3377), at Elizabethport in November, 1978.
CR SW-9 9023 (ex-EL 452) rests, along with CR-operated NJDOT U34CH 4177 (ex-EL 3377), at Elizabethport in November, 1978.
CR SW-9 9024 (ex-EL 453) works Croxton yard in March, 1979.
CR SW-9 9024 (ex-EL 453) works Croxton yard in March, 1979.

While SD38 6935 works the hump, former PC SW-7 9041 rests with a trio of Alcos at Conway yard in August, 1977.

The open autorack with new 1977 Buick Electras, Oldmobile 98's and Cadillac Fleetwoods give a historical perspective.

SW-9 9061 idles at Bristol Yard, Bristol, PA
Conrail SW7 9066 (ex-PC 9066) is seen at Morrisville Yard in 1983.
With ex-PC SW-7 9066 coupled behind, CR SD40 6352 (ex-PC 6099) shows serious accident damage to the fuel tank and side railing at Bethlehem in June, 1978.
PC SW-7 9067 works alongside one of only six Alco T-6's, 9847, at Morrisville yard in March, 1977.
Alco T-6 CR 9847, one of six ex-PRR units, works Morrisville yard with PC SW-7 9067 in March, 1977. The CR paint crews barely covered "Penn Central" on the side of the T-6, and left the PC herald on the SW-7.
Ex-PC SW7 9067 smokes up Morrisville yard in April, 1977.
Former PC 9069/PRR 9069:2/PRR 9389 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA on 3/8/1987.
SW9, 9069, and GP15-1, 1660, lead a local train through Altoona in 1990.
Former PC 9072/PRR 9392 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA on 4/28/1985.
Former PC SW-7 9072 rests from yard work at Altoona in August, 1977.
CR SW-7 9079 rests retired in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978.
Former PC SW-7 9079 rests retired in the Juniata shops deadline in August, 1978.
Conrail's "Panhandle Job" comes around the curve at Western Avenue (A-2) behind SW7 9087 in November 1982. Note the Wonder bread car behind the switcher. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 9090 (ex-PC 9090) and CR 8962 (ex-PC 8962) are seen in a line of Conrail pups at Morrisville, PA in 1981.
Conrail SW7 9091 (ex-PC 9091) is seen with SW1 8424 (ex-PC 8424) in an Altoona deadline in 1983.
Conrail SW7 9091 (ex-PC 9091) is seen at Altoona, PA in 1983.
In a view looking west from the Halsted Street bridge, Conrail's Panhandle job with SW9 9120 is seen performing some switching in June 1982. This is the far east end (compass direction) of the PRR Panhandle (or far west end by timetable direction). The mains to the right of the switcher handled Milwaukee Road traffic into Union Station. Today this entire scene is now a parking lot. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Former PC 9123/PRR 9123/PRR 8523 at Hollidaysburg, PA on 8/5/1984.
A pair of Conrail SW-9's, 9124 and 8958, pass over the B&O diamond at McKinley tower in Canton, Ohio in June of 1981. They are headed for the B&O interchange just behind the tower.
Former PC/PRR 9125, PRR 8525 is seen at Lewistown, PA on 5/12/1984.
Former PC/PRR 9125, PRR 8525 is seen at Lewistown, PA on 8/5/1984.
Conrail SW9 9125 is seen passing class N5B cabin car 22936 at the old Mount Union, PA freight station in 1979.
Conrail SW9 9128 is seen inside the Morrisville Diesel Shop in 1981.
Conrail SW9 No. 9129 works a local freight at Campbell's Soup Plant on the former PRR Panhandle in December 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission
Former PC 9130/PRR 9130:2/PRR 8530 is seen at Hollidaysburg, PA on 10/15/1988.
Conrail SW9 No. 9131 switches Midland Paper on the CJ at 14th Street in December 1981. Doug Davidson photo with permission
CR 9131, still in PC paint, and PC painted caboose 18234 is running caboose lite on the Michigan Branch(now the Marion Branch), as it prepares to take the connection to head southwest to Mexico, IN to work the Mexico Secondary in April 1976. Paul Lutz photo with permission
Conrail local freight FW13 with the still PC painted 9131 is switching Strauss Fertilizer at North Manchester, IN in April 1976. The dust in the background was caused by a gondola derailing as the photographer took the shot. FW13 originated out of Ft. Wayne, IN during Conrail years to give Saturday only service on the Mexico Secondary, a remnant of an ex PRR line that originally ran between Logansport and Butler, IN but by April 1976 only ran from North Manchester to Mexico, IN. Paul Lutz photo with permission
Former PC SW9 9134 is in line for service with GP40 3007 behind the Juniata shops in March, 1978. Beside them, EL RS-3 1055 (CR 5271), with prime mover removed, appears ready for scrapping.
Conrail SW7 9137 is in charge of a short ballast train working the yard at Lewistown, PA in 1979.
Former PC 9137/PRR 8537 at Lewistown, PA on 3/5/1983.
Former PC 9140/PRR 9140:2/PRR 8540 is seen at Reily St. Harrisburg, PA on 9/18/1988.
Conrail SW9 9140 is seen heading east with a short local on the Amtrak Harrisburg Line in Lancaster, PA in 1986
PC SW1200 9141 still shows PRR lettering while resting with PC N5B caboose 22938 at Mingo Junction.
Still showing PRR numbering and paint, SW1200 9141 sits coupled to a PC 22938 N5B class caboose.
In March 1982, a Conrail local freight on the former PRR Panhandle is eastbound by timetable direction approaching Western Avenue Jct. (Tower A-2). The former PRR Damen Avenue Yard Office is seen behind the last car in train. Doug Davidson photo with permission
With former CNJ SD35 6048 and an exp-PC GP30 behind, CR SW-1200M 9304 (ex-RDG Baldwin VO1000M 2704) rests in lines of power outside the Morrisville locomotive shops in February, 1979.
CR SW-1200M 9304 (ex-RDG V01000M 2704) rests in a service line along with a GG-1 by the Morrisville shops in July, 1978.

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